Sunday, August 12, 2012

RCI: Why for Sabah only?

Six months for the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) to complete its fact-finding mission on immigrants in Sabah, as announced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak in Kota Kinabalu yesterday.

I personally support the move. However, it is too short a duration when the size of Sabah, its complexity, the big number of immigrants and 'the hidden hands' are taken into account!

Yup! I doubt 6 months will suffice. We need at least a year or slightly more if we want to see results. Most importantly, we should learn from the failure of Home Ministry's 6P program in tabulating the right formula to address the issue of foreign workers in the country.

Furthermore, the RCI is a national issue and not confined to Sabah alone. The overflow of immigrants in Sabah to Sarawak and the Peninsula has gone unchecked for many years. For some reasons, our immigration law is partly to be blamed for its failure to detect and monitor their 'arrival'.

The law needs some amendments, notably to the bias provision which only imposes those from West Malaysia to the East be scrutinised while those traveling from Sabah and Sarawak to the Peninsula are allowed a free passage, just like going from Kuala Lumpur to Penang and Kota Bharu. Do we still need that 55 years after Merdeka?

That's why the immigrant issue must be taken into a larger perspective. It is a national issue unless the RCI is set up during the early 1990s before those in Sabah began flying to the Peninsula.

And in carrying out its duty, the RCI should also include a representative each from the Home Ministry, the MACC, the Indonesian and Philippines embassies and the media.

The names announced by Najib as members of the commission are heavyweights but not good enough as we need more help on the ground. Just like Umno, its grass root members know more about the problems downstairs than those at the top - and they can easily identify reasons why their branch and division heads are reluctant to feed the bosses with the true picture of the problems.

Why? This is where the MACC role is needed to twist the 'hidden hands' behind the immigrant issue.

Immigrant, whether they are legalised or not, is a big business. Over the years, those dealing with them made quick bucks by bringing them in and arranging for their visa, permit, etc. Human trading has become an industry to some. Hence, it is not wrong for other governments to label Malaysia as the transit for human trafficking.

The outsourcing license given to hundreds of agents during the late 1990s started it all. Our rapid economic growth and massive development had attributed to the problem too. As locals were not keen anymore to work in the plantation and manufacturing sectors, it left us to no choice but to import foreign workers.

This opened up the doors to job seekers from more than a dozen countries to move in to Malaysia. Those who entered the country legally with valid travel documents were then exploited by these agents who promised them jobs and awesome salary. At one time, the number of foreigners in the country surpassed the number of jobs.

It led to other 'opportunities'. Those who were supposed to uphold the law also saw the big bucks coming in to their purse by providing assistance to the agents, regardless of whether they submitted genuine or fake documents to legalise the foreigners. They punchline was always money - you scrub my back, I scrub yours!

And so, it went out of control. Not in Sabah alone but the whole nation is affected and infected by the trend. Some personnel at the Home Ministry, Human Resource Ministry, the Immigration Dept, the police, the National Registration Dept and other related agencies who didn't want to miss the boat, also jump onto the bandwagon.

The so-called foreign workers' business became so dirty that one could offer money to high-ranking politicians for letter of support and to influence the authorities approve any application to bring in more foreign workers. Money changed hands but more and more foreigners found themselves stranded without any job.

We also 'allowed' many foreigners to overstay and work longer than what was stipulated in the agreement. Some had stayed more than 10 years now and in some cases, more than 15 years which saw many of them grabbed the opportunity to become 'Malaysians'.

Many of their Malaysian-born kids are already reaching their teen age while some are over 30 years old. Those who came to Malaysia about 20 or 30 years ago are already retired, and together with their children, grandchildren and friends, they don't have proper document.

We can't call them Malaysians because they don't possess Malaysian ID. Neither are their kids nationals of any country. They are categorised as 'persona non grata', people without any citizenship status and are not wanted anywhere in the world.

However, they managed to get Malaysian identification card - as full citizen or PR - with the help of our corrupt NRD officers. Its so rampant in Sabah where more than one person hold similar ID number.

Whatever it is, we are human. We should treat them accordingly and give them proper assistance should they qualify. Those who 'pass' citizenship test should be considered ID cards or PR status. Flushing them out will not only expose them to a more difficult situation but will also make us inhumane.

I don't want to detail out the 6P problems but Najib and his deputy Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin who is Cabinet Committee chairman on Foreign Workers are aware of it.

We need a new logical formula in finding an amicable solution to the immigrant problems. No need to point finger at anybody as we need a concerted effort to solve it. As the RCI has yet to start its official duty, there is still time to look into positive recommendations and inputs.


sakuntala said...

i dont understand it either. there are more foreigners and illegal immigrants in west malaysia than in sabah.

isnt it?

there are already too many sabahan-pinoy in kl and other parts of the peninsula because they are free to travel without any check point.

where is the govt awareness in this matter?

tauke lim said...

worried because sabah bn would fall after two or their MPs left?

that also u dont know aaar!!!

penangan said...

salam tn,

saya setuju dengan saranan tuan bahawa pihak seperti SPRM dan media perlu ada wakil dalam suruhanjaya berkenaan.

terlalu banyak rasuah dan penyelewengan berlaku dalam pemberian taraf kerakyatan dan pemastautin tetap kepada orang asing di sabah sejak 25 tahun lalu.

mereka yang memegang jawatan tinggi dalam kerajaan tidak tahu masalah sebenar di bawah kerana ketua jabatan yang dilantik tidak memberikan laporan sebenar mengenai keadaan ini.

jika mereka beri laporan yang betul mengenai kelemagan dan kepincangan yang ada, ia akan mencerminkan ketidakcekapan mereka mentadbir jabatan masing2.

oleh itu, ramai lebih suka memberikan laporan tidak tepat mengenai kedudukan sebenar isu ini.

kita mesti siasat dan bukan mengambil tindakan mengusir pendatang ini kerana mereka sudah terlalu lama berada di bumi malaysia.

Anonymous said...

sabah is top priority now.

everything is for sabah but we forgot when the sabahans say 'sabah is for sabahan'!

pro-Pakatan said...

satu lagi bukti bahawa kerajaan bn memang takut dengan kekuatan pakatan di sabah.

kerana nak ambil hati orang sabah, maka pm pun umumlah benda yang tak masuk akal ni... hahaha!!!

manoharam said...

dr mahathir says the RCI will lead to more problems.

what problems?

that his ways of managing the immigrants during his tenure as pm will be exposed?

ajau, miri said...

agree. its should be a national issue and not centered on sabah only. there are too many illegals in the country whether its in sabah, sarawak or the peninsular. we should once and for all tackle the issue and put a stop to it. whats the point of giving them citizenship and pr status if they are only here to find work and shelter and involve in crimes?

mat gombau said...

mak oi waghih!

garang nampak eh, kiri-kanan kau talo.

tapi memang boto. 6P tu dah gagal selosaikan isu pekerja asing. kito pun tak tau 6P tu untuk apo, samo ado nak banci begapo gamai pekerja asing, begapo gamai takdo permit, begapo gamai yang takdo kojo dan begapo gamai yang kojo secaro sah, tak pasti lah den.

tapi takdo satu bondo pun yang berhasil daripada 6P ni!

Anonymous said...

looks like hisham and his kdn team are being left out this time around.

6P has proven a big falter for him!

Anonymous said...

kenapa untuk sabah je?

mudah je jawapannya! orang sabah ni kurang setia kepada kerajaan persekutuan!

long john silver said...

it will be a up the hill task for RCI to carry out its job in sabah. apart from the big area, not easy to detect their whereabouts.

what should be focused are those working at the NRD and immigration office because they are the main culprits!

kontots said...

dah teruk dah keadaan sekarang ni, baru nak tubuh suruhanjaya siasatan diraja. kalau dulu buat, mungkin dah dapat sekat kemasukan orang asing ni dan hentikan pemberian IC dan kerakyatan kepada mereka. ni semua kerja bangang!

Anonymous said...

najib should include tun mahathir in the RCI panel....

rainbow said...

this is a waste of time and money. the scabs are growing bigger and here we are wanting to conduct a full investigation and find a medicament for it!

just leave it as it is! better what!

ninoy said...

saya bimbang kalau2 RCI ni akan gagal seperti program 6P anjuran KDN.

saya juga kurang yakin bahwa tempoh 6 bulan yang disyaratkan oleh PM adalah cukup untuk menyiasat isu ini dari semua sudut dan aspek.

masalah pendatang asing memang sukar diatasi kecuali kita menyediakan satu formula baru yang dapat mengesan dan mengawal mereka di mana saja, seperti yang dilakukan di kuwait.

Anonymous said...


buhay ka paba? nasaan ka ngayon!

i realise the govt is spending too much time and money on immigrant issue that there is almost no time to attend to public woes!

u-turn said...

the 6P program was implemented over zealously that it didnt meet its objective.

and now the RCI for immigrants in sabah. what is the purpose if it could have been carried out during 6P?

i doubt it will achieve any significant success...

detergent said...

jai, u must 'taruk' the 6P for 'killing' almost all of its 300 appointed agents. mahmood adam was the main asshole while hisham is another moron who didnt have any hands on on the program!

thats why he is not involved in this RCI for sabah.

jubah hijau said...

alaaaa.... apa susah2 ni! bagi je kerakyatan kepada orang filipino di sabah tu, suruh undi barisan nasional pada pru akan datang.

lagipun bn tengah sakit di sabah tu!

benda macam ni pun tak boleh nak pikir ke?

Anonymous said...

siasat macam mana begitu ramai boleh dapat kerakyatan di sabah.

daripada tok nenek kepada mak bapak dan anak cucu. walhal rakyat tempatan sendiri pun susah nak dapat surat beranak!

badigol betul kerajaan ni!

tiga suku said...

jangan begitu bah.

bukan senang nak buat kerja di sabah ni bah.

apa lagi nak siasat orang asing bah

abah kau bah!

heheheeh bah!

ice cube said...


i concur with u that 6 months will not gain anything.

in the UAE, the govt took almost 2 years to gather data and input for its 2 million foreigners.

in malaysia, we have about 7 million!

Anonymous said...

Looks Like you are as Naive as a lot of Others!

The Crisis on pendatang haram is in Peninsula...

All attention are now diverted to east Malaysia!

Why are there now rising Crime in West Malaysia? Jawab nya too Many Illegals now using crime as a means of supporting themselves!!

marcus, tambunan said...


i dont agree with the 6-month period. as u say, its not sufficient, it has to be at least a year or more.

the immigrant issue in sabah is like an epidemic, it needs longer time to find its medicament.

i am not sure if datuk najib got the right advise from those in charge but obviously the advise was a wrong one!

Anonymous said...

yeah man!

ask dr mahathir how did his govt issue the ID and PR to foreigners back then!

Anonymous said...

Totally with you on the foreigners issue:

1 Too many foreigners in the country. Malaysia attracts criminals who enter on easy visa
2 Visa processing is big side business for those corrupt officials at various Malaysian consulates. We heard about one in Nigeria. Please also check Guangzhou, Shanghai and Chennai
3 Program 6P is a scam. I'll-planned and designed for certain people to rake in millions. Employers and workers wasted loads of loss days for the incompetent program managers. In the end. Problem remains and the illegal foreigners continue to get immunity
4. Local workers will work if the salary is reasonable. But fact is employers want foreign workers because they are easily exploited
5 various people including those connected to people with power are too deep in this foreign worker business. Yes Malaysia is a hot spot for human trafficking.

Malaysians have become victims of crimes by foreigners. And KDN seems helpless!