Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cow brain

I seldom came across good comments posted by MalaysiaKini readers, and I sometimes wonder if most of the skunk ones were written by the portal's staff.

However, in countdown to our 55th Merdeka celebration tomorrow, I notice a positive and inspiring jotting about an issue - PM's offer to DAP Lim Kit Siang to sit next to him at Bukit Jalil on August 31st nite.

While most of the comments were either sarcastically written to reflect the 'hate Malaysia', 'hate BN' or 'hate the Malays' mentality of Mkini supporters, one or two really are just too wise to ignore.

"I think if DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang believes that he is a true Malaysian and rejoices in the spirit of Merdeka, he will not miss the opportunity to stand with the government leaders on this auspicious occasion and show his supporters that he is also a patriot.

Or maybe Lim Kit Siang and the other opposition leaders are afraid to be seen sitting with the prime minster, afraid of being labelled as traitors by their supporters like what happened to former PAS deputy president Nasharudin Mat Isa.

How to progress if you have members and supporters who are such shallow thinkers?"
Yeah, why not? Its our Independence Day that we would celebrate. Why must one politicise it?

Malaysians - the Malays, Chinese, Indians, Sikhs and others - were one when the country fought for Independence from the British. They didn't take politics to that extreme back then but worked hand in hand against colonialism.

Politics aside, we share the country. Either we are with the ruling party of not, we shoulder equal responsibility in protecting the interest of the nation. Unless we are ready to surrender it to the foreign forces again!

And also read this comment:

"The Merdeka celebration has already been hijacked by Umno through the adoption of Umno's election slogan as the National Day theme.

What a blatant use of public money for BN's disgraceful re-election effort. Better send a cow to sit between Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and Information Minister Rais Yatim.

This will keep everyone reminded of how relevant cows are to the Merdeka celebration this year."
This is the reader's personal opinion but it shows how he/she and people of similar mind don't understand what Merdeka is all about. And these are the type of people who would sell their soul and country to the devils.

The cows probably got better brain than them...!


kahwin campur said...

true bro. some of us have the brain of a cow. they cant differentiate what's good and bad for the country and at the same time cant decide whats good for themselves.

they never studied history and they never experienced any hardship since the day they were born.

to them, malaysia is another bad country, under bad management, and that whoever takes over the government is also bad.

nothing about the nation is good to them.

Anonymous said...

if the cows can speak, the animals can be good teachers to those with such a mentality. whats the matter with those people, anyway? if they cant appreciate merdeka, may as well they find another country to stay! bastards!

penangan said...

salam tn,

saya harap lim kit siang akan terima undangan pm. tak ada salahnya, malah rakyat, tidak kira parti apa pun, akan melihat beliau sebagai seorang tokoh pembangkang yang bijak menilai erti kemerdekaan negara.

janganlah terbawa-bawa sentimen politik dalam merayakan ulang tahun kemerdekaan. kita semua sama, semuanya rakyat malaysia. soal politik ada soal lain, patut diperjuangkan pada dan ketika yang sesuai.

double barrel said...

why did pm only invite lim to sit next to him, and not anwar?

who should answer my question?

raof, sawah lebar said...


kalau pembangkang nak menarik minat orang lain, mereka harus mengetepikan politik pada hari merdeka ni. sama ada suka atau tidak dengan slogan sambutan tahun ni, mereka perlu sama2 hadir di bukit jalil untuk meraikannya.

Anonymous said...

Yeah cows are more productive and contribute tremendously to human beings welfare.

Some human beings ought to be given community service hours looking after cows for at least a month to revive their stalled education.

Anonymous said...

i believe the reader of the first comment found a wrong place to opine. he should have chosen other good portals instead.

if kit siang does not take up the seat next to pm, he will give the implication that he is not a malaysian!

karipuley said...

pm is honest and sincere by offering kit siang to sit next to him at bukit jalil tomorrow night.

merdeka is for everybody. why not once in a while we show our true malaysian spirit in celebrating it.

kit siang will gain more respect if he turns up.

believe me.

pro-Pakatan said...


takyah tunjuk baik la tok najib ni. takyah ajak wakil pembangkang ke bukit jalil, buang masa je.

kemerdekaan ni cuma untuk orang umno!

Anonymous said...

those who politicise merdeka are the ones with cow brain.

pm has shown a good gesture to invite LKS but if the latter gets too proud, he will lose, dap will lose and pakatan will lose in terms of support, vote and sympathy

tauke lim said...

kit siang will not sit next to datuk najib

because he doesnt want to give the impression that pakatan rakyat supports the merdeka theme and song.

that also u dont know aaar!!!

masih di BH said...

ini kemerdekaan negara kita semua, tak kira la parti politik apa pun.

alangkah seronoknya kita semua berpegangan tangan dan sama2 menyanyikan Negaraku pada malam esok di stadium nasional?

takkan kit siang, anwar dan lain2 tak dapat ketepikan sentimen politik untuk sehari?

Anonymous said...

aku rasa kit siang ni waras orangnya.

cuma ramai yang jadi tukang cucuk dan batu api agar jangan terima pelawaan pm tu.

Anonymous said...


Isn't It about the NFC? Isn't the Cowbrain Shahrizat?

eilen chia said...

some wise people!

the cannot drop all sentiments and share the joyous merdeka celebration as malaysians.

these people dont deserve to be in the country!

Anonymous said...

ask them to fly kite if they still politicize merdeka!

anak jantan said...

tak reti bahasa lagi ke pembangkang ni?

merdeka takda isu politik.

bangang nak mampus!

Anonymous said...

suruh orang macam ni kuar je dari malaysia ni, duduk kat mana2 diorang nak.

anak haram semua ni!

Anonymous said...

Orang Sabah dan Sarawak macam mana?

31 Ogos 1957, masih bawah British.

Belum Merdeka lagi.

dah cakap banyak kali dah! said...

makin maju negara ni, makin ramai yang menghina dan memporakperandakannya.

kenapa la semua ni perlu ada di malaysia?

sedih laaaaa...

selamat hari merdeka ke-55!

Anonymous said...

When I read the title I thought the article was about NFC.
Funny now how the whole of M'sia associates cows with Sharizat even though she has said she is innocent.This has been good publicity for Pakatan without having to pay expensive media consultants
Najib should invite Anwar as head of opposition to sit next to him. He's trying to score political points with the Chinese by inviting LKS knowing now that BN has all but lost the Chinese votes.