Monday, July 9, 2012

What a 'st&6g#d' question!

"If all discussions of the state excos and Federal Cabinet are taped and the government declassifies these tapes...the people will understand better the role of MCA in a multiracial country..."

MCA President Chua Soi Lek said this when answering a question from a panellist on whether MCA was afraid of Umno until it could not point out any corruption in the BN coalition, at the second debate between him and DAP sec-gen Lim Guan Eng at the Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre, here, yesterday.

What a 'st&6g#d' question. It was equivalent to asking whether the Chinese were afraid of the Malays.

Tun Dr Mahathir was once asked the same question and he didn't answer it except looking at the reporter (from an English daily) and said: "Why should you ask me such a question... what's your motive?"

Yes, what's the motive? Was the question planted by the Opposition in order to create uneasiness among the Chinese and stir Umno-MCA relation?

I do criticise the government's policies and BN leaders but I will never go to the extent of jeopardising inter-race relation. Whether the Chinese are with MCA or DAP, such a question was irrelevant, especially during a period when racism is beginning to show its ugly face in Malaysia.

It was just like asking whether DAP was scared of PKR that it must support Anwar Ibrahim to become a prime minister, or if DAP was afraid of PAS' 'hudud' law.

Umno and MCA have enjoyed a close relationship which helped the government chart various development programs for the rakyat, irrespective of their political ideology. The Chinese in MCA are moderates, and so are some of them in DAP and other parties.

Its a fact that there are extreme minds among them, including some Malays in Umno but I would rather put a high value on inter-racial cooperation and understanding rather than allowing any form of prejudice to jitter it.

The person who asked Soi Lek the question is a good senior journalist whom I knew long time ago. A hard-working and dedicated one, so to say. I believe he got his reason for asking that question but as a friend, I beg to differ.

My stand point is clear - whether I am with the ruling party or not, I would not let the country crumble over unnecessary inter-racial doubt. The Opposition too, I believe, will not allow such things to befall the country. Its not easy to manage a broken big family...


a blogger too said...


wan hamidi is a good successful journo. i wonder why he asked such a question.

anyway, nothing's wrong with that although it was not necessary

masih di BH said...

dia tu pro kerajaan atau anti kerajaan?

yg aku tau, dia pernah bekerja dengan menteri, betul ke?

mungkin ada udang di sebalik mee kot bila dia tanya soalan tu.

Anonymous said...

actually DAP is afraid of PKR and anwar.

that's why everybody in pakatan supports him to become a prime minister.

imagine if anwar is not there, who will they support? guan eng? hadi?

penangan said...

salam tn,

tak salah soalan tu tapi bunyik macak budak2 la sikit.

sama je kalau kita tanya, 'kau takut tak dengan pengetua sekolah atau guru kelas kau?"

atau "kau takut tak dengan bapak atau abang kau?"

apa pun, debat tu betul2 anti-klimaks! tak patut diadakan langsung!

tauke lim said...




it was a boring debat between MCA and DAP.

both were very defensive, many questions went unanswered!

next time, stop organising such debates. wasting time only.

that also u dont know aaar!!!

Anonymous said...

Kah, kah, kah,...... It' now confirmed that JAI the unknown or called idiotic reporter who potrays himelf as close to all diplomats and prime minister and stays in the corridors of power is actually a nerd gay who dare not publish comments about him. He seem too brave commenting about others, but is himself the greatest coward. Kih, kih, kih. Please don't publish this, OK!

Anonymous said...

bro, some stupid questions sometimes get good answers.

in wan hamidi's case, he didnt get the right answer from soi lek.

pro-Pakatan said...

memang mca takut pun, sebab tu soi lek taknak jawap.

hebat wan hamidi ni!

gred 48 said...


wartawan ni handal di bidang masing2.

wan hamidi handal di bidang dia, kau handal di bidang kau. begitulah.

korang kena saling menghormati. apa yang kau tulis ni kira fair la, yg kau sebut pasal dia good reporter tu memang betul dan patut.

korang sama je...

A Malay Dah-Lah-Lama said...

Perhaps Dr Chua can't match Dear LGE's antics during the debate. MCA should outsource the debate to the likes of Bung Mokhtar or Dato'Aziz of Seri Gading, only then can we see real fireworks.

a malaysian chinese said...

it was not a wise question. why in the first place must he raise such an issue to MCA when the spirit and cooperation among BN components are always good?

its not suppose to be that way. the issue of 'afraid' does not arise at all. umno, mca, gerakan, mic and other components need each other in the political pact.

mca and umno always respect each other ever since perikatan was formed.

i am doubtful. is wan hamidi pro enough to handle such a debate for him to pose that question to chua soi lek?

the debate was about mca and dap and the chinese, about who functions more for the chinese.

so, such a question can be deemed as coming from the opposition!

Anonymous said...

that was a ROCKET question lor, not hamidi's!

bujai said...

bro anon 11.52,

bro, aku kenal kau siapa. yang berlindung di sebalik ANON tu buat apa? siapa yang penakut sebenarnya?

i am open to criticism and i dont care... but do u?

kau ni namanya kawan tapi dari dulu memang penakut.

NST 85 said...

jai, jgn pedulikan anon 11.52 tu. dia sebenarnya takda kote, takut identitinya dikenali walhal senang je nak trace dia.

dia ni dulu selalu mainkan kawan. bini kawan pun dia tibai, awek kawan pun dia sapu.

lepas tu sembunyik, takut.... takda bola dia ni bro... wa cakap lu!

Anonymous said...

that's the prob when u got a pro-opp panellist for such a forum.

why cant a neutral people invited for such a job?


irion man said...

isu takut pada umno, takut pada mca dan benda2 karut macam ni patut ditanya juga kepada pembangkang.

apa dap buat terhadap isu duit 3b anwar dan lain2?

kenapa nampak silap orang je sedangkan silap sendiri ditutup?

Anonymous said...

that was a fail debate, full of nonsense!

mat gombau said...


pembangkang tak takut kalau berlaku perpecahan dan perbalahan kaum di malaysia ni sobab dio buleh panggil tentera asing masuk untuk kawal, macam di libya tu.

tu pasal diorang sengajo provok rakyat, terutama keturunan cino dengan soalan macam tu.

apo lah nak jadi dengan melayu kito ni!

Anonymous said...

that was not a stupid question... a smart one.

its all about umno rules, sir. other parties cant say or do much!

Anonymous said...


enough lar.

no point criticizing wan hamidi. he is not your friend!

Anonymous said...

takda keje lain dah bloger kerajaan ni.

berapa kau dapat tiap2 bulan jai?

kim, raub said...

why asked that question?

not nice lor.

after all, the chinese are comfortable with umno and others.

why try to create racial disharmony?

bujai said...

ANON 2.55,

kau paham tak apa makna 'support the legitimate govt' pada kepala blog aku?

maknanya menyokong kerajaan yang mutlak.

memang aku sokong tapi aku tak makan duit kerajaan. kerajaan tak bayar aku satu sen pun.

so, tak payahlah mengada-ngada!

melayu cari makan said...


dalam malaysia ni, macam2 melayu ada.

ada yang sokong kerajaan, ada yang anti kerajaan, ada yang duduk atas pagar, ada yang jadi barua bangsa asing.

jadi, kita kena terimalah melayu semua kategori ni.

Anonymous said...

jai, takkan kau tak tau roket tu apa?

dari situ pun kita dah paham, tak payah nak bersuluh dalam terang!

anti bohmau said...


org sekarang semakin ramai yg baling batu sembunyi tangan & gunakan proksi utk buat kerja kotor...
we better be careful!!!

AkuTakSUKAumno said...



Setiap kali si Soi Lek maki hamun bab hudud sekor org melayu umno tak BANGUN..

Cuba korang dgr balik CibaiLek ni kutuk hudud..

Bro, hudud ni HUKUM ALLAH.. Tilka HududillaH..

Pahamkan Maksud tu.. kesian melayu UMNO angguk jer la gan siCibaiLek ni...

Bodo sokmo tak bais-abis..

Bung Mokhtar Rulz!!! suck big time!

cinta 3 segi said...

small matter maaa!!!!

u and wan hamidi are buddies. both of u have your good and bad points.

i guess wan hamidi also have some respect for u...

journalists are alike, right?