Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dataran Merdeka: Another Tiananmen soon?

One and a half month after the ugly Bersih 3.0 rally, a small group is still occupying Dataran Merdeka, a sign that Ambiga & Gang are still represented in their ongoing open 'war' against the King, the government and the people.

Notwithstanding its effect on social harmony and stability, their ultimate objective to stage a coup before the next general election is expected to take a new devastating turn - by turning Merdeka Square into another Tiananmen.

The April 28 rally failed to run down the government but they were very successful in inflicting heavy losses to the country's image as the most safest nation in Asean.

No, they don't want that. Being a safe country does not bring any good if Pakatan Rakyat fails to conquer Putrajaya in the next national poll. By hook or by crook, they must win and in ensuring that, it doesn't matter if the whole country plunges into bloodshed.

Not only that they were inspired by Tahrir Square revolts. Tiananmen Square looks more practical in the sense that whatever happens, the government should take all the blame.

The Tiananmen Square protests in 1989, also known as the June 4th Revolution in Beijing, were a series of popular demonstrations which begun on April 15 of the same year. It started on a small scale before erupted into a 'mini war' between protesters (most of them were students) with the security forces.

In the end, at least 2,500 were killed while 10,000 more injured, making it among the most bloodiest protest the world had ever observed.

Reasons for the protests were high inflation and jobless rates, corruption and the waning of Communism around the world, particularly in eastern Europe They demanded for an open and free market system and a democratic reform for the whole of China.

They also called for continued economic reform, freedom of the Press, accountability from officials and political liberalisation. At the height of the protests, almost a million people converged at the Square, chanting anti-government slogans, disrupting traffic and provoking the security forces.

Across China, similar protest took place in Shanghai, Wuhan, Xian and Changsha which saw some protesters began looting and rioting. That was when the army and the police had to intervene to disperse them. Unfortunately, they had chosen to collide with the security personnel.

Exactly this is the modus operandi of Bersih 3.0. The only thing that differs them with Tiananmen is Ambiga and Gang are demanding for a more 'clean and transparent' electoral system. They are more concern to install someone as a prime minister rather than working closely with the government in keeping inflation at bay and creating more job opportunity for the rakyat.

However, will Pakatan Rakyat participate in the national poll when their objective to change the government was not met? Furthermore, they will continuously criticise the integrity of the electoral system, and this opens a big suggestion - that they will do anything to disrupt the next national poll.

And now that they already have some representatives to occupy Dataran Merdeka, its is believed more will join them when Prime Minister dissolves the Parliament and announces the general elections' date.

It wont be a surprise if Dataran erupts with gunfire during the election campaign. The police too have limitations in carrying out their duty. Worse still, there are words that should such an event takes place, the army might step in.

Its all about winning the general election and power. Let the whole nation loses everything as long as their ambition is attained.

They have not seen the riots and ugly protests in Warsaw, Poland in 1985 when Solidarity Movement led by Lech Walesa took to the streets. They have not observed how students protest in Pusan, South Korea in 1991 claimed hundreds of life and how Tiananmen opened the floodgate to hell.

But I was there, except for Tiananmen where I arrived a week later.

You cannot buy democracy. It is determined by the people, our rakyat. To takeover the government, one must try win the general election. If you don't trust the election system, skip from contesting until you are satisfied with its conduct.

No. What you lead does not represent the masses and their voice. You are doing all this for the sake of making troubles... and for the politics of one single person!


a true malaysian said...

if they create another chaos, i hope the military will intervene this time.

if anwar wants to become a prime minister, contest in the poll and dont try to change the govt by force.

we malaysians will not allow this country to be torn apart!

tauke lim said...

if they dont trust the election system, dont participate la.

stupid people.

that also u dont know aaar!!!

old jaguar said...

i support any efforts to change the leadership to a new one but i deplore any means of force and bloodshed in pursuing it.

ambiga, anwar, kit siang and hadi should not take examples from events that took place in the middle east, china or east europe.

malaysia is a totally different case.

penangan said...

salam tn,

jika tidak dikawal, mungkin dataran merdeka boleh bermandi darah.

kenapa pihak berkuasa masih membiarkan kumpulan kecil ini menduduki terus dataran?

kita tidak boleh terlalu berlembut. biarlah ada batas sempadannya.

kita ada pilihan - bertindak tegas atau membiarkan masa depan negara kita hancur terus!

samagagah said...

kalau depa nak cari masalah, kita boleh bagi masalah.

kalau sengaja nak huru-harakan negara semata-mata untuk rampas kuasa, kita boleh berdepan dengan senjata.

ambiga ingat ni negara tok nenek moyang dia. orang melayu dah lama bersabar.

jangan nanti berlaku tumpah darah yang tidak ada kesudahannya. jika terjadi, siapa pun jadi kerajaan dah tak guna lagi!

Anonymous said...

yeah man!

next time, let the army step in.

i think the police force has been too soft and giving!

tonik cop gajah said...

looks like it la bro.

that's what anwar and ambiga want to see - a civil war in malaysia.

u think malaysians will tolerate this?

Anonymous said...

letak je negara ni bawah pemerintahan mageran, baru tau langit tinggi ke rendah.

ambiga ingat revolusi ganas ni boleh dibiarkan begitu saja.

sesabar-sabar dan selembut-lembut orang melayu, ada hadnya.

janganlah melampau. kalau bertemu buku dengan ruas nanti, siapa yg susah!

i dont like hisham said...

they need guns and cannons to turn medeka sq into another tiananmen.

i dont think they have that unless someone supplies them.

anyway, not easy to run down a govt and a nation, bro.

malaysia is made up of civilised society (excluding ambiga and co). they will oppose any kind of violent revolution.

mark my word

biol said...

apa nak gaduh2 ni?

elok duduk semeja, makan rojak dan cendol.

kan ke best macam tu!

pro-Pakatan said...


ambiga is a lawyer, anwar is a good politician.

u think they want to create chaos and tear the country apart?

pls la... stop you bias writing!

wind of change said...

agree with tauke lim.

if they dont trust the election system, dont participate.

after all, will they ensure no violent and protest during the election since they dont trust the system?

Anonymous said...


ari ni ambiga kata bersih takda kena-mengena dengan tingkah laku buruk pesertanya pada perhimpunan lalu.

apa punya pukimak dia cakap macam tu?

kalau dia tak anjur, takkan ada pengikut! bila pengikut dah di luar kawalan, dia kata tak bertanggungjawab pulak.

apa punya lawyer macam ni?

lau said...

if they plan riots, then the people will take them on!

we cant allow such things to happen!

Anonymous said...

if pakatan rules, there will be moer corruption and frauds.

they are already showing it in the pakatan states, esp penang and selangor.

we want them?

fun fair said...

in tiananmen, they fought for democracy.

what is ambiga pursuing?

for anwar!

only for anwar!

IT.Sheiss said...

Attempting a "Tahir Square" in Dataran Merdeka won't succeed unless most Malaysians are suffering acute economic distress, which is not the case right now, despite rising economic hardships.

Where such uprising's have succeeded, the state forces, such as the military and police personnel face economic deprivation themselves and their loyalty and resolve is in question.

For example, the Russian Revolution of October 1917 was successful because some of the military units had come over to the side of the Bolsheviks and participated in storming of the Winter Palace to arrest the Kerensky Provisional Government

Being drawn from a peasant background, many of the Tsar's rank and file soldiers were attracted by the Bolshevik's promise of bread, peace and LAND.

Many troops were tired of fighting a war with Germany which the Kerensky government continued with after the toppling of the Tsar.

You can see this in this 1927 silent movie, Ten Days that Shook The World by Soviet film producer Sergei Eisentein.

13 minutes into the movie, you see an uprising attempt led by the Kronstadt sailors, which the Bolsheviks warned was premature but they went ahead and were massacred by Kerensky's troops.

Towards the end of the movie, the troops' loyalty had turned and the Bolsheviks successfully let the storming of the Winter Palace and arrest of the Provisional Government. This was preceded by troop infiltration into the Winter Palace through the underground cellars, etc.

Anyway, even the Tahir Square uprising wasn't a complete success, since while it deposed President Mubarak, the military remains in power. The only gain they made was to have elections.

Besides that, it does not look like the tough economic conditions have change much under the new system.

I have not attended the Occupy Dataran gatherings and perhaps I should but from what I understand from people who have, their demands are mostly for people's right to assemble in public places.

You can see that point in this Free Malaysia Today video.

Looking at the participants, they are mostly urban, middle class youth and students, who don't seem to be in much economic distress, unless they voluntarily choose to be poor.

Now how many rural farmers, urban and rural workers and petty traders will identify with the aims and objectives of these Occupy Dataran participants, unlike those in the US who support the Occupy Wall Street movement.

They may have copied the form of the Occupy Wall Street movement but not the talk about the 99% versus the 1%

No, it's not about economic hardship but about "my right to assemble in Dataran Merdeka."

IMHO, while they have a valid point, that's not an issue of much priority among others, especially not among the rural farmers, fishermen, petty traders and workers.

You won't find those struggling to survive sitting in Dataran Merdeka. No. They will be working or trying to find work.

If the government and state security forces are wise, they should just leave them alone, since nothing much will come out of their gatherings, while cracking down on them with brute force will look bad.

Anonymous said...

you people are afraid of a bunch of occupy dataran crowd? pathetic!

no evidence to show bersih was a coup attempt, except 'water and salt' from nazri.

Anonymous said...

India had Gandhi, South Africa has Mandela, Burma has Aung San Syu Kyi and now in Malaysia we have our own freedom fighter Dato Ambiga Sreenevasan. Bravo Ambiga and God bless you and your noble cause!