Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Gerakan supports Bar Council's president

I found this piece on Parti Gerakan Pulau Pinang's website yesterday, wondering if the party has taken the right stand.

It's about the remarks by Bar Council president Lim Chee Wee on June 7 who pointed out to the recent amendment to the Kedah Mufti and Fatwa Enactment (2008). I am only of the opinion that religious matter like this should be left to the Sultan or the Islamic Council for deliberations.

Well, I have my own standpoint - religious matter should be kept out of politics!

The article reads:
"In referring to the remarks by Bar Council president Lim Chee Wee on last Thursday (7 June) that pointed out the recent amendment to the Kedah Mufti and Fatwa Enactment (2008) on 17 April barring all fatwas or edicts from being challenged in courts is unconstitutional, Kedah Gerakan Chairman cum Derga State Assemblyman Dr. Cheah Soon Hai welcomes his critical comment on the issue and is very much agree with the viewpoint of the Malaysian Bar chief.

"Dr. Cheah shares profoundly the same disquiet and concern of the Bar Council on the issue. He strongly feels that the amendment has made the fatwas in Kedah absolute, immune to challenge in any civil or Syariah court, which is essentially unconstitutional.

"The BN ADUNs have vehemently opposed the amendment when it was tabled during the last state assembly in April, but DAP and PKR have kept quiet and let the PAS ADUNs to bulldoze the amendment.

“This issue should be taken seriously by the people especially the Kedahans as it is a serious offense to the human rights that goes against the spirit of the law and an overt violation to the doctrine of separation of powers that is essential for the democratic system in the country with fundamental check and balance on the three branches of government – the legislative, judiciary and executive.

"For this reason, we are certainly cannot afford to underestimate or overlook the issue for being apathetic and impassive,” stressed Dr. Cheah.



sai baboo said...

MCA did not say anything, and MIC too.

but why gerakan?

whether its a BN or PR state, anything about Islam and other religious must stay clear of political intervention.

why is it so difficult to understand?

Anonymous said...

i believe gerakan was not against the new law but against how it was manipulated by pakatan rakyat.

pls, dont misinterpret!

Anonymous said...

A chinese is a chinese.

penangan said...

salam tn,

rasanya kurang sopan sikit gerakan mencampuri hal-ehwal pentadbiran serta undang2 agama islam walaupun ia dibuat atas dasar hak asasi manusia.

sepatutnya gerakan merujuk dahulu kepada mana2 badan tertinggi agama islam sebelum membuat kenyataan.

saya tidak nampak rasional di sebalik sokongannya terhadap kenyataan presiden majlis peguam kerana parti2 orang melayu sendiri pun tidak membuat sebarang komen mengenai isu ini.

gerakan perlu tarik balik sokongannya!

Anonymous said...

gerakan dah mula gatal mulut nampaknya!

gajah berang said...


not wise at all for gerakan to pass any remark or comment about it, regardless of whether kedah is under bn or pakatan.

religion is a sensitive matter, especially when non-muslim or non-christian make statement about other religions.

is anything wrong with gerakan now that it has to step a foot into the issue?

caplamangga said...


banyak lagi benda lain gerakan boleh komen, bukannya hal-ehwal islam.

janganlah terkeluar daripada landasan politik fundamental yang dianuti barisan nasional.

tak elok buat macam ni!

kalau nak pun, bincanglah dulu dengan mereka yang lebih arif mengenai islam ni!

Anonymous said...

Bila nak pijak gambar Presiden Gerakan semula?

Dah lupa ke?

Anonymous said...

who is this dr cheah? a gerakan member but pro-opposition?

what does he know about islamic law?

i think he is more nonsense than anwar!

kidal said...

ni pehal nak campur urusan agama islam pulak ni?

gerakan ni dalam bn atau pr?

dah la kalah pada pru12, ni nak lupus terus ke parti ni?