Monday, August 6, 2012

We are not humane!

Almost 55 years after Merdeka and our march to attain a fully-developed nation status is on the right track, it is sad to note that we are still very much inhumane.

Sorry to say, sometimes our rhetoric does not carry much weight. Our slogans failed to stand while some of our policies are good for backfiring.

Yes, we are not very humane in treating our own people. While we shout around about the basic rights for our own people - education, housing, legal, etc - we are actually still depriving a few hundred thousands of their citizenship.

According to records, the National Registration Dept (NRD) under the Home Ministry had rejected (as July 2010) about 300,000 applications for MyKad and Permanent Residence (PR) status for various reasons.

Of course the government imposes stringent provisions for applicants but there are still rooms to regulate a better law on PR and citizenship.

I think not many or us are aware that there are 'Malaysians' without any ID although there were born and brought up in the country, most of whom are already aged 20 to 50! They found it difficult to enroll in any government schools because they don't possess any identification card, let alone getting a job.

Not to mention Sabah and Sarawak where the case is rampant, there are many such cases in the Peninsular that demand special attention from the government.

These people have to citizenship. They don't belong to any country and by our law, they are labelled as persona non grata, people not wanted by anybody, by any country.

For example, their parents migrated from Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia and other countries before and soon after Independence and stayed and worked here. They also died here without proper documents.

Their children were born in Malaysia, also without proper documentation. When they grew up, they speak our language and know everything about they country of their birth. But they found it difficult to get education at government schools. And so, they were left out.

Since birth, they never left the country. Some of them are over 30 years old now, doing odd jobs and are illiterate. Until the day they die, I believe we will still refuse to recognise them as Malaysians.

So, what do we call them? Illegal immigrants? And what crime have they commit for us to deny them their rights as citizens and to enjoy their basic rights?

Some of them are being detained for almost or more than two years now at the detention centers nationwide, notably in Pekan Nenas and Semenyih. The reason being, we got no place to send them as they don't belong to any other countries.

And we keep on 'keeping' them at the detention centers, frustrate them and hoping they will rot inside.

How benevolent are we?

The Home Ministry should look further into this case. While we impose strict procedures on PR applicants, we can still offer PR to foreigners, including artistes and those with money.

We brought in the Palestinians, Rohingyas, Iraqis and others, gave them PR, education and other facilities that are much better than most ordinary Malaysians. We even sponsor their higher education and provided them with good shelter.

But what about these Malaysian-born persona non grata? By rights, they deserve what we enjoy, including the rights to vote. However, nobody in the government is seriously reviewing the matter as we are so busy fighting for politics and power.

We are proud of our achievement and boast aloud of our thrust for education and other basic rights but we at the same time also decline to dirty our hands with things like this. We know about their existence but we did nothing thus far to settle the problems of about these 400,000 persona non grata.

Are we humane?


jahidin, masai, johor said...


this is a very interesting subject. my friend, an indonesian who was born in labis in 1974 has yet to get his mykad after applying more than 10 times.

the NRD wanted all his parents (indonesians who died here in 1979) but he could not find any.

he does not speak any indonesian dialects and is married with 4 kids, aged between 6-14.

his kids are not properly documented as the the NRD refused to issue them the birth certs just because their father do not have any ID.

why isnt there any discretion from the NRD officer and the govt in dealing with cases like this?

as some put it, kerajaan ni memang zalim!

i am not saying it i hope something can be done to settle such problems which also affect many more.

chua, gelugor said...

persona non grata are normally diplomats and other people barred from entering any countries for some reasons.

but in this case, we should not categorise them as such as they are born in malaysia and stay here.

where is our jurisdiction in attending to their predicament?

what kind of a ruling is this?

penangan said...

salam tn,

memang rumit perkara ni. tetapi kasihanlah pada mereka. saya rasa mereka adalah manusia yang setia dan sayangkan tanah tempat tumpah darah mereka.

lagipun mereka tidak pernah dan tidak boleh keluar dari malaysia tanpa dokumen.

jadi, apa tindakan kerajaan dalam menangani masalah ini, yang saya kira sudah wujud puluhan tahun lalu sejak tibanya imigran dari beberapa negara ke sini?

adalah diharap ada pihak sanggup tampil membantu mereka.

seperti tuan, saya juga ada kawan seperti mereka yang tidak mendapat pendidikan sempurna dan tidak diterima bekerja di mana2

mereka juga manusia. dalam hal ini, kita perlu bertindak sebagai manusia juga...

tauke lim said...


i believe there are more than 500,000 or them, esp in sabah.

if we give them citizenship, we will get another 500,000 votes during the general election.

that also u dont know aaar!!!

masih di BH said...

jai, the RCI in sabah should give more focus on this issue. no doubt there are many of them, including in sarawak and west malaysia. we cannot be inhumane!

Anonymous said...


is it true hisham offered PR or citizenship to a singaporean actor?


hisham is really something lor!

caplamangga said...

memang benar.

saya sendiri dah jumpa banyak kes seperti ni.

mereka diabaikan, tidak diiktiraf oleh mana2 negara, termasuk malaysia tempat lahir mereka sendiri.

ada yang dah beruban!

dasar apa yang kita ada ni?

sawo matang said...

mr pm,

pls lar look into this issue.

you cannot rely too much on hisham. he doesnt have any hands on on any home ministry's policy.

you should consider a way to solve this problem, if 'rakyat diutamakan'!

Anonymous said...

RCI must cover the whole nation, not confine for sabah only because immigrant issue is affecting every corner of the country.

special attention must also be given to persona non grata as mentioned by this blog.

if we deny them, more problem will arise when they dont get proper treatment, esp in getting job.

we want them to rob?

risau said...

salam encik bujai,

abang saya masih ditahan di pekan nanas sejak januari lalu kerana tiada dokumen.

dia dilahirkan di malaysia lebih 30 tahun lalu tetapi kerana ibu saya melarikannya ke thailand ketika dia masih kecil, surat beranaknya tak ada.

ayah yang bercerai dengan ibu kemudian ke thailand dan membawanya pulang ketika usianya hampir 5 tahun dan tidak pernah didaftarkan.

dalam satu operasi imigresen awal tahun ni, dia ditangkap....

pro-Pakatan said...

baru tau, ye!

kerajaan bn ni mana ada perasaan kemanusiaan!

sebab tu kita kena tukar kerajaan pada pru akan datang ni!

Anonymous said...

good that u bring this issue as its has been a chronic problem here in sabah.. alot of those indonesian and philipinos dah beranak pinak up to their third gen. but without IC..pity them that were unable to give proper educations..healtcare..and everthing as they were also born here in sabah..

Anonymous said...

we are only humane to the people who we want to assist. the persona non grata is a pain in the ass!

disgusted! said...

same case with a chinese friend. true that the men are not allowed to marry more than one. however, many of them did just that, most are married to chinese women from china. their kids are born here but are difficult to get pr although at the age of 10 and above, they never left the country. but they cantt even claim pr in china because they are born in malaysia and never been to china. so what do we do? just shoot and kill them?

Anonymous said...

i think we are slightly more humane than those who slaughtered the rohingya people!

on the dot said...

we should be more considerate to these people, who are more loyal to the country in the sense that they stay on and on without leaving it for a single day. we should learn how to appreciate their loyalty and not by ignoring their request for a citizenship.

Anonymous said...

we can try it out when RCI commences in sabah... however, the investigation has to complete first.

MASTANA said...


negaro kito ni tak bgapo pedulik dengan masalah orang seperti ni walaupun diorang ni lobeh setio daripada rakyat yang ado taraf rakyat malaysia.

kerajaan kito ni terlampau mogah bantu orang asing, bagi diorang makan, PR, tarag warganegara dan macam2 laie, malah lobeh elok daripado rakyat sendiri.

apo nak buek, kito ni memang suka menunjuk-nunjuk!

Anonymous said...

if we dont need them here, kill them laaarr!!!

what a stupid system we adopt!

Anonymous said...

salam bro. memang susah nak dapatkan pr mcm mcm dah mereka jumpa.Hanya jawapan dia org dalam proses atau org atas xda lagi nak sain. nak tanya sikit lah berapa lama proses untuk mendapat tahu lulus atau tidak.senang kita boleh buat rayuan pulak.