Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hudud: Either PAS drops it or leave PR!

How come, man?

Nik Aziz remained adamant about his hudud. He said there is no doubt PAS will implement the Islamic Law should Pakatan Rakyat wins the next general election.

MCA is worried and so is DAP. Unexpectedly, PKR is also against such a law in Malaysia.

So, how would the three PR components face each other over the issue? I believe there won't be any consensus because looking at the current scenario, DAP and PKR will be all out to fail Nik Aziz and Hadi Awang on their plan.

Weirdos at work!

Anwar Ibrahim himself, as PR de facto leader is now sucked into the problem. If no compromise is reached among the three, Pakatan will fall apart. Bickering over hudud will soon tear the political pact apart.

How to find an amicable solution to this burning topic?

Let me suggest - either PAS or DAP breaks the pact. Leave Pakatan and be on their own. As for PKR, they will find comfort working with DAP than with PAS. PAS to the PKR leaders is bringing more trouble of late, especially when some of its office bearers question Anwar's and Lim Kit Siang's credibility as the probable PM and DPM.

“I don’t think I should mention this the second time, as it (the proposal) had been made a long time ago and everybody knows about it,” Nik Aziz told reporters after chairing a state executive council meeting in Kota Bharu yesterday.

And in Kuala Lumpur, PKR's Youth wing has chosen to side with DAP chairman Karpal Singh in opposing  Pas' hudud aspirations. Its chief Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin yesterday warned his PAS counterpart Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi, that he had opened a Pandora's box over his recent comment on the implementation of hudud, which had raised the ire of Karpal and other DAP members.

He said it was improper for Nasrudin to dredge up the longstanding issue as he claimed that the stance of the alliance between PKR, DAP and Pas on the Islamic criminal law was clear.

"I would like to advise Nasrudin to refer to our agreement late last year that hudud is not part of Pakatan Rakyat's joint policy until all member parties agree to it."

Shamsul Iskandar added that close to 30 top opposition party leaders had met for over three hours on Sept 29 last year to resolve the deep-rooted hudud issue, which has seen DAP and Pas repeatedly at loggerheads.

"DAP's objection has to be respected and PR will continue to allow its members to air different views," he said.

On Friday, Karpal had expressed displeasure upon learning that Nasrudin had, during a political debate, suggested that he was willing to consider hudud for the country.

Perhaps there is another solution to the issue - either PAS drops hudud or being dropped from Pakatan Rakyat!


ninoy said...

a good suggestion. as it looks like no compromise can be reached between the three, its better for pas to leave pakatan rakyat and be on its own.

to implement hudud, it has to face bn and pr in the general election and make sure that they win.

penangan said...

salam tn,

dalam senario yang ada, PKR tidak memerlukan PAS sebenarnya. memadailah dengan kerjasamanya dengan DAP saja kerana dua parti ni pun sudah cukup sebati, terutamanya di antara anwar dan kit siang.

PAS makin membawa masalah kepada perpaduan pakatan rakyat dengan isu hududnya dan ini tidak disenangi langsung oleh DAP dan PKR.

memang elok kalau PAS keluar dari pakatan rakyat sebelum terlambat...

lim gone eng said...

wah lan ney!

karpal is damn scared of hudud although pas has assured that it will only apply on muslims.

what is he scared of? kena 'potong'?

kah kah kah!

altantoyol said...


ni semua sandiwara je. hudud takkan dilaksanakan di malaysia walaupun pakatan menang pada pru akan datang. pas faham dasar pakatan dan ia amat menghormati semangat permuafakatannya dengan pkr dan dap. apa yang nik aziz buat ni hanya untuk memesongkan perhatian terhadap masalah dalaman pas, khasnya isu dinar emas di kelantan.

jadi, jangan termakan kata2 nik aziz ni

pro-Pakatan said...

tak kisahlah pas nak laksana hudud ke tak.

yang penting, penganut agama lain tak termaktub di bawah undang2 tu nanti.

pakatan rakyat takkan risau punyalah. barisan nasional yang patut risau kerana akan kalah teruk kali ni!

tauke lim said...

stop spinning this hudud issue lor.

no point.

pas, dap and pkr are good friends. they are just dramatizing the whole issue to attract attention.

that also u dont know aaar!!!

dark angel said...

all that i want to say is, you people pro-umno bloggers got nothing better to do rather than making fun of pr and hudud. there wont be any hudud, pls note that. even pm najib had said no hudud would be implemented in the country. so, dont be stupid to understand that pas, dap and pkr are just sensationalizing the issue for their political gain. hence, u people should stop writing about it!

ahli BN said...

pkr perlukan dap lebih daripada pas sebenarnya. pas ni dah macam duri dalam daging kepada pakatan. idea hududnya akan memecahbelahkan pakatan jika pas terus jadi ahlinya. memang wajar pas keluar je dan bertarung atas namanya sendiri. saya rasa dia boleh dapat banyak kerusi berbanding pakatan!

Anonymous said...

another cheap analysis by a bn cybertrooper.

i have read enough of this stuff at other blogs...

Tan hock chuan said...

Both Karpal Singh and Nik Aziz are correct.

Nik Aziz as a Muslim and for that matter every muslim must believe in Huud law because that is in Quran.If you deny it you are not a muslim.Islam mean submitssion to Allah.What even in Quran he cany deny it.

Karpal also right.Under Malaysia Constitution we are secular state.You cannot have hudud law and you need Parliment to pass the law.Under current situation no way we can get the law pass by Parliment.

So the arguement is just acedamic and All the Muslim and Non Muslim understood.

Only ignorant leadernlike MCA try to meke an issue and every election this is an issue.Yet PAS and DAP still win many seat.

masih di BH said...


karpal dan kit siang takut kono sunat!

tu la pasal!

Anonymous said...

Look at the basics, those states under PAS right now, they are like dumpster state now, especially Selangor.

Jon Osbon said...

Pakatan staunch supporters are, either so stupid, or just happily live in ignorance.

How come you guys still denying the fact that Pakatan is breaking due to different agenda by each party inside the coalition?

Why la you guys so numb.

simple mind said...

why must there be worries on the DAP and non-muslim sides? hudud will only be imposed on the muslims. if pakatan rules the country, dap and even mca in barisan can be well assured that the non-muslims are not affected by such rulings.

so, why must they bicker on hudud?

Anonymous said...

drama...drama...full of drama.

if u guys think they are at odds over hudud, you are wrong!

ummai said...

pas memang tidak sepatutnya menyertai pakatan kerana pkr dan dap bukan menyokong pelaksanaan undang2 islam. dua parti berkenaan lebih berminat kepada sistem pemerintahan penjajah dan imperialisme.

jika pas bersendirian pun, saya rasa pas boleh meraih lebih banyak kerusi negeri dan parlimen pada pilihanraya umum akan datang.

kebanyakan umat islam negara ini memang menyokong penuh peraturan hudud, malah ramai orang umno sendiri pun menyokongnya.

saya rasa jika pas berdiri di atas tiketnya sendiri, lebih banyak sokongan akan diraih daripada kalangan orang melayu negara ini.

Anonymous said...

memang anwar lebih sayangkan kit siang daripada hadi.

mereka sekata dan seiring jalan untuk menjahanamkan negara ni....

Anonymous said...

nik aziz and hadi should stop making defensive statements about hudud.

what's important now is to win election and implement the islamic law.

if dap dan pkr oppose it, calls it quit. pakatan is anti-islam!

Anonymous said...

salam semua

Ini semua wayang PAS nak tarik undi. Auta saja. Kenapa nak PRU13 baru keluar balik cerita hudud. Apa kita orang Melayu senang kena auta ka? Berhenti merepek la PAS. Tumpu macam mana nak jadi pembangkang yang membina bukan meruntuh. Perpaduan orang Islam pun nak diruntuh. Kerana apa? Kerana kuasa & duit!!

Serious Shepherd said...

It will be great to see the Malay translation of this article. At least the Malays can vote for DAP with peace in mind so that DAP can win up to 90 seats but it is PAS who will be in charge, and kuasa politik Melayu kekal tidak tergugat.

layman said...

Tan Hok Chuan.....who said Hudud is in the Quran?
Stop making comments on matter you do not know about. This is the real root cause of all problems we have in Malaysia now.

Ricky said...

If PR wins and PAS cannot get their Hudud, they will definitely form a pact with UMNO. UMNO will surely accept it. You mark my word.

Better the devil you know than the hantu raya you don't.

arcadia said...

In the end it'll be once again : WE AGREE to DISAGREE on the HUDUD issue ~ enjoy the show folks

jubah hijau said...


sebagai ahli pas, saya sendiri lebih gemar jika pas berada di luar pakatan rakyat dan tidak bersekongkol dengan dap dan pkr.

saya rasa pas ada kekuatan sendiri dalam menghadapi pru akan datang.

t kasih

Anonymous said...

PAS patut sudah pinda Enakmen Jenyah Syariah bahawa Enakmen ini terpakai pada orang Islam dan bukan orang Islam. Dah lama dah memerintah namun kenapa DUN Kelantan tak pinda-pinda Enakmen Jenayahnya? Bidangkuasa hududpun tak boleh nak selesaikan apatahlagi hukuman hudud.