Monday, June 18, 2012

Ron the 'kingmaker'

He wants to be the boss. As to whether others like it or not, he will not compromise. He practices corporate and legalistic entity - anything he says or does rule.

That's Ronnie Liu. He likes to pull his own trigger.

He jumps on Lim Kit Siang, Karpal Singh, Lim Guan Eng and even Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim, making decisions for DAP and PKR. To him, he must has the big say, just like his big mouth.

He doesn't care what other people or his comrades think about him. Given time and opportunity, he got the potential to jump to the party's top flight very, very soon. His supporters like his style, and of course they are looking forward to the day when he becomes the DAP boss.

To become the big boss, he must start from now. He himself must make decision on what others usually decide on consensus. He must have some strong grips from now on.

And so, as the Selangor executive councillor for local councils, Ron takes it all by himself. He chooses who should come in or goes out.

Latest, some people accused him of amending the finalised list of DAP's local councillors which has been endorsed by the state DAP.

In making the claim, former Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) councillor, K. Yogasigamany urged party secretary-general Guan Eng to step in immediately to resolve the issue and revamp the state DAP leadership.

Yogasigamany alleged that the appointment of DAP's local councillors was tainted with cronyism and nepotism by appointing cronies who were incompetent, uneducated and illiterate. He had served as MBSA councillor between July 2010 and February this year.

"I was unceremoniously dumped although I was endorsed for re-appointment (as Shah Alam councillor) by the Selangor DAP committee. Instead, I was appointed as Selayang Municipal Council councillor, which I rejected," he said.

Yogasigamany said he was informed by DAP Selangor committee member V. Ganapathi Rao, that he was replaced by Prakash Rao, believed to be a relative of Ganapathi, who had helped Ronnie in organising the party's 1,000 table charity dinner in Pandamaran, recently.

But I don't think Ron is giving a damn about such an allegation. This 'big guy' is DAP's kingmaker. Each time he decides on anything, his bosses will have to approve.



chak chak said...

the boss?

pls lar.

if he becomes dap boss or a new mb for selangor, the whole party and state can collapse.

this guy listens to no one!

Anonymous said...

i wonder why must DAP engage this type of personality as an exco.

he is not only damaging the cooperation within the party but also among the pakatan's components.

if he is so crazy to become a party boss, he better quit and forms his own party.

penangan said...

salam tn,


ini hal dalaman DAP dan pakatan rakyat. saya rasa dia ni dah anggap dirinya seorang yang hebat sangat2.

lucu jugak gerakan bos2 dia senyap je dengan apa yang dia buat selama ni!

Anonymous said...

is he anti-indians?

if he is, good lor. many of his constituents are indians. he will know his fate in the next election.

kaniney said...

ron the terrible!

u better watch out. in the next general election, we will see you out of the scene!

what have you contributed to us, the people who voted you in during the last general election?

tell us!

Anonymous said...

Ron sepatutnya diberikan gelaran Dato Seri sebagai mengenag jasa beliau terhadap kemajuan negeri Selangor.

a malay who voted for him said...


no la. he is only a kingfisher!

he is so lansi, u know? does nothing good except that wanting to dicate others.

what kind of a politician is he?

brahim king said...


u bloggers got nothing better to do.

why dont u write and bash up your own people like nazri aziz, muhyidin, hisham and others who also think they are the kingmakers for umno and the govt.

owh... not forgetting najib who feels so superior that even anything he decides must get the full support from the whole country.

what la!!!!

be a wise writer!

pro-Pakatan said...

bagus apa!

dia boleh ambil tempat kit siang bila2 masa je.

kita nak orang yg tegas macam ronnie liu ni.

kalau lembik macam kawan kau si hisham tu, nak buat hapa!

Anonymous said...

why must yoga complain?

he is not fit to become a councillor. he is a non-performer, loafing around like many others.

at least ron proofs that he is having the right set of mind how selangor can be administred by the right people.

sea lion said...

blame it on the dap leadership for giving too much space to this guy.

he is another moron who thinks the party is his alone.

looking at how he does thing, i dont think he will survive another term as a rep.

people at his constituent are already complaining that he only gives attention to one race. the malays are so angry, so are the indians.

you call him a good rep?

kunang-kunang said...

apek ni dah tak laku dah di selangor. dengan orang pkr dan pas pun dia tak rapat, malah dia anggap sebagai seteru. so, macam mana nak jadi wakil rakyat dalam masyarakat majmuk ni kalau jadi seorang rasis!

Anonymous said...

yoga deserves the boot.

he is not fit for the job!

admit it!

bosanova said...


khalid brahim pun sayang kat ron liu ni.

apa salahnya dia pegang kuasa lebih daripada bos2 dap?

kan ke elok kalau dia jadi mb selangor nanti!

keh khe keh!

ron tiu said...

ron liu is the perfect man to lead dap. he is firm and wise in making decisions.

so, dont dispute my comment!

Anonymous said...


ada orang kata si ron ni jaga ah long, kedai game video dan sebagainya.

betul ke?

kalau dia macam ni dan pimpin dap, bukan dap je boleh hancur, malah satu selangor boleh lingkup!

anti-DAP said...

ron is a crook!

dap is a crook party!

pkr is the biggest crook!

pas is another crook arse!

lam said...

this guy?

kah kah kah kah kah!

he is nothing but a political clown, only know how to make noise and does nothing positive, including to himself!

kah kah kah kah kah!

ram si taram said...

buat apa sokong wakil rakyat yang ternyata tak guna ni.

dulu kita sokong dia dengan harapan dia akan jadi wakil yang baik.

tup-tup, jadi hampeh!

Anonymous said...

Ron the Con is very powerful, that he can dictate terms to PAS. He conned PAS into kicking Hassan Ali out.

Anonymous said...

Macam mana terror pun si apek ron ni terpaksa pakai baju Melayu sebab nak ambik hati orang Melayu

hah lepas dia berjaya menjadikan Malaysia sebuah republic, barulah taring, kuku, tanduk semua keluar