Thursday, August 2, 2012

This is serious, man!

Police 'brutality' during Bersih rally on April 28... it could be true.

At the initial stage of the inquiry, unnamed 'witnesses' were made to stand for statements and testimonies before Suhakam. Many doubt their credibility as most of them were pointing at the police for starting the fracas at Dataran Merdeka.

However, when a photo-journalist from The Star, a pro-BN mainstream English paper told the panel about his 'bad encounter with a group of police personnel', we have a lot to ponder now.

“I saw them (the police) beat up protesters, I was scared they might harm me,” said photographer P Puspanathan to the Suhakam inquiry on alleged human rights abuses at the Bersih 3.0 pro-electoral reform rally yesterday.

He related how when on duty in the Masjid Jamek area during the July 28 rally, he saw some officers beating up protesters.

Puspanathan said he feared for his safety when a group of police surrounded him and forced him to delete pictures of officers beating Bersih protesters stored on his memory card.

“When a few of them surrounded me, bad things might happen. I was scared... They asked for my camera, I did not give it to them. They asked for my memory card, I did not give it to them..."

As a journalist, I don't think he lied. He was assigned for the task on that particular day.

However, we still need to dig more into his statements because we must find out what forced the police to act in such a manner. Were the police provoked and threatened?

To Home Minister Hishammuddin Tun Hussin, we are also waiting for the video footage of the 'ugly' rally...


bananarama said...

we must also find out who does this pixman support - the government of the opposition.

its easy to draw attention by lying because if you ask him to identify which of the police personnel did that, for sure he will not be able to...

nevertheless, i believe the govt and bukit aman should start to look into this...

pro-Bersih said...


the police started it!.

no doubt about it!

The Eugenist said...


I really hope that the said report were not made based on a two edged sword statement..

On another note, if that particular person, who's in charged for the Home Ministry have to go, he has to go...

Hesmel Faznee Faisal

Anonymous said...

The Star is not PRO BN... havent you read Helen Ang before? she had highlighted that The Star is the Gunting Dalam Lipatan....

lupo said...

For your info sir, I think the STAR has long ceased to be a pro BN mainstream newspaper. However, if the policemen really did something wrong they should be punished, like the violent protestors.

lupo said...

For your info sir, I think the STAR has long ceased to be a pro BN mainstream newspaper. However, if the policemen really did something wrong they should be punished, like the violent protestors.

Anonymous said...

there are possibilities when addressing this issue.

the police could have started it under provocation.

the protesters too could have started it.

we have to be fair in all aspects.

penangan said...

salam tn,

dalam keadaan yang mendesak, adakalanya polis terpaksa menggunakan cara yang sedikit keras bagi mengawal keadaan. ada penunjuk perasaan yang bertindak melampau, ini tidak dinafikan.

mereka yang menyertai tunjuk perasaan sering terbawa-bawa dengan sentimen dan emosi. jadi amat sukar untuk mengawal diri daripada bertindak di luar batasan.

kita tidak boleh semata-mata menyalahkan pihak polis kerana mereka juga manusia.

apabila ditekan dengan sebegitu rupa, mereka terpaksa memilih antara jalan paling halus bagi mengawal keadaan.

Anonymous said...

i doubt the photographer gave a true picture of the situation.

although he works with the star, his political master could be the one propagating bersih too!

pro-Pakatan said...

dah sah pihak polis yang bertindak kasar.

panggillah beratus lagi saksi. mereka tetap akan kata polis yang bertindak over sangat pada hari tu.

apa lagi!

tukar je kerajaan ni!

Anonymous said...

Joke of the day is when you said " the Star a pro-BN newspaper" !!!!

You must have away in Mars for too long not to realise that the Star is now very pro-Pakatan Rakyat. Though its owned by MCA, the editorial are more inclined towards Pakatan Rakyat. And MCA (though member of the BN coalition)is not doing anything about it.

I guess this is typical mentality of the Chinese-Malaysians. Double-faced. Heads I win, tail you lose.

Kong Kek Kuat

for old time sake said...

to anon 9.24 and 9.35.

star has always been pro-govt. however as compared with other newspapers, star is more business-oriented. and for that reason, it does provide a little space for opposition news.

the star has more than 3000 star, almost half of them are malays.

being pro-govt is another thing, ensuring good revenue to pay the overhead is another.

pls think it in a positive way. do you notice that some journos with other newspapers, including utusan, berita harian and nst are also pro-opposition?

Anonymous said...

yoooooo hisham!

where is the video? hiding it?

for what reasons?

watanabe said...

betul ke jurugambar ni kerja untuk star atau 'berkhidmat' dengan pembangkang dan bersih?

cuba periksa fail dia, wahai bukit aman!

Anonymous said...


dua2 pihak pun sama je!

Anonymous said...

i dont think the police started it. knowing how hooligan bersih protesters are, they are capable of anything, including selling their soul to the devil!

Anonymous said...

sama je kedua dua nya.angota polis pun ada perasaan juga.kalau mereka dimaki dihamun mereka pun tahu marah juga.semua pun manusia bro.Tahap kesabaran mereka pun ada batasnya.Angota bersih pun satu nak tunjuk perasaan dengan cara ganas.itu semua bukan jalan penyelesaian.Dan mereka tahu ke ape motif ketua mereka.terutamanye pareapa ambega tu.