Saturday, June 16, 2012

Stop being melodramatic, Ambiga!

To Ambiga, please stop being melodramatic. No need to beg for sympathy either.

Why? Nobody is sending you to jail. This is Malaysia, a free country with its positive limitations. Do not compare Malaysia with Myanmar or equate yourself to Aung San Suu Kyi.

Wake up! You are not a freedom fighter like Suu Kyi. She (Suu Kyi) fought for a democratic Myanmar, just like what Malaysia and many countries are practicing. There was no democracy in Myanmar as they were under the junta rule.

You are propagating absolute freedom, free sex and a corrupt society. For heaven sake, this is not a cowboy country, a country where everybody can screw each other, insult the religions and mock the races.

What kind of a freedom do you want? Do you and your family practice absolute freedom of speech in the sense that you can use profanity words against your parents, your neighbors and your friends; look down at their skin color and encourage them to have bastards and enjoy same sex intercourse?

My God! Which religion allows that, would you please tell me! What kind of freedom could that be?

You said Bersih is not responsible for the fracas during April 28 rally. Why can't you take full responsibility for that since you were the one who called for support and participation. However, you failed to control those people, your own supporters!

Are you aware of what is taking place in Myanmar now? Would you, personally, wish for Malaysia to plunge into such a situation if absolute freedom is our practice here? Where would you go or hide if such a violent 'revolution' come knocking at your door?

I like freedom too, everybody else would love it too. But I would not allow my daughter and son to come home with their out-of-wedlock babies. I don't know if you like it but as a human, I will deplore it!

So, you want to change the government. Fine, but do it in a democratic way, via election. If you don't trust the electoral system, I better recommend the prime minister to defer the national poll or put the country under 'mageran' like we used to have once. Until you and your friends are satisfied with the conduct of the poll, we better not have an election after all!

You are a Malaysian, born, brought up, studied and earn a living here. I hope you don't regret being a Malaysian because this nation is totally different from others for its multi-religion and multi-racial content. Myanmar is not even close to us, and so are the United States, Saudi Arabia, Syria, India, China or Korea.

We have the Opposition at the Parliament and I believe the government does listen to their suggestion and complaints. Each and every Malaysian is represented and their voice is well-heard by those administering the government.

However, changes do not come with a blink. It takes time and crucial consideration. If you think you can change the government by force, what makes you so sure that the government you support can fend itself from a la Bersih bandwagon?

Since when did we have a constructive Opposition in the Parliament? If the Opposition's role is to object everything, then they have failed the country and their electorates.

And what make you to proclaim that the 20,000 or 30,000 people who joined Bersih were actually representing each and every Malaysian? What kind of people and mentality that you had incited to join the rally?

I wonder if your team successfully forms a government after the next national poll, what kind of action would you take to confront such a rally. I wonder how would you tell the rakyat if your human rights tools lead to moral decay and social values' deterioration. Perhaps you would tell them that its their rights to do anything they wish!

So, forget your dream of becoming another Suu Kyi or Nelson Mandela. Stop drawing smpathy from the foreign media and foreign forces. If you get the chance to rule this country and introduce what you have been propagating, I don't think you would be ready to face the masses!


Anonymous said...

Shut up, Achi. Stop pretending you are an angel. Stop acting like you are victimized. Dont accuse the Malay groups of attacking you. I see your Indian supporters too are demonstrating against the Malaysian NGO's. We dont have caste system like your race. Go back to India if you want to be treated like a Brahmin

enigma said...

not responsible for the bersih fracas?

come on lor, when u organise such a big rally, u must be well prepared for the worst.

penangan said...

salam tuan,

ambiga seorang peguam yang handal. dia sepatutnya tau bahawa semua masalah harus dibawa ke parlimen dan mana2 badan rundingan untuk diajukan kepada kerajaan.

pembangkang ada wakil dalam majlis perundingan pilihanraya yang dibentuk bagi memastikan pilihanraya yang adil dan bersih.

tetapi nampaknya ambiga masih tak puas hati.

apa sebenarnya yang dia inginkan?


haris mentol said...

100,000 orang tidak mewakili 27 juta rakyat malaysia.

jadi, ambiga tak boleh mendabik dada mengatakan mereka sudah mendapat sokongan seluruh rakyat malaysia.

kalau tak puas hati, tinggalkan negara ini dan minta kerakyatan mana2 negara yang dia nak

kita tak ingin menyusahkan diri sendiri dan orang lain!

tauke lim said...

ambiga wants fame, u fool.

she simply creates havoc to attract foreign recognition for what she's doing when she herself understands that no govt is perfect and as such, the parliament should be used as an arbitrator.

that also u dont know aaar!!!

azmeer, UIA said...

ambiga is not suu kyi but she is another freedom fighter, fighting for a better malaysia.

she may appear to be anti-govt but deep inside, she is a true malaysian and appreciates what is good from the govt.

you as a journo and blogger should come in contact with her, talk to her and know her inside out.

i am not condemning you but i think you are a bit carried away by sentiments.

Anonymous said...


perjuangan akan lebih bermakna tanpa rusuhan dan perbalahan.

jika ambiga ni seorang yang waras, dia akan menggunakan pelbagai cara yang sesuai untuk meluahkan hasratnya.

dengan menganjurkan tunjuk perasaan yang disertai dengan keganasan, ia akan mencemar nama baiknya sendiri dan imej negara.

mat gombau said...

menarik gak ambiga ni.

sapo laki dio ni, jai?

kalau jando, nak gak den cubo2... hehehehehe!!!!

pro-Pakatan said...

kalau takda orang seperti ambiga, rakyat malaysia takkan tahu penyelewengan dan kepincangan kerajaan.

hidup ambiga!

hidup bersih!

hidup pakatan rakyat!

samagagah said...

depa nak jual negara ni pada orang asing.

kita tengok dulu.

kalau dah melampau, kita pulak ganyang depa!

Anonymous said...

she is not suu kyi.

she is a devil!

Anonymous said...

Their most CRITICAL misjudgement is to believe that Malaysians are that easy to con.

They truly err to think that they represent the rakyat.

A noisy and troublemaker minority can never comprehend that the silent majority is really against them.

dot dot dot said...


ambiga, anwar, kit siang, marina and others think they can bring about changes to the nation.

but the manner in which they stage that bersih protest are scaring the people.

they didnt care about other people's safety and belonging, so how to manage a country?

if they rule, there would be civil war in malaysia.

yes, actually that's what they want... to ruin the country!

Anonymous said...

thats the problem with western-oriented mind.

everything from the west is good.

freedom on the pretext of human rights is however not good. not all should be free.

is ambiga for free?

unta said...


betul ke aku dengar ambiga nak masuk islam dan kawin dengan nik aziz?

kah kah kah!

Anonymous said...

suu kyi is a real liberator because the majority of burmese wanted democracy.

but ambiga is not a fighter, she is a 'pengacau' instead.

Anonymous said...

jgn cuba ganggu gugat keselamatan dan perpaduan rakyat. jangan berlagak seolah-olah rakyat semuanya bodoh.

kalau tercetus huru-hara di seluruh negara, kami tau siapa dulu nak dicari!

Anonymous said...

wadda fuck r u talking.

ambiga is a hero because she fights for the cause of a clean govt.

what do u know about the bn govt!

they are all assholes!

cakap tak serupa bikin said...


hak asasi apa kalau negara huru-hara?

ambiga dan anwar patut berterima kasih kerana rakyat malaysia bukannya jenis yang suka bertindak melulu.

yang ikut mereka dalam perhimpunan bersih ada jenis yang takda otak dan pengecut.

kalau pembangkang jadi kerajaan, satu negara akan runtuh.

kalau tak percaya, tgk la nanti!

kublai said...

who is this ambigatal? never heard of her before.

the only think i heard about her is she is also a good pretender.

she seems to be supporting anwar but she badmouths him from his behind!

Anonymous said...

Congratulation Ambiga.You have sucessfully hijacked the malaysia bar council into an Pakatan entity.I wonder your datukship is befitting your contribution.throughout your term as chairman of bar council you have done nothing positives to malaysia.You and your cousin Irene Fernadeza are actually malaysian witches,like the three witches in macbeth.

Anonymous said...


gaya macam terror konon - freedom fighter lahapa lah

baru kena ambigaburger dgn milk"butt"shake

dah panik pucat muka sampai warna kulit pun cerah, nampak cuak lerrr

Anonymous said...

apalah pejuang ni takde class lah

sampai kena bagi upah pada lembu lembu ambiga dan anak ikan anwar

ada hati nak berjuang konon - pi berjuang kat india mari supaya kasta yg zalim tu dapat dihapuskan

itu lebih bermakna

Anonymous said...

i dont understand why the word free fighter is used, this country is not under occupationruled by foreign power that she need to fight for freedom,every household has problems every country have internal problems,settle it wisely and patiently, is it the end of the world that she needs a rally to make overnite changes.she has already put some kind of jinx into the society. 'if u want something go to the streets'.in my life i have come across two types of women, one is the type will have dignity to settle matters professionally within the household and there is another type, who cares less and screams her head out in the street to get all the unwanted attention.she might think she is doing the right thing but she already spoil the society mentality.God know how many more rallies Malaysia need to face up with.

bourne identity said...

Ambiga ingat ini cerita keling MGR kot? Podah....

Anonymous said...

u call her a malaysian?


line clear said...


if ambiga and gang want bloodshed, we will give them bloodshed.

if they want peace and stability, we will cooperate!

is that loud and clear enough?

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that people can write such stupid comments as I just read in this column. Ambiga is NOT fighting to have corrupt government. She is fighting for free and fair elections. If you do not want free and fair elections, then what do you morons want? Ambige is not advocating free sex. Just because a person says that gays should not have to face discrimination, does not mean she advocates free sex. What do you morons suggest- that we should hang all the gays at merdeka square? And all this has nothing to do with her being a Brahmin. She just happens to be one. Just like some of the commentators in this column just happen to be morons. And why should she go back to India? This is her country, and nobody can tell her to leave. Why do sone morons have to turn something so pure as a call for fairness, into a race and religion thing?

Anonymous said...

After all the troubles she had caused to this nation and breaking the law by the government of the day, I keep wondering why her citizenship or even her datukship is not been revoked....hmmmmmm?!!!!

Anonymous said...

must be the bollywood influence

Anonymous said...

Memang DATO S.AMBIGA seorang yang betul-betul deserve title DATO kerana beliau sanggup berdiri untuk kebenaran supaya anak cucu kita akan dapat hak mereka.

Dato Ambiga betul-betul pejuang dalam liga seperti GAndhi, Mandela dan Martin Luther King.

Hidup Dato Ambiga dan Satu Malaysia dalam erti kata sebenar!

The Phoenix Foundation said...

Since you have covered the Iraq War, etc, as your profile states, let me ask you: Do you want our country to be at that brink/precipice before something good can happen?
Ambiga, has to be "melodramatic" simply because idiots/imbeciles/simpletons, like you do not see the east end of a west bound camel, until shit hits you!

Anonymous said...

Honestly I would like to have the freedom to pui
her face. How about that?

Where the fuck was she when the "evil" Mahathir
ruled Malaysia?

Now that she sees the govt. opened up a little bit she suddenly appeared to become a heroine. PM Najib should know better that these species do not recipocrate the govt. good intentions. tHE SCREW should have been tightened then these bitches will know BN means BUSINESS. To rule these species you must put them in their right places and that is ISA!

Anonymous said...

The person who wrote this piece is an absolute Dunderhead, with peanuts for brains and arrogance to fill the empty space in the skull. Not surprising that the rest of the morons that comment on this equally dumb/ dumber/dumbest of the lot. How the flies love to crowd around S***. and the vultures around Carcass...change your name to Scavenger sounds better on your personality