Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sykt Jalur Lebar Nasional crumbles?

The company was incorporated under OMNI (One Malaysia National Initiative) about 5 years ago. On the day of its launching, publicity was all over. The media attributed it to the government's effort to wire the whole nation by means of unifi and broadband network.

Syarikat Jalur Lebar Nasional or JALENAS was a big name then. The Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture through its agency MCMC were fast to score high credit for being part of the initiators.
Big names sit on its board, including Dato Mohd Sharkar Shamsudin (Pahang Exco member), Datuk Seri Elies Anor Abdul (a member of the government's think-tank), Heikal Mohammed Ali and Mas Habi Baullah Khan Ali. Not forgetting the founding member of Bumiraya Resources Sdn Bhd Ismail Basir and former PM Dept officer Saffian M Ali.

Going by the names, everything should be in order as these people are well-experienced and are politically-attached. In other words, should anything goes wrong, the government is always there to look into the problem and solve it.

In 2010, JALENAS engaged two foreign experts to help boost its business. They are James Angelone as its CEO and Nichlas Sonesson as the chief technical officer.

Prior to joining JALENAS, Angelone - an American with 30 years of international telecom and data communications industry experience, in which he has successfully fulfilled senior executive leadership business management roles with AT&T, Lucent Technologies, PacketFront and Broadsoft - was Global Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Samsung SDS.

Taking care of the company's financial is Raja Rahiman Raja Mushahar as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) since beginning of 2011. He is a CPA holder who started his career with Wespac Australia. He then joined Pernas International Holding Berhad (PIHB) as an accountant in 1994.

JALENAS, a Special Purpose Vehicle Company (SPV) for High Speed Broadband Technology Sdn Bhd (HSBT), is tasked to design, build, own and operate an independent fixed line high speed broadband and network infrastructure for Malaysia.

The project Phase 1 has commenced in Kuantan in the first quarter of 2011. The plan is to deploy up to 30,000 homes passed in less than 2 years, and subsequently rolled-out to other cities nationwide starting with Johor Bahru and Melaka.

The infrastructure of Jalenas uses 100 per cent fibre optic cables that operates at high speed compared to the current copper lines and carries a bandwidth capacity of 30Mbps to 100Mbps. The service providers of the network are able to offer a wide range of services (Triple play, Voice over internet protocol (VOIP), IPTV, video on demand, PC gaming, website advertisement, e-learning, etc) to its subscribers or end-users with no interruption compared to the use of satellite or wireless network.

This is a very lucrative and niche business. The government is with them. The MCMC is behind them too.

However, no news about the company got to the media since the last 2 years. The 2 'mat saleh' namely Angelone and Sonesson are said to have left early this year for claims such as being 'underpaid' or 'not fully-paid'.

I was also made to understand that some of JALENAS staff have left. Those who are still with the company only get half-month salary or two or three months without pay.

I called the company a few times asking whom should I talk to for some clarifications. But nobody seemed to help. My few questions which I e-mailed to JALENAS website also went unattended. My effort to fix an appointment with Sharkar and Elies did not get any response.

So, I sent out a text message to Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim last month alerting him of the situation. I believe he was not aware of it unless he received feedback or reports from MCMC and JALENAS itself. He, however, had instructed MCMC to look into it. That was a good move.

However, a check with JALENAS yesterday revealed nobody from MCMC went to JALENAS. Neither a call was made from MCMC.

To me, JALENAS is a national pride, a Bumiputera company capable of equating the might of the multinationals. However, nobody knew what actually happened or what went wrong. I believe the MCMC has been giving its fullest cooperation in ensuring that JALENAS runs smoothly.

Will someone please give some explanations?


ada anak bini said...


jalenas turut dapat notis daripada KWSP mengenai kegagalannya membayar caruman pekerja.

saya tak tau apa lagi masalahnya. projek masih berjalan tetapi gaji staf tertunggak.

harap ada pihak sanggup siasat dan selesaikan masalah ni.

t kasih

Anonymous said...

i smell fish here, bro

i also know 2 people who left the company, alleging mismanagement and other irregularities.

they claimed the bosses are too busy with politics and other things and didnt have enough time to monitor the administration.

as u said, nobody knew what went wrong but the staff should know.

the ministry must talk to the staff and not the top management.

pity them. it will be a big waste to see a bumi company like this takes a crumble

penangan said...

salam tuan,

memang sayang kalau firma bumiputera seperti jalenas ni tutup kedai. ia dipercayai satu2nya syarikat bumiputera yang terbabit dengan kerja bidang berkenaan.

memang benar, ia seharusnya tiada masalah kerana dapat sokongan penuh kerajaan. saya rasa skmm pun bagi banyak projek kepadanya.

mungkin ada silap di mana2 di segi pentadbiran atau kewangan.

apa pun, adalah diharap kementerian dapat siasat kedudukan jalenas dan membantu menyelesaikannya.

ia memang syarikat yang dapat dibanggakan...

a passenger said...

they seem to have too many staff, especially the high ranking.

in the first place, they shouldnt have employed the two foreigners as they sure demand high salary and other perks.

we have enough local experts to help jalenas move up.

on the other hand, i think mcmc and the ministry failed to monitor the company's progress.

Anonymous said...


buat apa tolong kalau ada masalah!

bazir duit je!

kerajaan dah tolong banyak dah!

Charles F Moreira said...

I covered Jalanas launch in August 2009 and followed up with a few more interviews but have been out of touch for about two years.

Click on the story when when it pops up in the rotator here.


Search on "Jalenas" within the portal's search box. There are about three stories there.

It's kind of a pity, since they positioned themselves as a wholesale infrastructure provider who leased out out fibre capacity to others who would provide fibre services to end users, while Jalenas would remain a wholesaler and not compete with its clients.

Despite their political connections, especially equity in it by the Pahang state government, I believe they were up against the might of the "Big T Guy."

Anyway, how many competing GLCs have managed to grow when up against the Big T Guy.

Anonymous said...

I don't know whether my comment will help you in finding the answer.

When a guy like Haikal Mohd Ali is on board of the company, one can straight away tell what kind of set up this Jalenas is. Bingo they all are crooks.

Nawawi Mohamad said...

Jalenas is just a money-making scam. Form a company, use all the cables and connetion to top UMNO leaders, sign an agreement, start doing something to show that it really works, collect the money and continue collecting the money in future based on the one sided agreement with the government, such that the taxpayers will continue to foot the bill, and enriching the pirates. Just like PKFZ, the peprtrators will continue collecting uo to RM12 billion for years to come and nothing the UMNO/BN government will do about it. Semua jerung kenyang! Anda tertipu.

Anonymous said...

i think somethin is wrong with the way mcmc handles such companies.

as mcmc always give preference to the same group of established companies, new co like jalenas will be left fightng for survival.

i put the blame on mcmc

juragan said...

kesian sykt melayu macam ni, ssering jadi mangsa keadaan.

kepada yb rais, tlg la betulkan mana2 yg longgar di skmm tu. jgn dgr dan buat tak tahu je.

ini sykt orang kita. sanggupkah kita tgk ia melingkup?

masih di bh said...


kita memang nak tengok firma melayu mcm jalenas ni naik. tapi adakalanya orang kita sendiri yang sabotaj.

faham sama faham je la...

Anonymous said...

good expose.

at least those involved should be aware that nothing can be put in the closet at a long time.

people must know as the grant given comes from taxpyers

kudin said...


heikal tgh bengang tu.

baik kau call dia cepat.


karipuley said...


after all the grand publicity and govt assistance, they still have problems?

common la, the govt must help others too, not only one or two bumi companies.

unless if they really perform!

Anonymous said...

boooooo hoooooo!

if they need help, go to rais.

why not go back to your partners? they are the ones who played you up!

penoreh getah said...

pelik gak, kenapa selama ni kerajaan tak tau langsung mengenai masalah jalenas ni?

sepatutnya kerajaan pantau kerana ia syarikat baru di bidang baru.

kita perlu pertahankannya kerana takda firma bumi lain terbabit di bidang ini.

kepada datuk rais, buatlah sesuatu. sayang syarikat ni.

rita, pekan said...

they didnt answer your calls because they didnt anybody to know about their predicament, especially after all the good coverage.

however, thanks to you for posting about it.

at least the respective authorities can take necessary action to salvage the business

Anonymous said...



help us at jalenas!

an insider said...

u better find out from haikal himself as to why the co is having such problems of late...

i dont want to comment anything

Anonymous said...

nak salahkan siapa?


rama dass said...

whats the point of engaging those foreingers and pay them exorbitantly?

we have many local experts for the job.

this is another are that to be looked at - money management!

cari nama said...

memang elok benda macam ni didedahkan. kita bukan nak burukkan keadaan tapi nak buka mata pihak berwajib agar sentiasa pantau dan beri perhatian kepada masalah sebegini. kalau asyik dengar tapi tak ambil tindakan pun tak guna jugak!

Anonymous said...

Biasalah menteri umno melayu ... kerja dia mendengki dengan orang melayu.

Dengan businessmen cina dia tak berani sabotage.

Anonymous said...

apsal dtk sharkar tak jumpa kau?

sebab pegawai dia tak inform dia pun.

ini masalah communication breakdown.

kau try lagi

SBS said...

kena kaji dari beberapa sudut.

adakah kewangannya ditadbir dengan baik?

adakah ia tidak lagi dapat projek skmm?

adakah kerajaan pantau perjalanannya?

adakah wujud penyelewengan?

pasti ada sebab...

Anonymous said...

so, whats wron if a bumi co goes burst!

the govt never look into non-bumi companies having similar problem.

why cant u be fair?

Anonymous said...


they are big spenders. that explains why!

no pork said...

u want explanation?

let me give u one.

the management is spending lavishly on unnecessary things and ignore the importance of staffing and project supervisory


Anonymous said...

tak masuk akal sebab kerajaan dah suntik banyak wang kepada jalenas. skmm pulak dah bagi job. so, apa yang jadi masalahnya sampai cashflow terjejas teruk ni?

farid hamdan said...

rais dan skmm dah cukup banyak membantu, bro tapi pihak pengurusan syarikat ni yang rasa dia dah hebat sangat sampai ambil orang luar dan bagi gaji melangit.

sekarang lihat apa dah jadi. bukan nak salahkan orang mentadbir tapi mereka yang ada hubungan politik dalam syarikat ni pun dah macam tak ambil peduli je.

Anonymous said...

thats the prob with bumi and malays.

they tend to forget their roots and easily carried away by their small success!

kulup ludin said...


habis masa depan usahawan melayu kalau asyik bergantung pada kerajaan je.

cubalah bangkit sendiri menggunakan kudrat sendiri.

dah bagi bantuan pun masih pincang. abih tu, camno?

Anonymous said...

dato sharkar?

sori lah.

dia ni cakap je lebih!

pro-Pakatan said...

just because u are an umno politician and holds a position, the govt will award u with the project u asked.

but u failed to supervise it.

and now that its in trouble, u tend to wash your both hands, pretending that nothing happens.

what an attitude!

gigi emas said...

SPRM pun kena siasat syarikat ni, mungkin ada penyelewengan hinggakan dah tak mampu bayar gaji pekerja.

mana dia ahli politik yang menaungi syarikat ni?

takkan buat bodo je!

tak adillah macam ni. diorang bagai nak mampus perjuangkan masa depan syarikat, orang politiknya secara diam2 tak ambil tanggungjawab.

elok tempeleng je orang macam ni!

Anonymous said...


We all know JALENAS was purely a PR Exercise by Najib. It was supposed to be put back into the Box after the Launching!.....

In Fact NAJIB should get the Global Laureate Award for spending the most on PR Exercises...

As the Election Nears, The PR Gets even more Intense!!

Joe Black

Anonymous said...


besar kerak daripada periuk. tu la pasal!

visa said...

yup, going by the list of board members, the company shouldnt go burst.

something is not right here.

Anonymous said...

When the name Haikal Mohd Ali invvoles in any big project, it is known that the project will collapse. That's just what he does. Screw things up. Not to mention how he treat the staffs(payment wise) he can talk, but he he can't act.

Anonymous said...

It is VERY VERY WRONG to link this crappy company to government, ,mcmc or ministry. They claimed political links, use politician names, but they are just a bunch of con artist , using government names collecting money for themselves. Just plain crooks, hustlers...nothing to do with bumi, or infra specialist, or whatever. no technical substance, no business models. just look and image and hypes. Just a facade. Just check haikal background. buang masa jer suruh MCMC or minister look into this. Con men set up. Whoever yg dah kena con, sengeh je lah.They be;ieve they can continue spinning...sampai bila?

Anonymous said...

dont waste time and energy, it was never a good thing. Who is this guy heikal do you know? Not fit from all angle...

Anonymous said...

I knew Haikal when he was a very young boy, boleh ketuk2 kepala dia. So I was a bit surprised when he's involved in projects worth multi-billions RM!

All I know is he has excellent PR with top politicians but that dosn't mean he's a good businessman.

I know some of his relatives. They all told me 'Haikal business 'jual air lioq jer'.

Bro Jai, do you know about his multi-billion RM timber project that also went bust? Actually, I knew from the start the project would flop. It's too good to be true lah!

Anonymous said...

From what I understand, Jalenas never receive any grant from the government, not a single cent. MCMC have never given them any project. What MCMC does was give Jalenas the license to operate and build the fiber network, based on the open access concept. The company that receive such grant is TM amounting to over 2 billion. Jalenas is using their own money to build the network. Some sources told me that a couple of banks have agreed to provide financing to Jalenas. I hope this will materialize coz it will help Jalenas to expedite the network deployment.

Jalenas is still moving strong and already have their network up and running in Kuantan. I was told that they have signed agreements with 5 ISPs. Of the 5 ISPs, only Celcom and Jaring have been integrated to Jalenas network. Both Celcom and Jaring are now selling high speed broadband services via Jalenas open network in Kuantan.

They are lying low now due to the coverage area not very wide. I'm sure once they reach a certain number of homes coverage, they will launch and publicize their network.

Supporter of Open Access Network...

Anonymous said...

jalenas ni haikal dgn boss dia jer, yg lain tu tu hiasan ...kesian jugak nama nama datuk seri ellis pun terbabit, tak balik modal...Adoiiyaii, keje demo cuma nak pau orang jer...spin sana spin sini, last last tu je yg depa nok....satu contractor india bagitau, depa demand RM35M, in exchange, depa bagi lah segala contract konon nya bikin tu ini...contract apa? so depa tunjuklah, jaja lah, spin lah, surat surat letter of intent dari maxis, dari itu , dari ini....jaja jgn tak jaja...kalau ada sepuluh syarikat mcm ni, hancus negara, bikin malu org melayu BN and UMNO jer...sepandai pandai tupai....

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
We all know JALENAS was purely a PR Exercise by Najib. It was supposed to be put back into the Box after the Launching!.....
In Fact NAJIB should get the Global Laureate Award for spending the most on PR Exercises...
As the Election Nears, The PR Gets even more Intense!!
Joe Black"

- tak balik modal, tak pasal pasal najib pun terpalit dengan jalenas bad name, takde kena mengena, tetapi since jalenas punya cara kerja , jaja dan jual nama orang besar besar, haaa ini lah jadinya... -

Curious said...

What happen to those co. listed as their business partners in their old website? I remember names like Swedtel were shown as their project builder. Were they conned, too?

Anonymous said...

This January 2013, some of the staff salary was held back for more than 6 months, some staff was dismissed with the excuse of insufficient funds and the company did provide sufficient salary slip.
There are more than 10 ex-employee is taking this company to court, but the Executive Director still don't care, because in his mid all this ex-employee had been used and no longer useful. It is FREE labor from him, MCMC did not take action, so does the Ministry of Human Resource and even KWSP.
From what I have learn there are many Bumiputera operate under such mode, easily more than a few hundred. All years without proper enforcement, that is why many bumiputera dare to operate under such disguise.

Anonymous said...

owh...no. macam mana my hubby boleh terlibat dgn jalenas ni. sebelum duit melayang better i remind him.

Anonymous said...

trust me weh!! JALENAS mmg tgh POKAI skrg!

Anonymous said...

Baru nak minta kerja kat company ni kat Kuantan.

Macam ni pulak jadinya.

Anonymous said...

CROOKS that gave the country - Malaysia a bad name! Period!