Thursday, September 27, 2012

A 'stupid' Pakatan Rakyat's Budget

Minister at PM Dept Nazri Aziz called it a 'stupid Budget' while some BN Members of Parliament described 'Belanjawan Pakatan Rakyat' as only wanting to woo voters support for the next general election.

With some 'extraordinary' packages in the Budget, announced 36 hours before PM Najib tables the Budget 2013 at the Dewan Rakyat tomorrow, its contains among other things a plan to scrap PTPTN and doing away with most of policies that helped shaped up the country since Merdeka.
“It’s a stupid budget. They have a lot of promises, but nothing has been done yet, when are they going to fulfil them (promises)?” Nazri asked reporters in parliament today here.
Hulu Selangor MP P. Kamalanathan echoed his colleague’s sentiments and warned the people not to take Anwar’s budget proposal too seriously as it was “made by those who want to take over the government”.
“It is a joke budget. It is irresponsible and a vote-buying budget,” he said.
“We cannot simply promise things that cannot be done. The real budget will consider all the needs of the people,” he added.
Tangga Batu MP Datuk Idris Harin, who is also Syarikat Perumahan Negara Berhad (SPNB) chairman, said PR’s budget was not logical but impractical and that it would only confuse the public.
“For example, if they want to get rid of the 1 Malaysia Housing Project (PR1MA), it is not practical because it will cause projects that are already under construction to be idle,” he said, adding the proposal was merely a ploy to destroy what has already been built by the federal government.
“The process implemented by the government (in hiring more contractors) is (one) that can benefit more companies while ensuring more projects can be completed. It (the policy) also discourages monopoly,” he said...
Najib will likely use Budget 2013 to address key issues like housing and soaring inflation as he aims to woo key households whose support will be crucial to restoring Barisan Nasional’s supermajority in the upcoming polls.

Analysts predicted that Najib would use his last pre-election budget to hand out “sweeteners” similar to the cash hand-outs given under the previous budget and refrain from proposing any necessary but unpopular bold taxes to avoid a possible voter backlash.

Whatever it is, 'Belanjawan Negara' and NOT 'Belanjawan Pakatan Rakyat' (read Rocky's Bru) will definitely contain more logic and sense.

Of course in his pursuit to become the next prime minister, Anwar and his PR can promise us a bridge where no river flows...


tauke lim said...

we dont call it stupid. its the most idiotic budget ever.

pakatan is losing ground, anwar is trying to fool the rakyat.

so, just ignore them lar.

that also u dont know aaar!!!

economist said...

doing away with policies that had helped the nation and the rakyat will be a killing point for anwar and pakatan rakyat.

how are they going to replace them? introducing a new set of policy?

what a crap! its like promising us the stars!

pro-Pakatan said...

pi raa mabuk!

esok kita tgk apa najib nak umum, sama ada lebih baik atau lebih buruk daripada yg anwar umumkan.

entah2 kosong je kali ni daripada BN!

Anonymous said...

its their last avenue to attract voters for general election, bro.

whether it makes sense or not, anwar was hoping to pull a trick on the voters.

will it work?


we will see

copacabana said...

i think we better not underestimate their offer.

BN and PR has its own strength. i think anwar is serious...

jauh di pedalaman said...

nampaknya banyak benda karut dan yg tak masuk akal terkandung dalam bajet pakatan rakyat, termasuk menghapuskan ptptn.

tak sedakah wahai anwar bahawa ptptn tu penting bagi pelajar miskin, khasnya melayu?

kalau tanpa pinjaman, bagaimana mereka hendak ke menara gading?

sanggupkah pakatan bagi biasiswa kepada semua pelajar ni, termasuk yang keputusannya jauh di bawah paras memuaskan?

fikirlah hal anak2 melayu ni, nuar oiii!!!!

7 x 7 said...

maybe anwar should include a new policy to our foreign approach - establishing a diplomatic tie with israel!

why not?


Anonymous said...

if pr cant manage selangor, forget about managing the country!

Anonymous said...

Now our national debt almost. 570 billion about 67 percent of our GDP.In 2005 our national debt is only 226 billion.

Is this not a stupid budget by our stupid leader.

Anonymous said...

Looks good to me.

Of course they cannot implement it cos they are not the ruling party in the Federal Govt yet.

At the State Govt. level, they all seem to be doing very well with their budgets.

last post said...

Who is this nazri to call it a stupid budget?

In some aspects, it make a lot of sense.

Stupid minister!

polis gaban said...

Its clearly is a budget for election.

When najib is done and over with today, the opp will also call it a bn election budget.

Wah lan ney!

Anonymous said...

Why NO Pakatan Rakyat Budget for the states they ruled? Never see any budget for Penang, Selangor, Kedah and Kelantan? Never proof anything. Never show any prudent budgeting....
Idiots they are!

Anonymous said...

Both the budgets i.e., the one presented by PKR and the one to be presented by BN will be an election budget. Why state the obvious and make a fool of yourselves. In the case of the budget presented by PKR, it is immature of BN politicians to denigrate it without offering tangible evidence on why it is not feasible. Likewise, it would be the same with the budget by Najib. Terming it stupid or not logic will not get brownie points for BN. When will the govt ministers and pro BN bloggers will learn that to disqualify other people's argument one has to come with valid reasoning and analysis to tell the layman why such a budget will not work. UMNO and the other component parties in BN tend to take things for granted and it will be reflected in the next GE.

Anonymous said...

Try compare dgn najib punya hari ni..,

Anonymous said...

Yes ! Setupid indeed..

Anonymous said...

PKR=Parti Kelentong Rakyat
PAS=Parti Anak Setan
DAP=Dajjal Anwar Peliwat