Friday, June 29, 2012

Obama is 'gay'

I am not sure if Barack Obama is gay or whether he keeps 'pretty men' at home but for one reason, he believes in free sex because the Americans want it. And he wants it too, for his political upkeep.

When he approves same sex marriage which breaks the norms of all religions (is he a Christian?) and supports LGBT - being the first US President to do so - he becomes the hero for a despicable civilisation which splits the Americans into two.

To many, still, a marriage is a marriage and its between a man and a woman. I wonder who changed the content of their Holy Books! Everything is for human rights.

Well... that's his problem. We should be wary of our human rights groups that are inspired by Obama. With an entirely different set of culture, we cannot adopt similar 'new social value' for Malaysians. While Islam deplores same sex marriage, I don't think other faiths permit it.

But it has nothing to do with religions. Its for some pop-up politicians to ride on it, on the pretext of human rights and absolute freedom.

At least PM Najib got the gut to express his 'disappointment' at Obama's decision. But not PAS because of its alliance with PKR and DAP in Pakatan Rakyat.

PR, as we all know, supports everything that Ambiga, Marina and the Bar Council do in the name of human rights dan freedom. Nothing's peculiar about that but for the so-self-proclaimed 'Islamic party', PAS said nothing thus far.

The Opposition Leader too made no comment. However, its easy to comprehend...hahaha... gulp!

Please, leave the Americans alone. Malaysia will not become a LGBT country.

No wonder the Opposition is getting some kind of support from the US and its allies. Could be part of a plan to legalise LGBT and same sex marriages if Pakatan rules...


Anonymous said...

the opposition will sure take the cue from obama.

ambiga will lead the charge and this time its gonna get tougher for the govt to contain them.

Anonymous said...


obama has set the precedent... sooner or later ambiga will take the cue from him!

Anonymous said...

ambiga and friends are already taking the cue from obama...

nasi & kicap said...

bini obama ni jantan ke pempuan?

ntah2 dia ni dua alam pun boleh, dalam air boleh, atas darat pun boleh.

macam ni nakkan negara islam hormat kat dia?

boleh jalan daaaa!!!!

kimmy said...

actually more americans are against LGBT and same-sex marriage.

they are aware of the circumstances and diseases brought by this unhealthy style of living.

in malaysia, we have seen many such cases - aids and moral decay among them.

so, there is no way we will submit ourselves to such a bad value!

kumar, kajang said...


most malaysians, irrespective of their religion, are against LGBT and same sex marriages.

what obama did was to gain more support from the group, which gets larger by the day.

believers of all faiths must work closely to monitor this odd yet dangerous culture from going widespread.

we despise them!

Anonymous said...


i am one of that pretty boys for obama.


penangan said...

salam tn,

dah over obama ni. hanya kerana inginkan sokongan, dia sanggup halalkan perkara haram dan terkutuk ni.

kita bimbang jika gejala ini berleluasa di malaysia.

oleh itu, kerajaan jangan sekali-kali tunduk kepada desakan kumpulan yang ingin menghalalkan seks bebas dan melampau ini.

Anonymous said...


i luv u obama.


tauke lim said...

of course he is a gay.

otherwise, he wouldnt have won the presidential election!

that also u dont know aaar!!!

bosanova said...

alamak bro!
banyak pihak di amerika sokong anwar dan ambiga.

nampaknya kalau pakatan rakyat menang pilihanraya umum ni, dah sure LGBT diiktiraf punya. kita berdua pun boleh kahwin!


Anonymous said...

yes, that's how obama garnered votes to keep his seat.

however, sooner or later the americans would realize what a crap he is!

Anonymous said...

wah lan ney!

looks like the community will grow if pakatan wins next election.

their close relation with some US groups tells everything already

muda remaja said...

semoga Allah selamatkan malaysia daripada gejala hina dan keji ni!

Anonymous said...

pasal tu lah banyak org sokong ambiga ,pasal dia org boleh kahwin sejenis nanti...rosak rakyat malaysia