Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Najib, Rais, MCMC and TM must read this!

Don't blame Rais Yatim and his ministry. The MCMC, one of the agencies under Rais purview is not the only one to shoulder the burden.

Its the system, the government's regulation and over-protectionism for some of its GLCs. While the Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture is responsible to sanction, recommend and implement, some of the government's unpractical policies are just there to stay!

We are inching toward becoming a fully-developed nation by the year 2020, and that is less than eight years from now. However, major hiccups in the telecommunication sector is dampening a comprehensive effort in enhancing the sector and its related services.

According to the Global Competitiveness Report 2012-2013, Malaysia's position in the area of international internet bandwidth took a significant slump, from 60th to 83rd among the 144 countries under the survey.

Our broadband internet subscription per 100 population also slipped from 62nd to 68th while our position in mobile broadband subscription per 100 population stood at 64, worse than than of some African nations!

So, how will the telecommunication and communication sectors cushion the impact of hefty demand for such services when we near 2020?

Being some of the factors that contributed to Malaysia's downward standing (from 21st to 25th), the government, via Rais ministry should consider taking up a more aggressive approach in gearing up such services.

The MCMC, especially those appointed to steer it must open up their mind to new ideas, keeping abreast with latest technology and adopting a more friendlier engagement to new players in the communication industry.

Rais' ministry has a challenging task in meeting the demands and also in meting problems of constraint expertise in the area. The status of a developed nation will not be complete without a commanding telecommunication and communication facilities.

 While the government should also open up the doors to new players with the right set of technology in telecommunication sector, the MCMC must also engage them (the new players) in a more positive manner, and not by telling them 'I will pull (revoke) your license' during a handshake! I don't want to name the MCMC personel but I hope such a bad attitude will change or we will take you to task over your arrogance!

What is our broadband penetration rate now? About 62 per cent? With a 2 per cent acceleration rate per annum, we will only be able to cover about 76 per cent of the nation by year 2020, and that will not reflect the status of a fully-developed nation.

The government, on the other hand is not contributing much. Its policy in protecting some of its GLCs, particularly Telekom Malaysia (TM) is hindering MCMC and others in finding the right tempo to enhance its services.

However, I am also perturbed at the government's call for new players to come in and complement the industry. We actually failed to walk the talk.

While encouraging more local entrepreneurs to jump onto the bandwagon, we imposed a grip on the telecommunication giant, Telekom Malaysia. The government provides it with a full protection to the extent that no other players could come close to it.

TM is afraid of competitions, let alone an idea to complement its services in speeding up the internet penetration to the whole country. To TM, such a move would lead to its eventual demise. In other words, new players could maul TM!

That shouldn't be the case.

Companies like Syarikat Jalur Lebar Nasional (Jalenas) acquires the right knowledge and technology to complement TM but Rais's ministry, the MCMC and the government treat Jalenas with askance, sharing the same sentiment with TM!

To date, Jalenas is the only Bumiputra company with experts in the latest broadband technology, acquiring it from Sweden, the world's hub for broadband.

However, we are not receptive to changes. MCMC refused to recognise Jalenas and take it as a partner but to snub the company with its bullying tactics. Prime Minister Najib who launched Jalenas' first project in Kuantan in 2009 is also ignoring its plight, not understanding the paramount need for engaging the latest telecommunication technology for the country.

But I believe Najib is too busy with his routine. So, Rais has to step in and advise the PM on the issue or his ministry will have to take the blame over the sluggish work of the MCMC. Or, does Rais himself understands such needs?

We need to be more open. The government should open up the door to companies like Jalenas to joint hands with MCMC and TM in complementing such a big task in wiring up the whole nation. Even a 90 per cent penetration by the year 2020 will not reflect our fully-developed status.

Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) is an example of how a GLC adopts an open door policy by inviting the Independent Power Producers (IPPs) to complement its task in lighting up the whole country. And even with the present number of IPPs, some corners of Malaysia are still in the dark.

We would like to see an openness in managing our communication and telecommunication sectors. Not only that we must open up TM, we must also engage the right people to sit at the MCMC, the people who have the ability to monitor world's innovation and applying it, not a bunch of so-called experts who only warm their seat!

The government, on the other hand, has to employ the right minds who can work and advise the Cabinet on such matters, not a group of 'yesmen' whose role is to 'aye' everything the government decides on.

I hate comparing Malaysia with Singapore but the Republic is at world's no.4 in broadband connectivity, running a 1gbps (giga bytes per second) as compared to Malaysia's between 20-45mbps (mega bytes per second). In South Korea, its between 500 to 800mbps while in Cambodia and Vietnam, its between 50 to 200mbps.

Have you heard that some personal at the Defense Ministry (Mindef) have to fork out extra money from their own pocket to enhance internet speed at their office which stands at only between 2-15mbps?

What a shame!


hotentot said...

actually rais is to blame for the slow pace in providing such services. the mcmc which is led by sharil is not performing well and failed to distinguish and recognise new technology in the industry offered by jalenas. i heard that shahril is holding some grudges against jalenas, which i dont quite understand. to me, jalenas should be accepted into the picture to work closely with mcmc and telekom but they are being sidelined. rais is not doing anything about it as sharil is his blue eye boy, trusting everything he does. what will become of malaysia with people like these?

tauke lim said...

protecting TM is the govt priority la bro. they wont open it up although pm himself encourages new players to come in.

the truth is, they cant accept any competition!

that also u dont know aaar!!!

penangan said...

salam tuan,

saya setuju dengan saranan agar kerajaan membuka sedikit peluang kepada syarikat lain seperti jalenas untuk membantu telekom malaysia melancarkan usaha membawa liputan broadband ke seluruh malaysia, khasnya di sabah dan sarawak.

perlindungan keterlaluan ke atas TM akan hanya membantutkan usaha ini dan seteruskan menjejaskan peluang malaysia untuk menjadi sebuah negara maju menjelang tahun 2020.

tidak ada gunanya memberi perlindungan jika khidmat yang diberikan oleh TM masih tidak membawa hasil yang diingini.

mat gombau said...


tok rais mesti tekojut bosa baco posting kau ni.

tapi dio pun kono ambek tahu apo yang berlaku di skmm, jangan main lopeh tangan jo!

Anonymous said...

rais is too busy la with other things. he leaves this broadband matter 100 per cent on mcmc. the buggers at mcmc, on the other hand, are just enjoying their salaries and perks and got no knowledge of innovation taking place around them.

mas jokot said...

give jalenas a chance to proof it but they were never.

mcmc wants to see the company collapse!

silap undi said...



we cant count on them, let alone TM.

the govt will not do anything to upgrade the sector. better they spend money on felda!

IT.Sheiss said...

"What is our broadband penetration rate now? About 62 per cent? With a 2 per cent acceleration rate per annum, we will only be able to cover about 76 per cent of the nation by year 2020, and that will not reflect the status of a fully-developed nation."

A "little bird" told me that 60% of broadband penetration today are wireless dongles, while there are 300,000 unifi connections, most of which are Streamyx conversions.

Anonymous said...

nak buat hape internet laju sampai 1G

Anonymous said...

another way to sabotage vision 2020. rais and team should wake up and speed up what they are suppose to do!

Anonymous said...

we are so calculative when it comes to spending on IT. we rather spend more on art, movies, culture and other things.

kulitkraf said...

pm should engage a few experts who can advise him on technological innovation in communication industry. relying too much on people at the mcmc will yield no result.

mcmc, yes i agree, is led by a team of 'obselete-minded' people who fail to explore the potential of new ideas put forth by other people.

why? because they think they know everything when its not the case. they are dumber than the dumb!

in the net said...

thats what TM is all, afraid of competition and complacent, slow and indispensable.

they will find ways and means to kill a company such as jalenas because they dont want to lose out.

what a full load of craps!

if the govt does not adopt to changes, we will forever survive on the lowest MPBS connection in the region.

biol said...

ada 4 botak yang merosakkan KPKK dan SKMM.

nak tau siapa?

alaaaaa.... mudah je teka!

Anonymous said...

good one bro.

the govt should also be aware that cambodia is more advance in this aspect.

malu laaaa!!!!!

Anonymous said...

apsal kau tak bantai je rais dan sharil tu habis2!

diorang ni sengaja tak bagi can pada jalenas dan orang lain yang lebih handal daripada mereka berdua ni.

dah sifat orang kita, tak boleh ada orang lain yang lebih bijak, sure kena pijak punya.

Anonymous said...

jalenas is not up to expectation lor.

thats why mcmc refused to invite them!

kadeer said...

no fair comparing us with spore but in general, we should step up effort to wire the nation with the participation of new players.

the govt must encourage new players to work together with telekom and other providers in order for us to see result, i mean good result.

sifut vavi said...

malas nak komen hal mcmc ni.

yang aku tau, diorang ni cuma lantikan politik yang takda ilmu langsung mengenai kaedah terbaru komunikasi dan telekomunikasi.

eloklah tamat je kontrak sharir ni ujung bulan ni, ganti je dengan haikal jalenas... kah kah kah!

Anonymous said...

TM will not open its door to others, especially with better product!

mark my words for it!

even PM will not interfere if rais ministry fails to achieve its objectives

Anonymous said...

You should not touch TM. Its a GLC company hiring malay graduate that cannot find work anywhere and cannot work for goverment also. With more than 60% woman
who work 9-5 job. most of TM staf work like they are in Goverment and waiting salary every month

talam dua muka said...

sebab tu lah mana yang dah tua2 tu, takyahlah kerja lagi.

ambil yg muda sikit, yg tahu menilai dan mengikuti perkembangan semasa dunia komunikasi.

kalau asyik muka tu je yang duduk kat situ, lagi 50 tahun pun belum tentu dapat penetrasi 100 peratus kat negara ni!

Anonymous said...

pm should also keep track, not only giving attention to banking and services sectors, and also felda.

pro-Pakatan said...

kalau pakatan rakyat menang, dah sure kita ambil syarikat macam jalenas ni ganti skmm!

jadi, undilah PR!


FAT RAT said...

mcmc needs a big revamp.

first, get sharil out of there, together with idris.

second, also get rais special officer nazri abdullah out of mcmc sight.

and third, change the minister!

Anonymous said...

najib too is helpless, cant do anything to help jalenas get a contract with telekom or mcmc.

mcmc is untouchable bro!

IT.Sheiss said...

I don't believe Sharil is that dumb or ignorant of new technology, even though he's a lawyer by profession.

There must be something else behind this. What I don't know.

IT.Sheiss said...

Ah! I'm so slow witted.Why didn't it occur to me earlier.

I understand that Tun Dr. Mahathir takes an interest in the progress of Jalenas, so could there be an anti-Mahathir element at work here?

After all, the internal faction in-fighting within UMNO is much worse than between BN and Pakatan.

Anonymous said...

hahahaaa what a joke,,,TM no more a giant and monopoly a telecommunication industries its MAXIS.get ur fact fist

yau chuan said...

MCMC gets complacent because they dont really understand the system introduced by jalenas.

if the bosses are not sure of the new and advanced application, there is no need for them to adopt it.

something needs to be done here or the nation will forever remain as 'part of africa'!

Anonymous said...

buang je setan2 kat skmm tu, terutama yang kepala botak.

Education Blur Print dan YTL said...

Bro, kau kena faham mainan Cina dan India.

TM mana ada monopoli. Ko tenguk Maxis India, Digi Cina, P1 YTL, RedTone.. ko fahamlah.

Dulu Cina Keng Yaik tu bagi semua aset alam semula jadi frekuensi ni kepada orang Cina.

Ko tahu sekarang Kementerian Pendidikan yang korup. Konon Education Blueprint tapi sebenarnya blue print untuk Yeoh Tiong Lay dan SAP print money sampai 2025.

Ada disebut terang2. BestariNet 4G akan digunakan. SAP akan digunakan.

walhal MCMC belum ada keluar lesen 4G. Kementerian Pengguna patut saman YTL, fraud. sistem cuma 3.5G bukan 4G.

Jadi ko mesti faham. Kalau ko nak Cina dan Keling kaya lagi , YTL jadi multibillionair ko bagilah Education Blurprint.

Yang jadi baruah Education Blurprint adalah orang Melayu yang jadi cikgu tapi yang jadi bilionair YTL.

Idea blurprint tak masuk akal dan pastinya akan gagal tapi duit dah masuk poket SAP dan YTL ...kahching..kahcing.

Guru Melayu dihambat lah. PPD diburukkanlah. Tapi sebenornya takde yang salah dengan pendidikan. Cuma Ketua Pengarah dan Mahyyudin nak buat duit sebelum bersara.

Sape suruh buat blurprint ni..?

Anonymous said...

Mana bleh compare infra kat singapore dgn malaysia.. Singapore yg kecik tu satu bulan bleh cover up the whole island with bband coverage.. Malaysia ni bagak besar, hilly. Tak masuk akai betol

Anonymous said...

dah lama dah rais dalam politik. dari umno, masuk 46 dan balik semula ke dalam umno, dibagi jawatan tinggi....

dah sampai masanya...

Anonymous said...

...First part of the article is pretty kewl, but when it comes to the part where the article pushing Jalenas...hmmm...

...its all very true on about TM & MCMC. needs revamp, needs competition, but Jalenas - especially its politician drivers, are definitely not anywhere near the mark to carry out the task...

...the matsalleh "technology" it carries, isn't a widely successful model, very small kampung company and far from popular where they come from - definitely not an exemplary outstanding blue chip major telco world player...

Jalenas's 5 years of hustling and politicking, mode of conduct, push forward emptiness - no substance. After the much hu ha and ding dong, the public, the industry & the media knows Jalenas gimmicks well by now.

They have been assessed well BEFORE Rais time,and simply has NO money, nor the business credibility to back up its vague plans.

Some industry watchers are upset when govt gives TM money and exclusivity on a silver platter, in spite of being a public blue chip company carrying government and national interests. What makes Jalenas think that public would feel better if the government gives money and exclusivity to them, who are nothing more than exclusive few, private & politician hands instead? hmmm...

Jalenas is also NOT the ONLY bumi player around. Much better proposals and serious competent HONEST players have put forward their proposals to the government. The best will surface with sustainable business model and technical-commercial capability to match it. Money where the mouth is. not by using OPM (Other People's Money)...

Sembelih Lembu, Lembu Di Sembelih..

Anonymous said...

Adoi Jai, apa lagi yg si Jalernas ni tunggu? Government Grant and Government Pledges yang boleh di lelong sana sini for quick money ke?

No one stops them from proceeding, if they believe in their business.

Semenjak Jalenas melalak nak buat itu ini, target 1000 Last mile kat Kuantan lah etc. - ramai yg lain dah buat 50,000-350,000 last mile fiber sonyap sonyap jer. Macam ni baru genuine!! dapat membantu aspirasi kerajaan khusus nya tempat tempat yg TM lambat cover.

Adoi...5 tahun & 1000 pong tak habis habis, macam mana nak cerita 1-2Million point nih?

Sebonar nya dah takde kes study and justifikasi lagi dah, last mile fiber dah melambak - private parties, developers, small players, yg working hard filling in the gap for TM....minus the sulking, crying, politicking and blaming....

wake up bro, wake up...

-jam mahal-