Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Legalising gay marriage...

Same sex marriage is legalised in the US and I wonder if Barack Obama himself has desires for men!

In Malaysia, same sex marriage and LGBT are symbiotic to the labels of 'human rights' and 'freedom'. Lawyer Ambiga, Marina Mahathir and the Opposition are gaining popularity for promoting it.

In that aspect too, sodomy is deemed to be part of it. Wonder if same sex marriage will be legalised should Pakatan Rakyat wins the next general election as someone had already set the precedent.

Read the story below (and note how they spelled Kuala Lumpur):

KUALA LAMPUR: A gay Malaysian pastor said Monday he had held a wedding banquet with his American partner despite earlier outrage by conservatives in the Muslim-majority country opposed to their union.

Ngeo Boon Lin, who has authored a number of books on gay and other issues under the name Ouyang Wen Feng, said he held the private, traditional Chinese wedding celebration at a restaurant in the capital Kuala Lumpur on Saturday.

“I wanted to inspire others to speak the truth and to stand up for our rights,” he told AFP.

Ngeo married his partner, African-American Broadway musical producer Phineas Newborn III, last year in New York, where they live. That came shortly after same-sex marriages were legalised there.



tauke lim said...

eh! good what!

if pakatan rules, they will have to build more hospitals to treat HIV and AIDS patients.

we will be at par with the US and other civilisations.

that also u dont know aaar!!!

double barrel said...


looks like u have to start a new business that will promise u good returns.

a chastity belt shop!

how about that?


penangan said...

salam tn,

selagi islam mengharamkan yang haram, kita mestilah akur dan patuh.

malangnya masih ada orang islam sendiri yang memperjuangkan benda keji ini semata-mata atas tiket kebebasan dan hak asasi manusia.

ke manakah kiblat mereka agaknya...

pro-Pakatan said...

orang islam tak payahlah ikut. biar penganut agama lain je buat kalau diorang suka. kita takyah la halang.

kalau pr perintah pun, mereka akan fikir banyak kali untuk halalkan kawin sama seks dan lgbt ni.

pergi jahanamlah sama ambiga!

Anonymous said...

dunia dah akhir zaman, bro.

kita perlu tentang perbuatan ini walaupun kita sendiri terpaksa menjadi galang gantinya.

jika pakatan nak halalkan gay dan lesbian ni, kita perlu bergerak dari sekarang!

tan & tan & tan said...

yeah man!

why not legalise sodomy as well so that we can hammer each other's backside!


among the believer said...

hell with the law in the us. this is malaysia. obama is not a believer. if he does, he wont legalise it but he did it for votes and support. as no religion allows such a filthy way of living, we should from now - every faith and religion - work together to stop it!

Anonymous said...

if anwar becomes pm, he himself will go against this bad culture. he will say no to ambiga and marina.

u dont believe me?

Anonymous said...

nice try but still short of pro argument on why all religions do not allow same sex marriage.


mat gombau said...


sodap agak eh main belakang ni. komut keliling!


memang lahanat manusio jonih ni!

miss mascara said...


i'm worried for the country, for its people.

what will happen if pakatan forms a new govt and implements what are supposed not to?

Anonymous said...

in the US, more and more LGBT are joining the senate.

i hope it will not become a trend in malaysia.


Anonymous said...

what next? legalising pedophile?

the so-called advanced peoples are truly selfish and irresponsible

they have glorified sinful acts to be an act of human rights - just because they are fluent in language

what a shame to the church

tikar mengkuang said...

jai, kita boleh try ni!

kah kah kah!

Anonymous said...

Wahai org org islam yang haram tetap haram mana boleh jadi halal.kita ne nak ikut ambega,anwar atau obama nak buat apa.ini malaysia negara islam.mana boleh buat sesuka je.macam mana dengan generasi akan datang.xkan anak anak kita pun nanti boleh kahwin sesama jenis pulak.xtahulah pulak kalau anak anak org pkr boleh kahwin sejenis nanti.