Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ambiga the future Home Minister

Ambiga said she didn't feel safe anymore. So, she employed two bodyguards to escort her wherever she goes, including to the washroom. They could be on guard outside her bedroom too.

She was giving the impression that Malaysia is not anymore a safe place to be. She feels threatened, intimidated and provoked. Someone would also possibly want to abuse and rape her, rob or kidnap her.

That's how she perceives Malaysia, and that's how she is passing on the message to the whole world - that Malaysia is full of lunatics, that Malaysia is turning into another Syria (picture), Yemen, Libya or Egypt. Worst still, she wants the international community to look down at Malaysia for not providing enough protection to her and the rest of her friends.

What's the motive?

Simple. She wants to drive the investors away. She wants to put a halt to the inflow of foreign direct investment (FDI) by painting a stinking picture about the low-level of security and stability in Malaysia. In that manner, foreigners will stop investing and we will see the start of capital flight very soon.

In months, the economy will take a tumble and the people will revolt against the government. And that would be the best opportunity for her and Pakatan Rakyat to play their game of 'importing' foreign agents to help rebuilding the nation, and claim credit for it.

But the foreign agents will stay. Iraq, Libya and Egypt are now ruled by US-and West-backed regime that nods to all instruction given. They become puppets on the string.

Isn't that what Ambiga and Anwar and others want?

Bersih has proven not a 'clean' approach after all. Whether those who took part or the police involved in the brawl, is not the issue but Bersih really opened up the door to the devil advocates.

I think Ambiga must employ more bodyguards, say.... 10 or 20. Who knows she would be our next home minister should Pakatan wins the next general election. Then she will be in-charge of the police, immigration, Rela and other key departments.

As a home minister, she could easily propose for all stringent laws on domestic security, the Penal Code, immigration law and others be repealed. A new law to recognise LGBT and same sex marriage could also be introduced.

I hope she doesn't restrict the public from seeing her at the office. Visitors should not be ruled to get permission and passes to go up the 12th floor of Blok D1, Parcel D, Putrajaya. Absolute freedom must be accorded to the rakyat, as promised by Pakatan.

Anybody who applies for gun permit must be able to get it so that each and every residence and home can keep their own pistol or shot gun for security reason. They should be allowed to shoot at anyone on suspicion.

And now that PM Najib has repealed the Sedition Act, Ambiga (as the future home minister) can also introduce another new set of law that allows Malaysians to verbally abuse each other, calling each other names and use profanity words in the media.

O-oh. Another thing. The new government should also allow people to take to the streets in protest of anything. Please do not let the police interfere because you didn't like it when you organised Bersih rallies.

And don't forget to close down all pro-BN newspapers and TV stations too!

But will Malaysia become safer under all this conditions?


Anonymous said...

I second that idea. Love to keep a gun of my own. Still remember the old western TV program, 'Have Gun Will Travel'. If you have a pistol with you, you will feel safe anywhere you go.

With a gun, any group of people can sleep anywhere they wants. No worry of robbers or any criminals. Thanks to Bershit.


Anonymous said...

If Malaysia is not safe,balik India lah Acci.Maybe it is safer for you there.

Ugly Betty said...

Did you say someone wants to rape this sicko? Gosh, unless the rapist is a blind donkey, it would never happen.

A would be rapist would run a mile upon seeing her, let alone having a hard on.

small balls said...


imagine anwar as pm, guan eng dpm, ambiga home minister, hadi awang finance, nik aziz foreign, nurul for women and mat sabu defense.

the whole world will laugh at us!

uarrggh haarggg harkkk!!!!

salam, masai said...

ambiga did that on purpose, to highlight how bad malaysia is.

as the planned, when the economy collapse, foreign forces will be allowed in and ransack the country.

if the voters still want to choose them, they will have to pay a high price for their future...

Anonymous said...

i guess its time to reconsider support for pakatan.

i am leaving soon!

penangan said...

salam tn,

kalau ambiga jadi menteri dalam negeri, satu negara boleh kena jual gamaknya!

pro-Pakatan said...

why not?

she is a good and pro lawyer. she knows what is best and not for the nation.

are u underestimating her and pakatan?

MASTANA said...


den gaso bodyguard dio tu melayu, barua melayu.

dah makin gamai melayu jonih ni sekarang ni...


masih di BH said...

ambiga menteri dalam negeri?

memang bunyi macam lojik je bro tapi takut nanti semua staf yang ada dibuang dan digantikan dengan golongan lgbt...

dah ada tanda2 dah....

Anonymous said...

if she is scared of her own country and are suspicious of others, may as well she migrate and find another country to stay until she dies!

budak sekolah said...

she can go to any other country she deems safe for her....

what a SIAL!

tiga suku said...

seronok gak kalau semua rakyat malaysia diberi izin mohon lesen senjata api.

kita boleh pertahan diri sendiri.

oleh sebab tu, mansuhkan je pasukan polis.

betul tak, abang ambiga? hehehehe!

Anonymous said...

a monkey dancing in the street, telling other she is not safe to climb up a tree.

people like this dont deserve to be in this country.

bloody fool!

Anonymous said...


hisham is already wetting his pant!


if ambiga becomes home minister, hisham will be the first to go to jail!

Anonymous said...

they will demolish kamunting and turn it into an entertainment outlet, i.e karaoke or brothel.

isnt that nice!

caplamangga said...

of course they will close down all pro-barisan newspapers and tv station.

rtm will be turned into RTPR or radio televisyen pakatan rakyat.

they will only publish and broadcast news about lgbt and freedom of the people...

what nonsense!

long live DAP said...


if ambiga really becomes the next home minister, you will be among the first to face the gallow!


Anonymous said...

i like the idea of a free country, just like a cowboy nation.

free for all. anyone can take someone else wife or property.

we will be able to kill whoever we dont like or hate..

right, ambiga?

adik, UM said...


silap2 gaya kalau dia jadi menteri, dia akan upah 100 pengawal untuk ikut ke je dia pegi...

Anonymous said...

ambiga is capable.

pakatan rakyat is capable of running the country.

so, stop you spin!

kelas malam said...


siapa la yang teringin nak rogol dia ni. rupa dah la takda, bangang pulak tu walaupun dia lawyer!

kerbau pun nak tergamak nak rogol dia!

gembala said...

ini tanahair saya, tempat tumpah dara saya.

kalau diorang nak porakperandakan negara, saya sendiri akan pastikan mereka semua ni mampus!

chiba geigy said...


if ambiga becomes home minister, she will certainly make you her pol-sec.

dont u like the idea?

kahkah kah kah kah!

Anonymous said...

dia ingat dia betul semuanya.

kita tgk nanti...

Anonymous said...

fear? what fear?

she created the fear for herself by leading bersih and other nonsense.

now she know whether the people support her or not!

Anonymous said...


she got no real guts actually!

stupid maniac!

junkyard said...

inilah akibatnya bila melayu sesama melayu berpecah, bertelagah dan bercakaran. orang lain ambil kesempatan untuk injak2 mereka. najib ke, anwar ke, hadi awang ke... langsung tak dapat nak pikir buruk-baiknya kepada rakyat dan negara.

pendeta said...

stop paying attention to her. the more you people write about her, the more stuck up she becomes.

leave her alone. let rakyat malaysia decide on her future, whether she is right or wrong by waging such a 'war' against the nation.

for the time being, lets concentrate on how to close ranks among race dan religions.

Anonymous said...

she looks like a satan to me...

intim said...

i second anon 2.48.

yes, why not approve all malaysians the licence for guns if ambiga talks about freedom and rights, rights to protect ourselves?

an idiot like her should be sent to jail!

she is a real nuisance to public order!

don juan said...

rape her?

who would?

what kind of a joke is this?

but i would like to laugh aloud.

i rather fuck a kangaroo!

har har har har har har har!

Anonymous said...

so, to all malaysians!

make your pick during general election. if you want people like ambiga, anwar, kit siang and mat sabu to be your next ministers, fine. but dont regret

Always a Malaysian said...

Wonder why she is so scared and need to employ bodyguards... I take the bus to work and so far no one accosted me even tho' more often than not I would walk alone to the bus stops and LRT stations...

I venture into Pasar Pudu areas, Chow kit areas and Jalan Petaling cum Central Markets and so far, to date unscath...

If she truly feels unsafe, please do leave. You have a choice to decide and if Malaysia is so bad as painted, why do we have tourists flocking to Malaysia ( budget travellers and well heeled tourists)

I have a very strong feeling that if ever a would-be rapist or bad hats, they would run away miles when they see ambiga....looks alien and she does alienate herself from other Malaysians save for her PR and LGBT comrades...

YYKCK said...


this ambiga is a nice person la.

if you know her better, she is like an angle...

why must u lambast her this way?

u must try to understand her motive and objective before saying anything bad about her

Anonymous said...

BN or PR, both are rascals.

why not form a new malaysian party instead and kick them out!

Anonymous said...

She has an overrated sense of her importance lah. She wants to be in the big league like some VVIP.

achi achi tak sedar diri

Anonymous said...

she finally realised her gamble did not pay off

she thought the foreign agents will ensure her safety but she's on her own

she thought she's got majority backing but burger and butt shake tells her otherwise

she may have been spitted on and booed when she goes shopping etc

she may even have 'visits' to warn her of her inborn idiocy

perhaps bullets in letters

and of course her elite neighbours must have pressured her for their own safe and luxurious privacy

that would have been enough reasons to cry wolf coz her caste pride will never allow her to admit defeat

if her life is threatened, good reason to lie low (like her personal worth)

Anonymous said...

who is ambiga?


Anonymous said...

aci aci buka pintu
nampak burger hati pilu
askar gelek mati kutu
muka gelap pucat lesu

Anonymous said...

Hello there if someone threatens to rape you, kill you, demonstrate outside your house what would your reaction be? To seek protection no? Then you have that idiotic policeman who says it is not an offence to demonstrate outside her house, what if I demonstrate in front of PM's palace, offence or not? I bet you I can't get even 1km before I get hauled off so what standards are you applying here? Bujai, is this your impartial opinion?