Tuesday, June 19, 2012

ISA torture notes: More lies than truth

Its leaking everywhere.

The 'harrowing torture notes from Kamunting' is making headlines again, especially on the Internet and the Opposition media. Mkini is riding on it.

But the manner in which the notes found its way to Mkini is quite intriguing. Why Mkini and not other channels like Suhakam or the Home Ministry or the PM Office? And of course, the timing of such a leak seemed to be well planned, when general election is just around the corner.

No need to tell you what Mkini is. We know the kind of people managing it.

I don't want to deny that such 'harrowing' events could have taken place in Bukit Aman or Kamunting. It could have happened a long time ago during the early days when ISA was enacted, or even now.

But my only concern is whether the allegations are bona fide. The portal, bearing high pride for being chosen the avenue for such leaks, decline to show the so said 'notes' or reveal the names of detainees who wrote it on the pretext of exclusivity and safety of the people who wrote it.

Now that Home Minister Hishammuddin Tun Hussein is faced with another challenging issue, he is left to no choice but to investigate. Our IGP Ismail Omar and team are also tasked into finding the truth about the notes.

Suhakam is already making noise but the Commission must also take into account many possibilities and from many aspects. The notes could have been written during the 60s or 70s or early 80s.

We have forensic experts to carry out such an investigation, to determine whether it is genuine or simply produced by hired professionals as part of the Opposition strategies to wipe out Barisan Nasional in the next national poll.

However, if its true that the police still subscribe to such a method in interrogating detainees, we need some major corrections there. Not that its against the Human Rights Convention, it is also against any norms of modern civilisation.

Whatever its is, the timing of such leaks is still in question. Yes, there are bad and policemen but as a media player - pro or anti-government - Mkini must not hide anything. If they think the people should know, then everything should be in the open.

And for KDN, its also the right time to review the status of management in Kamunting and Simpang Renggam. The team must change every 2 or 3 years. Prison jobs are very depressing and those who haven been deployed there for too long would find it frustrating.

This could also push them off the limit by 'working together' with the detainees or any unwanted parties. Otherwise, we would not find prison officers selling drugs and weapons to inmates and detainees.

Most of our prisons and other detention centers are without sufficient monitoring system, including CCTV. I think its time for the government to allocate the right budget for all lock-ups, prisons and detention centers to be equipped with such devices. This will help improve the image of security and of course, KDN and the government.

Ooh... to Mkini, please do not equate Kamunting to Guantanamo.Sometimes you people are too much overboard!


anything goes said...


i believe it was well orchestrated by the opposition. mkini is just a medium to carry out the propaganda.

yes, i agree to your question - why only now and why not during tun mahathir, tun paklah or much earlier?

while the govt will still have to investigate the allegation, i feel mkini is just pulling another bad trick!

kari said...

mkini must reveal the notes, show it to the public.

why must they disclose it?

i wonder they prepared the notes themselves!


Anonymous said...

no need to believe in what mkini, msian chronicle, msian insider and others.

stick to our own work.

they are the biggest liars!

penangan said...

salam tuan,

apa pun, kerajaan melalui KDN perlu siasat jugak walaupun ada unsur2 yang meragukan dalam tuduhan tu.

mkini sudah pasti bekerja untuk pembangkang. ini memang dah nyata.

tetapi kalau terbukti memang polis berbuat demikian, tindakan mesti diambil.

nama baik kerajaan dan negara mesti dipelihara

willy said...

sorry sir.

i believe in what malaysiakini reported.

there are too many bad cops than the good ones.

the system too is very damaging to our image.

ex-mat gian said...


biasa la torture sikit2 sebab nak dapat maklumat.

gua dulu kena jentik telur sebab positive pil kuda. kemain la senak!

kalau cara lembut, takkan dapat maklumat punya!

mat gombau said...


poning lagi la nampak eh kepalo kawan kau hisham ni.

tapi macam mano pun, konolah siasat. takkan nak biar jo macam tu.

orang cubo nak jatuhkan kito dengan macam2 caro, jadi kito pun kono bersedio.

boto tak?

tauke lim said...

why mkini?

because the portal is fully-sponsored by the opposition and foreign funds.

that also u dont know aaar!!!

Anonymous said...

rasanya seksaan macam ni dah tak berlaku dah.

sikit2 tu mungkin ada tapi tak la sampai mudarat.

aku tak berani komen banyak.

elok siasat dulu

Anonymous said...

The Abu Ghraib Prison Photos says it all about American Human Rights Abuse


Anonymous said...

tak salah belasah orang macam tu, menyusahkan rakyat dan negara je!

bantai je!

Anonymous said...

aggravated lies by mkini and the opp! again and again.

we are not stupid to detect their bad intention.

and yes, the timing of the reports too.

Anonymous said...

kamunting is not guantanamo, pls!

to all who dont know the real truth behind kamunting, stop speculating.

the police has denied such allegations which are malicious.

everybody should by now aware of mkini bad intention.