Monday, June 25, 2012

The undemocractic Lim Guan Eng

I do not wish to call him a dictator but dictators usually hate criticism. A dictator will not admit his mistakes either and will not tolerate adverse reporting by the media, notably the newspapers.

But Lim Guan Eng subscribes to this rule. He banned Utusan Malaysia. He deplores all BN media and barred some of their journalists from his office and his functions.

Whether its Utusan or not, he forgot one fact - that journalists, irrespective of their organisations, are one. They speak in unison when their professionalism is affected of challenged. They are very protective of each other and will not let anything to come between their relationship and duty.

(Read Stopthelies on the Chinese media attacks on LGE)

Now that LGE is under attacks, including from the Chinese media, he should realise that such a practice is deplorable and regrettable. No one can stop journalists from covering any event as stipulated in its international charter.

And for all the 'free media' bandwagon LGE and his friends in Pakatan Rakyat have been shouting around, this does not reflect their intention at all.

Under PM Najib, no media had been imposed under strict restriction except for warnings by the Home Ministry for their anti-racial and anti-religious propaganda. The BN government takes criticism openly and leaves it to the pro-govt media to play its part in countering such attacks.

Pakatan Rakyat has got Roket, Harakah, Aliran, the Bar Council website and other anti-govt media on its side. They are more mean than that of the BN but the govt will not bar their so called-reporters to cover the government's events, let along shooing them off.

How democratic is DAP, anyway and when was the last time it called for a party election?

What is LGE afraid of? He has a strong and formidable media machinery in Penang and in his party and they are well-paid, am I not right? Somebody told me Pakatan Rakyat allocates about RM100,000 per month for its anti-BN bloggers and news portal in Penang alone!

Is Pakatan Rakyat a dictatorial regime? Not only in Penang, similar things happen elsewhere. Nik Aziz has been doing it in Kelantan while Khalid really grips on Selangor media. I think if Pakatan forms a government after the next general election, they will clamp all pro-BN media.

I wonder what will happen to Utusan Malaysia, New Straits Times, Berita Harian, The Star and the TV stations under Media Prima Group if Pakatan takes over Putrajaya!

LGE is a sourgrape. For all his promise for a free media in Penang and Malaysia, he is actually more evil than he looks. His only concern is for the people to have a good impression about him, that everything he says is all truth.

He never want to admit his mistakes since administering Penang since the last election and this actually what the media is trying to correct.

But LGE is another leader of a democratic party!


jaga kereta said...

who says DAP is a democratic party?

if they are democractic, they will take criticism and call for a party election.

the last time DAP had a party election was 15 years ago, if one may recall.

what LGE is doing in penang is not democratic, its more of a marcos-style rule.

chua, gelugor said...

LGE will not become popular by clamping such actions on the media in penang. he should instead become more friendlier with them and win their hearts. as a pakatan supporter, i dont see this healthy. LGE must change his attitude to woo moer support from the penangites in the next general election.

Anonymous said...

ni namanya cinabeng!

kalau tak boleh kena kritik, jangan main politik la. elok keje tarik kereta je!

penangan said...

salam tn,

guan eng memang tidak demokratik. di sesetengah negara yang mengamalkan sistem diktator, pengamal media yang mengkritik kerajaan atau pemimpin sering dibunuh atau ditangkap.

bagi DAP yang mendakwa ia sebuah parti demokratik, mereka sebenarnya takut dengan bayang2 sendiri.

punca guan eng berbuat demikian ialah mungkin untuk menutup kelemahannya.

bukankah dia sering berkata yang dialah yang bertanggungjawab membangunkan pulau pinang dan bukannya kerajaan barisan nasional.

inilah yang sering diberitahunya kepada pengamal media asing yang tidak sukakan barisan nasional. pada mereka DAP dan pakatan rakyatlah yang membawa pembangunan kepada pulau pinang.

bagaimanapun, mereka tidak dapat menipu rakyat dan pengundi negeri itu, termasuk wartawan tempatan.

jadi, demi menjaga ego dan penipuannya, dia terpaksa mengekang media prokerajaan daripada mendedahkannya...

pro-Pakatan said...

so what!

remember how home ministry closed down suara keadilan?

u call that democratic too?

Anonymous said...

i think he should become a leader for a country like north korea or iran where media freedom is limited, no criticism and nobody to bother what the leaders are doing!

LGE - the great pretender!

samagagah said...

apa susah2?

jangan ada liputan pun daripada kalangan media pro-kerajaan mengenai pulau pinang. apa lge nak buat, lantak dia la. biar pengundi tentukan nasib dia pada pru akan datang. dalam pada tu, biar akhbar pembangkang je muatkan berita dia. setan besar dia ni!

Anonymous said...

he imposes such a clamp on the media, he will lose!

without the media, he will go down!

trust no one! said...

no different between bn and pr. both are devils.

my advise to malaysians, lets form a new unity party and kick these two out from the scene!

Anonymous said...

apek ni lupa dia dari mana. dia bukan orang penang.

so, jangan nak tunjuk lagak di penang.

tauke lim said...

what are you people waiting?

boycott pakatan rakyat from your coverage!

that also u dont know aaar!!!

dusun muda said...

saya setuju dengan pendapat PENANGAN bahawa pakatan rakyat memang nak kelirukan media dan kerajaan asing mengenai fakta sebenar pembangunan pulau pinang dan malaysia.

mereka sebenarnya ingin mengaburi mata wartawan asing dengan mendakwa pakatanlah yang membangunkan pulau pinang dan malaysia walhal kenyataan sebenarnya hanya rakyat malaysia yang tahu.

inilah helah guan eng bila mengharamkan akhbar utusan daripada mendekatinya.

ini memang langkah diktator!

Anonymous said...

if he continues his way of managing penang, penangites will eventally evict him from the island.

he is a good actor of lies!

kaniney said...

if the chinese press are already attacking him, this spells trouble for guan eng, dap and pakatan rakyat in penang.

guan should should find a way to resolve this small issue before it explodes before him.

Anonymous said...

pungkok dia la!

dia ingat mak bapak dia punya penang ni, nak buat suka ati.

piraaaahhh mabuk!

balik melaka ja!

Anonymous said...

dia ingat sudah jadi CM dia boleh bikin penang 1st world standard lah

lagipun dia mau ikut sifu dia dipulau selatan tu

sakuntala said...

i believe that by now, the people of penang have realised their mistake in giving pakatan an opportunity to rule.

and i also believe they will make amend in the next GE.

so, lim guan eng is also of the believe that his term is counting the days... thats why he is flexing his muscle all over!

Anonymous said...

no different between LGE, LKS, Karpal, anwar and others in pakatan.

they are all dictators and do not take criticism!


yang said...


are u and stopthelies the same person?

pls lor, tell me.... or sms me... hehehe

budak pejabat LGE said...

apa yg korang bising2 ni?

memang lim guan eng yang bawa arus perubahan kepada penang walaupun dia bukan anak kelahiran penang.

dia seorang yang kuat bekerja, tak rasuah dan tak bertolak ansur dengan sesiapa yang malas macam korang ni!

lau said...

actually he is courting trouble, bro.

sooner or later, he will pay a high price for being such an idiot!

Anonymous said...

we want penangite to be our CM.

coconut said...

taking into account pro-opp media, they are more liars, more provocative and more racist.

if guan eng trust his media so much, he is digging his own grave!

in the next pru, this media will maul him back!

biol said...


padan dengan muka orang penang. depa sendiri yg silap pilih pakatan.

ni, nak salahkan orang lain.

padan dengan muka hangpa!

kah kah kah!

Anonymous said...

so much of a democratic party. DAP a democratic party? hahahahaha

the north koreans are more democratic than the DAP leaders!

kepala hotak dia berjambul said...

memekik sana, menjerit sini kononnya parti dia sebuah parti demokrasi.

butoh hang la guan eng!

kalau taknak kena kritik, buat kerja secara elok. ni tak, banyak taik.

rakyat p pinang dah bosan dengan cara hangpa buat kerja. macam sial!

steamboat said...

lets not forget one thing:

the penangites gave him the votes to become a chief minister, thru his party.

now lets leave it to the electorates once again, to retain him or give him the boot.

no worries. it wont be long...

Anonymous said...

I remember press people were manhandled and harass during the recent Bersih 3.0 rally.

A reporter from the Chinese press was charged under ISA and the reason given was for her own security during previous Home Minister time.

The only newspapers frequently banned by the Home Minister were the Chinese press and opposition papers.

How some people forget easily such hypocrites spinning a different story everytime about press freedom.

Even imported magazines like Time, Newsweek has blackened pages whenever one of the Napoleons decided not to their liking. You call that press freedom?

What hyypocrites.

Anonymous said...

My father always said " You cannot see the characters of a beggar when he is still poor, give him money and power, and you will see the real devil in him". The "god-baby" in Pg. is very rich and powerful now. Gangsters, hooligans, lawless and brainless people love him very much as he is very 'brave' to insult and blame the police ,the authorities and the Federal Govt. As for those who got brain to question him, he will ban or threaten you. The devil in a beggar has emerged

Anonymous said...



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