Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Undermining our own police force...

Another crap!

The government-appointed independent advisory panel into the Bersih 3.0 rally is hoping to learn from foreign experts how to handle peaceful demonstrations, protests and assemblies.

The panel, chaired by former IGP Tun Hanif Omar, yesterday made requests to diplomatic representatives from four countries for their experts to share advice and experience in handling situations of unrest.

The countries chosen  - the US, UK, Canada and Pakistan.


Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) is old enough, over 200 years now since its small set up in 1807. Throughout that long years, are we still looking down at our own force, once lauded as among the best in the world?

Hanif himself, who was the longest-serving IGP for 20 years (1974-1994) seemed 'lost' and not having strong confidence in the force he used to lead. Or was he whipping at the PDRM current administration?

Having confronted with some serious situations during his tenure, including the Memali (Baling) case and Ops Lalang, I am flabbergasted that Hanif is still undermining PDRM's capability. I don't want to ask him what he did when he was IGP, let alone questioning the credibility of the panel.

I strongly believe PDRM has its own strength. There is no need to learn from others as we have our own standard operation procedure (SOP) which is in compliance with the United Nations protocol on the use of force, handling of peaceful demonstrations and the protection of media.

And of all the countries, we still want to learn from the US, Britain, Canada and Pakistan. Pakistan? What a farce!

Aren't we aware that the US police is among the most racist and brutal? Read here and here and here. Even the Canadian and British police are not having a good record at all. If you talk about Pakistan, you better find the precise words as I won't comment.

I still think we need to pool experts from within the PDRM, the government and some NGOs into a special discussion. The Opposition needs to be there as well as we have to be fair to every sector of the community. And I am confident such a concerted effort would bring about positive consensus as to how the issue could be dissolved.


mr kudita said...


the best joke of the day, it seems. why must we refer to countries like US and Pakistan? What was hanif up to actually? to get more US intervention in the country by inviting the US police to malaysia?

he must be out of his mind!

mat lincoln said...

of all the countries, why pakistan?

i concur with you that its best to have a pool of local experts in this because malaysians know the local issue better than foreigners.

after all, we are the ones who should police our country, and not others!

koperal pencen said...


masa dia jadi ketua polis negara dulu pun, tak la hebat sangat. asyik jaga kroni dia je dalam angkatan. anggota bawahan langsung tak diendahkan sampai ramai yang tersangkut puluhan tahun, barulah dapat satu calit!

penangan said...

salam tn,

saya setuju bahawa pakar tempatan boleh diambil untuk berbincang dan mengkaji jalan sesuai menangani masalah dalaman kita.

pihak pembangkang juga mestilah mempunyai wakil dalam pasukan ini kerana mereka juga ada pakar dan idea yang boleh digunapakai. saya tak fikir mereka mahu mengutarakan cadangan yang boleh merosakkan negara.

Anonymous said...

polis pakistan boleh ajar kita macam mana nak lawat tempat yang kena bom kereta.

polis amerika boleh ajar PDRM macam mana nak jadi racis dan bantai sesiapa saja yang mereka syak.

polis kanada pula boleh ajar kita cara2 nak ganyang penunjuk perasaan aman.

manakala polis britain boleh didik pasukan kita agar jadi lebih ganas dan tidak bertolak ansur.

memang bagus idea budak anip ni!

Anonymous said...

who puts him to lead the panel?

one crap after the other!

ajimsan said...

I was laughing while rolling on the ground when I read the news in the papers.

why don't they ask Myanmar and Hong Kong for extra measures ;)

Anonymous said...

This is what you get from a LEMBEK government, i am disgusted with the panel attitude of blaming only the police and disgusted with the current administration...being an atas pagar voter incline towards the govt, i dont know...its undertakings are having a negative impact on me....

Anonymous said...

I support your idea. We have our own niche, that we are not aware of. We must use and leverage our own strength, expertise and capabilities. Its world class!

lenggang kangkung said...

dont look down at our police. they got everything, experience and ability.

during bersih, they made mistake, a minor one but were provoked by the notorious protesters. in many countries, the police would act similar.


raof, sawah lebar said...

tidakkah bersekongkol dengan polis asing seperti amerika dan britain akan mengundang kepada masalah? mereka mudah cenderung kepada pembangkang, sama seperti media dan sesetengah pemimpin mereka?

pikirlah banyak kali, tun hanif!

Anonymous said...


why pakistan among all? pakistan is having lots of seecurity problem and there's nothing for us to learn!

pro-Pakatan said...

kali ni aku terpaksa sokong.

memang patut gunakan kepakaran kita sendiri, termasuk dari kalangan pembangkang.

kalau sama2 cari buah fikiran, dah tentu dapat formula yang baik dan berkesan untuk semua.

Anonymous said...

tun hanif ni dah takda idea dah sebab terlalu lama dah kat gunung tu.

bila ditawarkan jawatan baru ni, dia pening lalat, tenggelam punca.

uncle pooh said...



these countries are having their own bad record on police brutality dan racism.

why not try indonesia or thailand instead of those mentioned?

indonesia and thailand always face bad street demo every now and then.

even the philippines.

inspector sahab said...

strange, huh?

after more than 200 years, we dont trust their ability and might.

how was the police force under tun hanif then?

lousy and weak?

karipuley said...

yea man!

we need the americans and the british to teach us the best lesson in managing our police force!

very good idea from hanif omar, the only man with the weird idea!

i dont know who advised him on that!

Anonymous said...

during ops memali and ops lalang, he was hiding somewhere in bukit aman, afraid of the wild accusation against him.


lim brady said...

without them, some of our policemen are already racist bro.

take a look at them, i.e at any roadblocks.

they wont check the malay drivers and passengers thoroughly but when it comes to non-malays, they will ask a lot of questions!

kepala hotak dia berjambul said...

susah2, bawak je dalam 500,000 orang polis amerika dan britain ke sini. pastu dari kanada dan pakistan lak!

memang badigol idea hanif ni!

Anonymous said...

SOP on handling illegal protesters by the US, UK, Canada and Pakistan police force:

1-Battered them first and ask question later!

2-Kick, punch and use any means of physical abuse to let them know who are the boss!

3-Strike first and continue to strike till they shit their pants!

4-Action first, diplomacy later!

Anonymous said...

dah memang polis kita tak reti prosedur... cuma tau saman orang je!

Anonymous said...

Actually the "advice" sought is to counter the SINS of these chosen countries.

If these countries were to criticise Malaysia's methods, then IGP can quote cases of their abuse which may very well be documented already.

Collect their dirt and splash them to their faces if and when they throw dirt on PDRM.

Anonymous said...

Tun Dr M and Najib has different styles - one plays draughts and the other plays chess