Monday, August 13, 2012

Anwar rejected RCI for Sabah in 1994

Again, its about RCI for Sabah. PR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim and his team were fast to point fingers at former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, accusing him as the culprit behind the issuance of 'citizenship-for-votes'.

They even mocked PM Najib's announcement on Saturday for the commission to look deeply into the immigrant problems in the state, lambasting it as his political gimmick to win Sabah in the next general election.

However, age is fast catching up on Anwar. He has forgotten one true fact about the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the influx of foreigners in Sabah.

So, let's remind him.

In 1994, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim - as the deputy prime minister - strongly rejected the formation of a RCI to investigate issues arising from the influx of illegal immigrants to Sabah.

It was proposed by Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS). Party president Tan Sri Pairin Kitingan was first to campaign about its set up, brought it to the Cabinet but was shot down by Anwar who said it was not yet necessary.

And today, Anwar sings a different tune to Najib's RCI just because he was sacked by Mahathir's Cabinet and is now budding with DAP and PAS.

However, there is a strong reason for his rejection in 1994. Many didn't know about it but some do.

He was (and still) very close to the Philippines government. After a few visits to Manila, the self-proclaimed 'Jose Rizal of Malaysia' managed to con and convince them that the Pinoys in Sabah would be protected and given proper assistance.

Those from Mindanao were the ones who gained Anwar's utmost attention. At that time, he had a close relationship with Nur Misuari, the leader of Moro Liberation Front. Misuari himself was given the assurance that his people in Sabah were safe and would not be flushed out of the country.

Anwar is actually worried with Najib's announcement. Why? His relation with Philippines former President Estrada and Ms Aquino would be at stake should the commission decides on sending home all unregistered Filipinos.

That is why he preferred a call of to the effort and put the full blame on Dr Mahathir. Wasn't he part of TDM Cabinet then, the one who opposed the setting up of the RCI?


karipuley said...

everybody knows anwar is close to manila and that he himself wants to protect the interest of the pinoys in sabah.

so, why is he blaming dr mahathir for when he was the one who objected to the formation of the RCI?

something up his sleeves...

penangan said...

salam tn,

dah terang lagi nak bersuluh.

kalau anwar sendiri yang tentang penubuhan RCI pada 1994, tidak hairanlah dia juga yang mencemuh usaha kerajaan datuk sekarang.

selain menyalahkan kerajaan tun dr mahathir, beliau berkata najib berbuat demikian kerana ingin 'membeli' undi rakyat sabah.

tak perlu beli! rakyat sabah sememangnya setia kepada umno dan barisan nasional.

anwar mesti ada muslihat tertentu menentang RCI ni, wallahualam

long live DAP said...

soi lek was lying.

whats the proof that anwar objected to the rci in 1994?

in politics, everybody can lie, right?

afterall, soi lek made the accusation in sabah.

why chose sabah?

enigma said...


anwar got too many tricks but none worked out well enough.

his good relation with estrada is a testimony how he himself is fighting for the cause of the filipinos in sabah!

tauke lim said...

forget about who was the culprit in issuing out the citizenship and pr to the foreigners.

the main task of the commission is not to apprehend anybody but to find solutions to the issue.

you people are so naive!

sorry lor!

that also u dont know aaar!!!

siong said...

lambat laun mereka yang meludah ke langit ni akan mukanya terkena ludah sendiri.

tuduh dr m la, tuduh najib nak pikat orang sabah la... padahal dia sendiri yang jadi pelesitnya.

apa salahnya pembangkang beri kerjasama kepada usaha suruhanjaya siasatan diraja ni daripada memomokkannya?

bodoh ke apa?

pro-Pakatan said...

presiden mca ni dah over nampaknya.

apa pun, dia gagal bagi bukti betul ke anwar yang bantah penubuhan RCI ni dulu.

Anonymous said...

sabahans dont need RCI la bro. they need more developments and close rapport with the federal.

so many promises were made since the past 20 years and only 20 per cent were delivered.

the RCI is just another political tool by the govt to woo their support and votes.

as a sabahan myself, the priority for sabah is a better treatment from kuala lumpur.

Anonymous said...

banyak merapu je blog ni.

hal yang tak jadi hal ni pun dah jadi hal.

anwar taknak RCI masa tu sebab nak cover tun dr mahathir.

tu pun tak boleh pikir ke?

tikar mengkuang said...


tun dr mahathir kata RCI tu takkan berkesan.


abis tu, kenapa najib tak dengar nasihat dia?

Anonymous said...

how to carry out such a big task in a big state like sabah?

quite impossible to cover all aspects of it.

we need more time, not 6 short months.

whether it was anwar, mahathir or whoever was the culprit in issuing the mykad and pr to the immigrants, let the commission completes its investigation.

jln riong said...

its a blaming game again, bujai.

anwar points finger at TDM, soi lek to anwar... who else?

they better stop it.

cooperate is the keyword!

biol said...

dah boring dah dengan politik tempatan ni.

elok baca kisah politik israel je.

tak abis dengan tuduh-menuduh dan tutuh-menutuh!

nak muntah laaar!

Anonymous said...

so, who is right and who is wrong here?

will someone pls tell me!

borhan said...

becouse then he was mahathir's crony and blue eye boy...the boss was always right

Anonymous said...

Sheeeshh ...I think the spot at the lowest rung of hell is reserved for this man.

Anonymous said...

dah rejek dari dulu, sebenarnya.

dia takut tembelang dia pecah.