Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bloggers go to jail

Three prominent bloggers in Vietnam were sentenced to jail terms ranging from 4 to 12 years for 'spreading anti-government propaganda'.

I believe this is the first case bloggers are heavily-penalised for writing what they feel, see and hear, and coming from Vietnam, I think the decision will meet protest from other bloggers and the diplomatic corp, especially the liberalised West.
HANOI (Vietnam) - Three Vietnamese citizen journalists who have criticised the government in online postings were convicted today for spreading anti-government propaganda. They were given jail sentences ranging from four to 12 years.

The cases against the two men and one woman are some of the most high-profile currently being undertaken by the country's Communist rulers as they step up their campaign against bloggers and other pro-democracy activists.

One of the defendants' lawyers, Mr Ha Huy Son, says the three were found guilty of writing online articles "opposing the government" by a court in Ho Chi Minh City today.

President Barack Obama mentioned the case of one of them - Nguyen Van Hai, who wrote under the pen name Dieu Cay - in a speech that called for greater freedom for media around the world.
In Malaysia, there were cases when a minister and opposition MPs took few bloggers to court over their 'mis-reporting' and slander. Rais Yatim and Husam Musa are so keen of it. On the contrary, Penang CM Lim Guan Eng has the habit of suing mainstream newspapers like Utusan Malaysia for 'making derogatory remark's about him.

Also, I don't think Malaysian bloggers - be it pro-govt or pro-opposition - will go to jail for criticising BN or Pakatan unless they break the basic rule of the country, which is not to incite racial and religious hatred among Malaysians.

In fact, there are bloggers who sued a corporate leader for defamation.
Georgetown: Two men, believed to be bloggers, who sued a telecommunications businessman for defamation, will have their cases head at the High Court here on Oct 4.

Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris, 29, and Mohamad Salim Iskandar, 39, had separately sued Abdul Razak Mohd Noor, 58, over two notices published in an English daily on Jan 14 and 15 which they deemed defamatory.

Judge Datuk G.V. Varghese, in fixing the date, said the trial could not proceed yesterday as a bundle of documents needed to be re-filed.

He also said one of the issues to be determined was who was the registered owner of the blogs of "Papagomo" and "Parpukari".
We are not Vietnam, maybe not just yet but bloggers must be responsible for what they write. To me, to criticise is okay but to defame is not wise!


nomad said...

it was not a right decision taken by the vietnamese court.

if the govt does not take criticism, may as well they shut down all newspaper companies and media agencies, notably foreign-owned.

samara said...

i think malaysia too should send some bloggers to jail for writing about race and religion.

these people are dangerous to the national stability and security.

i wonder if hisham is aware of if...

Anonymous said...

what do u mean by 'not just yet'? that we will eventually become like vietnam, jailing bloggers?

no way man!

our law is among the most lenient in the world!

mat gombau said...


kalau ikutkan hati, gamai bloger boleh masuk jel sobab tulih bondo2 yang tak patut ditulih tapi kerajaan kito ni amat bertolak ansur.

cumo kito tak galakkan bloger sebar fitnah dan yang buleh buek org bergaduh.

harap2 caro kito ni takkan menyusahkan diri sendiri dan orang lain.

pandai2 lah, iyo tak?

kinky said...

i think its time for the govt to come down hard on irresponsible bloggers and news portals...

never mind if they accuse us of being strict!

Anonymous said...

gomo dan parpu - both are best examples of msian bloggers who should be sent to jail for slandering and libel.

enigma said...

some malaysian bloggers feel they are great, greater than the authority and the prime minister.

this gives them the passage to write anything they want in the name of freedom of speech.

i wonder when pakatan rakyat forms the govt, these people would survive or go behind bars!

worried mind said...

not a good move by the vietnamese govt.

they will be the subject of sharp criticism from media and the propagators of free press from the west.

although malaysia has yet to take similar action, i would like to see the govt take extra notice on some blogs who spew racial and religious hatred among malaysians.

its time to take control before things explode in our face!

Anonymous said...

We should not take side until and unless we have read what they have written in their blogs. God give you a brain so use it wisely. Never follow blindly and forever be a follower.

Anonymous said...

at the rate, i believe some malaysian bloggers deserve to go behind bars too, esp pro-umno!

they really skunk!