Monday, August 27, 2012

Armstrong (by Lobo)

I was only nine when Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon. I believe the whole world stopped to watch him on that July afternoon.

Three years later in 1972, singer Lobo composed a song about 'Armstrong', and I have lived with it.


cindy lim said...


i really luv the song, very nostalgic.

thanks for uploading it on your blog.


red carpet said...

i have been listening to the song since i was 11 and it reminded me much of that historic moment.

the world lost a great 'unity' icon!

may the Lord bless his soul

MASTANA said...

wahh, jai,

sekali-sekalo kau buek macam ni, sodap gak. hehe

kito masih kocik maso tu tapi kito baco berito eh dalam paper.

maso dalam kelas, bilo cikgu tanyo kito nak jadi apo bilo bosa, gamai yang cakap nak jadi estronot!

ingat lagi tak?

Anonymous said...

a great song.

thank u!

Anonymous said...

not easy to create history. it takes a lot of courage and effort.

for armstrong, mankind will not forget him...

hamba allah said...

betul ke manusia dah sampai ke bulan?

ada laporan sebut amerika menipu dengan mengadakan penggambarannya di sebuah studio yang dirahsiakan.