Friday, September 28, 2012

Kit Siang manipulates BR1M... be careful!

A brief one while waiting for PM Najib to start with his Budget 2013 speech at Dewan Rakyat.

Lim Kit Siang said if the government fails to double BR1M from RM500 to RM1,000 as promised, Najib and his govt will face a torrid backlash from the rakyat.

Another crap and lie!

Hello old man! When did Najib and any of his ministers make such an announcement about doubling the BR1M? No record about it lor!

Its just another spin by Lim 'Soros' to dodge the rakyat prior to Budget 2013, hoping for some gauges to undermine it.

But, wasn't it Lim himself who said that BR1M was not good, and that it was only a BN's trick to woo votes and support?

Now, its the other way round.

He himself is expecting for PM to announce a 100 per cent hike to the quantum. You want some, Lim?


kulitkraf said...

Pakatan budget didnt say anything about wang ehsan for the people. The could have overlooked it. Thats why kit siang is asking bn to double it, half is for pr!

Anonymous said...

Looks like kit siang is getting too old to remember things... Better resign la!

Anonymous said...



Everybody will under declare their income.

Kit siang too!

penangan said...

Salam tn,

Inilah yg hebatnya dgn org pakatan rakyat ni - kuat bohong dan temberang!

Jadi, kita tak perlu ambil hati sgt...

luar kain, dalam kain said...

Suruh pakatan la offer sebanyak tu. Dh nak mansuh ptptn dan bubar skim lain, elok tunaikan jonsep negara kebajikan tu. Bagi semua percuma kod rakyat, termasuk beras, tepung, susu, gula dan sebagainya!

Bangang punya worang!

Anonymous said...

A suggestion.

Why not PR make such an ofder, say...rm1000 every month to the poor and low income group.

Lets see if they can manage and get popular

Anonymous said...


Can go bankrupt!

Stupid kit siang

Anonymous said...

Oi apek! Apa lu mencarut ni? Klu lu takda modal, pergi tangkap ayam la!

BOTAK ALOR said...

Budget kali ini oleh Fuckatan Jingga kata itu "SELUAR TURUN maa" and "KAIN NAIK maa" ..