Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"Kepala Bapak Kau!"

I remember a scene from P Ramlee's 'Labu Labi' when P Ramlee (Labi) and M Zain (Labu) were quarreling over the same woman, and that led them to an argument.

"Labi! Ini kepala bapak kau, ini pulak kepala bapak aku. Kalau kau anak jantan, kau pijaklah kepala bapak aku...," Labu said.

This 'kepala bapak' issue is not new. Stamping on leaders photo, tearing and burning pro-government newspapers and the national flag have been perceived as insolent and fanatic but I personally believe it has more to do with politics of extremism.

In fact, the Western community is so used to such a value.

What took place at Dataran Merdeka on the eve of Merdeka celebration was not uncommon or new. It has taken place few years ago in Terengganu, Kelantan and Penang when some extremist groups linked to political parties tore and torched the Jalur Gemilang.

An Opposition party too is so fond of burning Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian in Kelantan while in Penang, DAP-led government has imposed a ban on Utusan and New Straits Times.

These people just do no believe in consultation. Instead, they vent their anger on pro-government publications and organisations.

Penang CM Lim Guan Eng used to stamp on photos of BN leaders and some BN fanatics too did the same thing. The only different is the degree of their fanaticism.

Well, 'Labu Labi' is just a comedy. In politics, everybody will jump in fury if the other party did such things on their interest.

Whatever it is, it takes two to tango, right?


kulitkraf said...


dulu orang kita tak la sesentitif hari ni.

hari ni, kita buat nakal sikit je, dah ada orang melenting.

susah kalau tak dapat bertolak ansur ni, lebih2 lagi dalam politik.

anak wayang said...


memang seronok tonton babak ni. p ramlee memang banyak selitkan unsur sindiran dalam semua filemnya.

yang pasti, apa yang difilemkan pada zaman dia benar2 berlaku pada hari ini.

Anonymous said...

you seldom write a fair posting like this, sir.

this time, i salute u.

its true that both sides of our politics are getting dirty and filthy enough to the blase of the people.

they will never change!

hotentot said...

lim guan eng has set the precedent for pakatan rakyat followers.

in fact, those who stepped on dtk najib's poster on the eve of merdeka, i believe, are the opposition supporters.

stupid people!

penangan said...

salam tn,

labu labi adalah kisah jenaka tetapi banyak membawa mesej masa depan, iaitu hari ini.

jika kita gagal menangani kenakalan generasi sekarang, generasi akan datang sudah pastilah lebih dahsyat lagi.

sam hoe said...

a good film, a strong message.

p ramlee was a visionary. his labu lagi really reflects what's gonna happen 20 or 30 years in the future, from the time the film was made.

however, our present generation, whom i think loves his films, learnt nothing out of it.

so pathetic!

Anonymous said...

filem p ramlee banyak mengandungi teladan tetapi orang kita je yang tak reti2 akan kandungan sindiran yang ada.

sebab tu la agaknya tuhan ambil dia dalam usia yang agak muda jugak.

sebab generasi hari ni dah buta hati!

Anonymous said...

its fun what!

lets step on each other's head from now on!

Anonymous said...

Comedies have an artistic licence to dramatise or exaggerate behaviour but in real life such actions denote a serious lack of good upbringing.

Much like the justification of "f" words to spice up daily conversation. It becomes a degeneration of civilised societies.

buluh kasap said...

apa lak main kepala bapak ni? nak mampus?


labu labi tu lain bro. ia cuma filem komedi dan membawa mesej serta sindiran yang tajam.

dalam realiti hidup hari ni, ia sesuatu yang biadap. memijak gambar pemimpin dan membakar bendera adalah sesuatu yang dianggap dayus dan pengecut!

damak said...

some people like to play with fire but they themselves cannot accept it when similar event smacks them.

the opposition is getting nasty of late over their greed to form a federal government.

the generation of youth they train too is getting out of control.

imagine having this kind of people around us everyday!

Anonymous said...

once started, there will be no end to such culture.

is this what we want to inculcate?

majnun said...

ari tu nik aziz ada cakap yang pihak2 yang suka buat macam tu, termasuk bakar paper, adalah yang tak bertamadun.


dia lupa apa yang pernah berlaku di kelantan sedikit masa dulu.

cakap tak serupa bikin!

Anonymous said...


venting anger in that manner reflects how the opp is getting easily infiltrated by foreign bad values and this is the values they want their supporters to practice!

kaki sontot said...

kepala atok kau takda ke?

apa la punya budaya main pijak gambar dan tunjuk bontot ni.

try tunjuk bontot kat aku, kalau nak tau!

Anonymous said...

You sir have detailed out acts of what we perceive the opposition, i.e., DAP etc. However, this kind of acts have been done by both pro-govt and pro-opp parties. The acts themselves such as stepping, pissing, burning of effigies are deemed not mature and can sometimes lead to discontent and violence. However, police actions so far have been only against DAP/PKR/PAS members who have done such things. The many incidences by BN party member and NGOs indulging in such acts even to the extreme level of intimidation and violence have not been addressed by the police and even the BN council. It takes two to tango, right but unless laws are held up equally irrespective of parties/persons involved, the BN loses much of its support amongst right thinking Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

p ramlee memang tiada tandingan...