Monday, June 4, 2012

MalaysiaKini - Pakatan Rakyat's propaganda arm

It’s about time that Malaysiakini stops pretending to be part of the media and admit that it is a propaganda machine for Pakatan Rakyat. Definitely not the free media as it claims to be.

Anyone who has been into the portal the last few years knows that Malaysiakini has actively campaigned for Pakatan. That is okay actually. It’s their right to take sides. Just don’t claim to be free and fair, and condemn the mainstream media as biased, one sided and controlled.

The news there is not only 90% about Pakatan, the slant and the spin is ridiculously anti BN. In fact, its CEP Pramesh Chandra openly tweets against the BN.

Negative news about Pakatan does not see light of day but negative news about Najib and Umno and BN, in that order, are given big play up.

So if you are a reader of Malaysiakini, you will think that 80% of Malaysians support Bersih, Ambiga is a saint sent down to save Malaysia from unfair and unfree elections, Najib and his wife are murderers, everyone in Umno is stupid and corrupt, and Anwar Ibrahim is God’s gift to mankind and Nurul Izzah should be PM. And Malaysiakini is the only unbiased media in the country.

Everyone hates Utusan Malaysia but the truth is that Malaysiakini is Pakatan’s version of Utusan. It is unshamedly pro Pakatan, it has no qualms about twisting stories about the BN and when they are wrong, they quickly pull out the story and behave like it never existed. Can you blame the Umno people if they hate Malaysiakini the way the Chinese hate Utusan?

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tauke lim said...

what d fuss lor.

mkini is for pr, utusan is for bn.

as simple as that!

that also u dont know aaar!!!

penangan said...

salam tuan,

sekurang-kurangnya utusan ada juga bagi liputan kepada pihak pembangkang dan tidak memutarbelitkan apa yang dikatakan oleh mereka.

berlainan dengan malaysiakini, ia memutarkanbelitkan apa saja yang diutarakan oleh kerajaan, termasuk mendapatkan komen yang semuanya tidak langsung memihak kepada kerajaan.

saya syak juga sama ada komen-komen itu ditulis oleh pembaca atau sidang redaksi mkini sendiri!

Anonymous said...

when u are too lenient in giving space for such a nuisance, they will feel so fee to bash u up.

so, dont blame them!

Anonymous said...

the two people who operate mkini are 100pc anti-govt and anti-malaysia.

they work very closely with the opp in selling the country to foreign agents, esp the americans and israelis!


buluh kasap said...

jgn kecoh la.

BN dan PR ada media masing2. sama je!

bourne identity said...

mkni owners look like anwar's jambus in MCKK....