Monday, June 11, 2012

No crossover in Sabah

So, nothing happened during Anwar Ibrahim's visit to Sabah yesterday. Rumors about some State politicians, including a few Member of Parliament would jump over to Pakatan Rakyat, turned out to be part of the Opposition's rotten propaganda.

The big names whom PR rumormongers have claimed as 'almost certain' to shift to the Opposition were nowhere near Anwar or at the airport around 1.40pm to greet him.

So, where were Tuaran MP and UPKO (United Pasokmomogun Kadazandusun Murut Organisation) deputy president Wilfred Mojilip Bumburing and Beaufort MP and Umno supreme council member Lajim Ukin who is said to be growing increasingly disenchanted with his party leadership?

I came to know about the rumors from some tweets on Friday and Saturday. The Malaysian Insider also carried a story that talk of the possible crossovers was rife with former Sabah chief minister Datuk Yong Teck Lee openly naming four individuals who may announce their PKR memberships during Anwar's visit.

“Just name them lah — Osu (the ex-CM), Sen. Maijol (UPKO), Amir Kahar (the son) and Kasitah (ex-minister). Will it happen?” he posted in reply to journalist Philip Golingai (@PhilipGolingai).

Yong, who leads local opposition party Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP), was responding to an earlier tweet from Golingai claiming that 'a former Sabah chief minister, a senator, a son of Tun Mustapha, an ex federal minister are on the list of mass political conversion'.

The four individuals named by Yong were former Sabah chief minister Osu Sukam, UPKO vice-president Senator Maijol Mahap, former Banggi assemblyman Amir Kahar Mustapha and former federal minister Kasitah Gaddam.

I am not sure what prompted Golingai to come up with such a 'story' and what actually excite him but I am dead sure that the Opposition has a 'big bad' agenda for Sabahans. After failing to takeover Sarawak in the State election, Sabah is obviously a good target, especially with the number of many political flops there.

We know who these people are. However, it will not be a loss to Barisan Nasional. If the electorates have rejected them for their 'crimes', their crossover is of no significant to the Opposition too. Unless PR is in dire need of such politicians to run Sabah!

However, not to undermine the Opposition, let's wait for the result of Anwar's visit to the State. Crossover or not, Sabah politic is also too delicate to handle!


abah kau said...

dia orang mula2 memang nak join pakatan bah.

tapi lepas tu ubah fikiran bah, takut belakang kena main bah.

kalau muka2 ni yg masuk pembangkang, kita tak heran bah.

abah kau bah!

joseph sodomon said...

its part of pakatan's political strategy to stir the good environment in sabah ahead of anwar's visit, with the hope that it would really work.

so, they engaged few journalists for the job and these journos are just another group of 'cari makan' scums who help with such a propaganda.

in fact, some of the state lost and forgotten politicians are also campaigning for pakatan, except that they failed to pull support and sympathy.

stupid people!

penangan said...

salam tn,

mcm yg tn cakap, tak heran jika ahli politik yg ternyata tak perform ketika dalam kabinet atau yg terbabit dengan kes rasuah dan judi, join pakatan rakyat.

mereka sendiri pun dah tak laku di sabah.

kalau pembangkang terima orang macam ni, maknanya pembangkang sengaja cari penyakit!

betul tak?

Anonymous said...

i think more malaysians are looking up at ibrahim ali as the biggest guru in frogging!


Anonymous said...

if not now, maybe in the next few days.

trust me!

lampu hijau said...

kalau asyik lompat sana, lompat sini, apa kesudahannya?

apa jadi dengan rang undang2 baru untuk atasi masalah lompat parti sesuka hati ni?

ini semua politik tak sihat, patut dielakkan.

sabah pure said...

sabah is for sabahans!

anything we do is for us to decide.

politicians from outside the state can 'chao'!

Anonymous said...

let them hop on to pakatan. they are already useless to the nation, to the state and to the people.

pakatan needs them more now, not only to garner support but to ruin the state in the next state and general elections.

Anonymous said...

the reporter who tweeted about it is an arsehole, bro.

i know him... an opposition strong supporter!

dah cakap banyak kali dah! said...

manusia yg suka lompat ni, mana nak letak muka?

bila orang bagi jawatan, dia buat tak betul.

bila kena tindakan, salahkan parti dan kerajaan.

bila dah keluar parti, cucuk sana cucuk sini.

bila dah tak laku, nak join pembangkang. lantak le.

tapi bila dengan pembangkang pun dah tak laku nanti, nak ke mana pulak?

manolito said...

anwar is in a desperate situation. everything he does is backfiring, including bersih and ptptn.

now he wants to conquer sabah, it seems.

but it wont work. sabahans are more matured now in politic.

so, goodbye anwar!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter what you are saying...Sabahans are Frogs!!

They will lompat where there are flies to eat!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Jangan selalu sangat melompat-lompat nanti terjatuh ke dalam mulut buaya...

android said...

what to cross?

no river to cross... hehehe!

sorry. frankly speaking, those who crossover for the sake of politic can deemed as people with weak principle of life.

they can be easily led and influenced, they only think of themselves and not the people they represent.

we dont need people like this to lead a community.

haris mentol said...

nak lompat, lompatlah. dah suka katak, buat je la.

orang sebegini tak laku dah, tak lagi dihormati dan tak diperlukan.

takda harga diri dan maruah langsung!

mat gombau said...


bilo agak eh pilihanraya negori sabah? sarawak dah lopeh dah...