Friday, August 3, 2012

When politics take to the gallow...

This is 34-year old Melbourne nurse Emma Louise L'Aiguille who is facing a possible death sentence for alleged drug trafficking in Malaysia.

According to the police, they found one kilogram of methamphetamine in a car driven by the Victorian recently. Also arrested with her is Nigerian man Anthony Esikalam Ndidi, who was a passenger in the vehicle.

She is now detained in a women's prison until October 1, charged with drug trafficking, and the only sentence is the death penalty.

Emma says she did not know the drugs were in the vehicle she was driving. Her mother, Amanda Innes, told Australian ABC local radio she fears for her daughter's life and pleaded for her not to be executed.

Okay. That's the story. She is innocent until proven guilty. But the related story goes like this:

An opposition pressure group and its NGOs are already in contact with the Australian opposition party, offering help to get her out of the country.

Some quarters Down Under too had contacted a few people in Malaysia for her dismissal from any charges and trial. They believe that the Malaysian authority is holding her wrongly and that the Nigerian is the right person to prosecute as Africans are 'master of the drug trades'.

Diplomatically, its good but not politically. Malaysia had never asked any favor from Canberra to give special treatment to any Malaysian caught peddling illicit drugs in the country and as far as I can recall, Australia too had never done the same.

But Malaysia is very close to holding its general election. A few people in the opposition camp are trying to garner foreign support for its plan to take over Putrajaya. Whether it is possible or not, the Home Ministry, Bukit Aman and the Atorney-General Chamber will feel the heat soon when the pressure groups politicise the case.

After all, some Aussie politicians, especially from within the opposition have been throwing their support for Pakatan Rakyat, as had been showcased in some incidents, and this time they are banking a high hope for Emma's release.

We will soon hear from PR spokeperson. Later on from Suaram and NGOs of the same pool.

Emma will have to face charges and stand trial. We will let the law takes its own course. If she is clean, she will be acquitted.

Nobody should intervene unless he or she produces the best lawyer to represent her. Manipulating the issue will bear no fruit. And about the Nigerian?

I also hope she is not guilty...


tauke lim said...

why try to safe her and why not include the nigerian as well?

both were in the same car what!

that also u dont know aaar!!!

lilly said...

jai, i wish she is not guilty also but i believe the police is investigating the case from all aspects, leaving no stone unturned.

as this is a police matter, we just hope the investigation is carried out thoroughly.

after all, we still dont know whose car was she driving and why the nigerian was there...

penangan said...

salam tuan,

biarlah mahkamah yang menentukan.

memang kita kesian dengannya, terutama ibunya yang sedih dengan kes yang menimpa emma tetapi harus diingat, sudah banyak kes seperti ini berlaku di malaysia.

hadirnya lelaki nigeria itu bersamanya adalah satu lagu perkara yang meragukan.

biarlah polis siasat betul2. memang kita harap mereka berdua tidak melakukannya.

kesian hilang nyawa di tali gantung ni!

Anonymous said...

its timely lor.

anwar gets strong support from down under and this is the time to payback.

lets see if they can manage to free her.

pro-Pakatan said...

dari mana awak dapat berita bahawa pakatan tawarkan bantuan ni?

kalau betul pun, tak jadi kesalahan sebab wanita tu belum dibicarakan.

asyik spin hal pakatan je ni. pehal?

Anonymous said...

pity her... but who cares for the nigerian?

let the court decide!

Anonymous said...

remember the aussie who supports LGBT and pakatan rakyat?


Anonymous said...

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IT.Sheiss said...

It's already started with Free Malaysia Today but not yet with The Malaysian Insider or Malaysia Chronicle.

However, while I don't delight in Emma's, Anthony's or any one else's predicament, an interesting observation I've made since the caning of Michael Fay and his Taiwanese co-offenders in Singapore way back in the early 1990s is that coverage, especially by the western media is mostly about the Caucasian facing charges, being sentenced or punished but much less so the Asian, African, Middle Easterner or Latin American.

The western media was all hot about Michael Fay facing a whipping and President Clinton brought pressure to bear on Singapore which yielded and reduced the number of strokes form six to four, while his Taiwanese co-offenders got all six.

Just now, a Google search on Emma Louise L'Aiguille yielded 51,400 results, while on Anthony Esikalam Ndidi yielded 1,820 results, as if the life of a white person is 28.2 times more valuable than that of a black person.

If we go back to the case of Schapelle Corby who was convicted in 2005 of drug smuggling into Bali, the Australian media and public were all up in arms about her but gave hardly any coverage of a fellow Australian of Vietnamese descent who was convicted of a similar offense in Vietnam.

While I'm no lawyer, in this current case if the accused can raise reasonable doubt that they were aware of the presence of illegal narcotics in the car they were in, they could still be spared the gallows or perhaps even released.

Heck! Even Anwar got off on weak evidence.

While different media reports cannot agree on whether there were one or two others persons who escaped arrest, reports that a second man fled.

Now why didn't Emma or Anthony also flee or try to flee if they were aware of the presence of illegal narcotics in their car? Also, whose car was it?

We'll only know as the trial unfolds.

Anonymous said...

cheap political stunt by desperate PM wannabes

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the Schapelle Corby Bali 9 case. Difference is the politicians over there are more into heavier punishment instead of freeing her in order to drum up support from the people. Hell, not long ago they manage to put up a fuss over a supposed cut to her sentence.

What's wrong with Malaysian politicians?Something wrong in the brains, what?Expect some Aussie to cast votes for them in the coming general election?
Dumb ass politicians.

karipuley said...

yeah man!

leave it to the police and the court. justice will be served if they are found not guilty. no need for anybody to play hero here

wan rashid, klang said...

memang pernah ada usaha diplomatik dibuat oleh kerajaan malaysia, misalnya rakyat kita yang ditangkap di china dan di amerika latin. ini saja yang mampu kita buat.

jadi, kalau australia minta kita berbuat demikian, terserahlah kepada kerajaan kita. tak salah merayu pembebasannya.

Anonymous said...

Hanging drug traffickers is like cutting off the heads of a hydra.

Please put more effort into shutting down the underground crime lords who import and export the drugs, PDRM.

It's a business, there's obviously someone calling the shots behind some outfit.

Anonymous said...

kadang2 lebih best bela nasib orang asing daripada nasib rakyat sendiri...

betul tak?