Sunday, July 1, 2012

'Bo toa bo soi'!

Lim Guan had on Friday slammed PM Najib's statement that there is nothing wrong to call for the polls during hajj season.

He argued that since so many voters would be out of the country, the government would deny them their rights to vote and choose the next government.

Alamak! Since when did Guan Eng show such a great concern over the matter? Those going for hajj are Malays who are Muslims. They are not only from PAS but also Umno and PKR members.

Since PAS' Hadi Awang suggested for a general election out of the hajj season, DAP has played up the issue as if those going to Mecca are only PAS (and probably DAP) members.

Why so scared?

I believe there will be more Umno members than PAS' going to hajj. PAS standpoint on 'election out of hajj season' was absurd and telling its members do defer their pilgrimage proofs how they are so afraid of losing some votes there.

And now, DAP is in. Guan Eng wants to become a hero for PAS, a Pakatan component that avows to implement the 'hudud law' if Pakatan Rakyat wins the next national poll. What a farce! The undemocratic 'self-proclaimed' DAP now talks about hajj!

I think Guan Eng and DAP better stay out of this hajj issue. Non of your business.

So, when is the right time to call for the general election? December? Or January when many Chinese (are all of them DAP members?) go abroad for vacation and during the festive Chinese New Year?

Where is your brain, bro?


lim gone eng said...


i heard guan eng will embrace islam if general election is held before or after the haj season.

his muslim nama is haji abdullah lim guano.

u dont believe ka?

Anonymous said...

well, actually DAP and PAS are afraid of losing some votes that. they didnt realise that election has nothing to do with haj season or not. if DAP wants, election can also be held during chinese new year.

Anonymous said...

well, actually DAP and PAS are afraid of losing some votes that. they didnt realise that election has nothing to do with haj season or not. if DAP wants, election can also be held during chinese new year.

penangan said...

salam tn,

LGE tengah buang tebiat agaknya tu!

Romeo Laut said...

Wey, for your good info, any leaders (which is a true leader), would have some attention regardless any religion or whatsoever. He got to speak this things out because he is the representative of his people. Then, why are you so curious with him? Making joke of yourself? Hahah.

Anonymous said...

His brain has gone right down to his heels as a result of too much hot air up there.

This chap will single-handedly destroy DAP. His ego knows no bounds and he is fast becoming a dictator even to his own party members.

Karpal the singh has lost his roar.

Anonymous said...

yea lor.

he thought those going to mecca are only pas members.

my advise to him, if he is not sure of anything, better shut up.

gagak di rimba said...


sebenarnya ini cuma sandiwara lim guan eng.

dia sebenarnya lebih suka kalau pilihanraya diadakan pada bulan puasa.

sebagai parti yang rasis, sudah tentulah banyak undi melayu akan hilang pada masa tu.

jadi, dap akan ambil kesempatan.

tauke lim said...

actually he likes the idea of polling during haj season.

many umno members will not be there.

in this case, dap is playing drama to support pas when in fact its laughing behind their back.

that also u dont know aaar!!

pro-Pakatan said...

kalau najib adakan pru pada musim haji, nampak sangat dia sengaja nak jauhkan orang pas daripada mengundi.

jangan nak corner banyak2 la, wahai pemblog!

Anonymous said...

lim guan eng is so concern of pakatan's chance in the next election.

thats why he steps into the haj issue.

however, he was not sincere. he never like pas!

Anonymous said...

if LGE embraces Islam it will be good but remember, as an adult Muslim he must potong his cock...but then has he any cock to be potonged???!!!!ish ish ish

ex-mat gian said...

lim guan eng nak cuba nasib masuk raja lawak lepas ni.

sure menang!

PR FOREVER said...

he is a true leader, pls bear that in mind.

regardless of race and religion, he shows great concern for such an issue.

so, u yourself better stop spinning this crap!

mat gombau said...


pandai kau cakap hokkein. yang den tau, bosa tak, kocik pun tak. macam boli magnum yo, hehehe!!!

lim guan eng ni nampak yo protes pru pado musim haji tapi sebona eh dio suko.

kalau tak pun, dio gisau kalau pas hilang satu duo kerusi parlimen, pakatan hilang peluang ambek putrajaya.

macam2 la dioghang ni, kan?

vinnan said...

Why is the Haj issue non of Lim Guan Eng's business. You mean he is Chief Minister to non-Muslims only in Penang. Motherfuc';in' racist UMNO bast/']s like you people can never accept that Lim Guan Eng was voted into power by all the races in Penang.

Anonymous said...

Pro pakatan,
Talk is cheap. Show proof that the majority of the 2012 hajj pilgrims are actually PAS supporters!!!

As UMNO's membership of Malays is much bigger than PAS, most probably there are more UMNO members who performing the 2012 hajj than PAS members!!!

Thus,PAS and DAP's accusation is just hogwash.

Anonymous said...

he's feeling the euphoria of a superhero rescuing weaklings

Anonymous said...

Cannot lah brother. If GE is in August, Hari Raya Puasa, my family going for school holidays and Merdeka Celebration. Sept got Malaysia Day Celebration and 16 September anniversary by Anuwar. October got Hari Raya Haji. November got Deepavali and Awal Muharram. December got long school holidays and Christmas to celebrate. So tell Penang God all cannot.