Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bersih inquiry in doubts

I am startled and confused. Since Suhakam's inquiry into Bersih 3.0 started on July 5, everything was pointing to police brutality.

Not just that. The DBKL enforcement officers too were accused of bashing up protesters while BN and its 'comrades' in Perkasa have been allegedly involved in engaging thugs to 'neutralise' those who took part in the rally.

I am not sure who are the witnesses brought in to give their first account testimony to the commission. I am also alarmed at the standard of inquiry which poses Suhakam to look more inclining towards Bersih and its organiser, lawyer Ambiga and Anwar-led Opposition.

As at now, all witnesses gave adverse pictures and statements that condemns the police and other authorities as the cause for the brawl, hurts and injuries to the rally participants.

None had so far backed the police who were deployed there to control the crowd from going unruly or to avoid any untoward incidents. Worst still, the Bersih 3.0 police video which was supposed to be made public earlier last month was nowhere to be seen. The Home Ministry only gave excuse that a special panel was still viewing it.

I was there during Bersih 3.0 but stayed at a distant to avoid any commotion with anybody. I only heard about how 'ugly' it was when friends and security sources called or sent text messages a few hours after that.

And now that everything thus far are pointing to the police as being the cause for the 'peaceful rally' to become ugly, I am beginning to question the integrity of Suhakam and the witnesses.

Who are the witnesses? Were they really there at the scene or they were planted by some parties who simply tried to undermine the police and the government? From where did Suhakam pick them and who brought them to the inquiry?

What is Suhakam anyway? A bias or a neutral commission? Are the witnesses members of any political party or NGO because so far, nothing was done to really check on their background. Or are they having any link to Ambiga and the Opposition?

I would like to see justice is served to everybody. However, at the rate of the inquiry, I think there is a need to substantiate the credibility of the witnesses.

Why? Witnesses can be bought and alibi can be created.


a moderator said...

righto bro.

justice must be served but the witnesses must be screened before giving their statements.

i concur with your last line that 'witnesses can be bought'.

suhakam too must be neutral in carrying out the investigation or it will be accused of taking side.

Anonymous said...

so, the police is bad!

what about bersih organisers? are they they good ones?

i am also puzzled at the conduct of the inquiry.

suhakam is not neutral actually as they too support bersih!

small balls said...

i dont trust suhakam.

they are just like the bar council!

better find another way to investigate the incident.

Anonymous said...


suhakam atau suharam ni memang memihak kepada pembangkang. memang tak boleh dipercayai.

tengok je orang yang jaga suhakam ni!

Anonymous said...

Reveal the identities of these witnesses and make them take oath before submitting their testimonies.

Anonymous said...

Hanya yang buta dan pekak tak nampak realiti sebenar.

Dah buat jahat, lepas tu berpura-pura pulak cerita/spin lain.

Pi you tube tengoklah video yang banyak dah dirakamkan. Tu kan real?

suhu said...

this suhakam has not credibility as it is more incline towards the opposition of late.

so, how to be fair in its inquiry?

blast them!

masih di BH said...

rilex la bro jai.

ni semua saksi pihak yang sokong bersih.

dah selesai dgn diorang, suhakam akan panggil saksi di pihak kerajaan dan polis lak.


betul ke telahan aku ni?

pro-Pakatan said...

trust suhakam laaaaa!!!!

why cant u people believe that suhakam is doing the right job and not in favor of anybody?

after all, it was the police who created the chaos!

Anonymous said...

how long will it take for suhakam to conclude the inquiry and how many more witnesses to be called? 100? 1000?

Anonymous said...

Any "body" got a price, it is the amount and the ability of the provider that can change the senario. Monkeys can be bought with peanuts.

trust no one! said...

suhakam cannot be trusted.

bn cannot be trusted

pakatan too cannot be trusted!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. However it would have been better if the police had acted more professionally. The restricted area was DATARAN MERDEKA AND NOT JALAN TUN PERAK OR MEDAN PASAR. So maybe this is what the "witnesses are highlighting". I am sure an intelligent blogger like you would know the proverb "TWO WRONGS DON'T MAKE A RIGHT"