Saturday, August 18, 2012

Aidilfitri and Muslims divide...

In 1985, I celebrated Aidilfitri in Iraq's Shiite city of Karbala. For the spirit of Syawal, the Muslims - Shiite and Sunni - were united although Saddam Hussein did force the Shiite men to help him fought the war with Shiite Iran.

The Iraqi Shiite soldiers were pushed up as the frontliners, forming barricades for the Sunni comrades. The Shiite hated him for that, and so were the Iranians.

After the Eid prayer, the Shiites and the Sunnis would embrace and hug each other, before sectarian war started all over again a few days later.

It saddened me, really.

Back home, I observe a big split among the Muslims. However, its a political split.

I wonder who will profit and take advantage of their ideological divide if it goes on and on...

Anyway, SELAMAT HARI RAYA to all Malaysians.


Anonymous said...

Everywhere on d globe, muslims bicker over politics and faith. It will never end.

In msia, the divide is caused by our party leaders, not by followers.

Impossible to attain a one muslim society

masih di BH said...

Selamat hari raya, jai.

Memang susah nak satukan org melayu negara ni selagi politik yg ada tidak dibersihkan...

mastana said...

Bujai bro,

Selamat Aidilfitri, maaf zahir batin

mat gombau said...

Selamat hari rayo, waghih.

Jgn sodih, bilo melayu dah terngantuk nanti, dio akan terngadah.

Rayo kek mano tahun ni? Ado maso, singgahlah gombau

Anonymous said...

Stop thinking about the divide, bro.

Lets celebrate for a while.

Selamat hari raya

Anonymous said...

Selamat Hari Raya. The diaDAP party will win if Muslims are divided.

Then Malaysia's landscape will change in every aspect, social, economical, religious, legal etc.

The majority will be broken up into smaller and distinct groups resulting in a minority effect - politically.

And the largest political power belongs to the most wealthy and UNITED segment of society.

Bersatu teguh berserai runtuh. Simple.