Friday, June 22, 2012

Complete the term? Why not?

Yup! Let the government complete its full five year term. Why not? That's the mandate given by the 'rakyat' in every national poll.

So, why the haste? Nobody is applying pressures on PM Najib to dissolve the Parliament to pave the way for an early general election, except the Opposition.

Don't listen to the Opposition. If they are given the opportunity to form a government, I believe they will also want to complete the full term.

However, it has been Barisan Nasional tradition and 'goodwill' to call for a fresh poll after four years. Not only to provide the opportunity for the Opposition to try their strategy but to test its own popularity before the electorates.

Nothing's wrong with that either.

So, when Minister at PMO Nazri Aziz suggested for the present government to continue with its duty till its final mandate day, I guess many would agree. The Opposition would object although they are aware that nothing can stop it.

Nazri said he wanted to push for a fixed five-year mandate for those elected in a general election, saying it was fairer if prime ministers and chief ministers knew they would govern for a fixed period.

Several dates have been mooted over the past two years as potential polls dates for Datuk Seri Najib Razak to gain his own mandate after taking over from Tun Abdullah Badawi in 2009, leading to concerns in the economy over uncertainty in policy-making.

"Personally, I agree that five years means five years, so that when we go to polls, the mentris besar and prime minister know that they will sit in there for five years. I would like to be the catalyst to bring this principle to Malaysia. It is fairer," the de facto law minister told Parliament Thursday.

Some may ask, why five years?

Simple answer - we have the five-year Malaysia Plan for the government to study its policy, implement and monitor its success.

Five-year is also good in the sense that whoever appointed to a position is able to assess his leadership, identify any weakness and to make correction. The 'rakyat' too are able to weigh the impact of certain development program on their everyday life.

Some big projects dan major policies may take years to yield result, thus demanding more time to evaluate it. A new Cabinet could easily abandon or cancel the projects earmarked by the previous regime although some are already moving.

We had experienced that between 2004 and 2008.

So, what Nazri proposed did make sense. The Opposition can wait. In fact, that period could be fully-utilised to intensify their campaign.

No need for Anwar & Gang to apply bad and skunk tactic to takeover Putrajaya. Just try win the voters in a clean and honorable manner!


Anonymous said...

The mandate was given to BN under Badawi in 08 not Najib. Najib is ruling without a mandate. He should have sought a mandate earlier when he was popular.

spelling said...

5 years is not too long a period. if anwar could have stayed in jail before leaving it, 5 years is just like 5 days.

karipuley said...


every govt should complete its term before calling for another election to elect new reps and leaders.

this will provide them will ample time to put everything under review.

projects must be assessed while performance too must see some results.

i think this is a good notion by nazri... for the first time, he got the brain!

penangan said...

salam tn,

setuju sangat dengan saranan nazri dan pendapat tuan.

lima tahun diperlukan untuk kaji pencapaian semua projek serta prestasi kerja kerajaan.

tidak seperti kerajaan paklah dulu yang henti dan batalkan projek yang disusun oleh dr mahathir. ini tak baik untuk negara dan rakyat.

lima tahun bukanlah lama sangat, betul tak?

Anonymous said...

for the first time, nazri speaks some good sense.

i believe GE can be held latest by march next year.

nothing's wrong with that

nasi dan kicap said...

5 tahun rancangan malaysia, betul. ia perlukan penelitian yang mendalam dan khusus bagi menilai pencapaiannya. kita tak boleh ambil masa singkat bagi melihat hasil sesuatu dasar yang dilaksanakan. kerajaan najib perlukan masa ini bagi membuat perkiraaan betul atau salah sesuatu dasar serta projek, di samping membuat pembetulan di mana yang salah atau kurang berkesan. rakyatlah yang akan menilai semuanya dan rakyat juga perlukan masa yang cukup bagi membuat keputusan.

elyas tanjong said...

sdr lupa satu lagi fakta kenapa kita perlu habiskan tempoh yang ada.

tak mau jadi macam pulau pinang.

kerajaan bn dan laksana banyak projek, tak cukup 5 tahun dah tukar kerajaan pakatan.

senang2 je pakatan kata semua projek tu dia yg buat. tak tau malu betul. muka tembok dan kulit tebal macam babi.

jadi, kita habiskan tempoh yang diberikan untuk pastikan segalanya berjaya dan rakyat dapat melihat kesannya sebelum adakan pilihanraya baru.

rubber tapper said...


no need election lor.

no need to spend money on election, its a waste.

call najib and anwar to form coalition, then there will be small and weak opposition.

ok or not my suggestion?

orang selama said...

rasanya lima tahun cukup bagi rakyat menjadi hakim kepada segala dasar dan projek yang ada.

jadi, bila pilihanraya diadakan, mereka sudah sedia menilai siapa yang lebih bagus dan mampu mentadbir negara dengan baik.

pro-Pakatan said...

u BN people are so scared of losing, thats why you want to delay elections and complete your last term, right?

kah kah kah!


Anonymous said...

now or later, BN will lose and will never make a comeback.

when pakatan rakyat rules, it will be the best govt ever.

so, give them the chance.

yob sungkai said...

stupid analysis.

the more najib delays election, the more devastating it would be for barisan nasional.

long live pakatan!

kublai said...


datuk seri najib ni bijak jugak. dengan melengah-lengahkan pru, pembangkang dah mula hilang stim, kempen diorang pun dah mula bercelaru dan makan diri sendiri.

elok lambatkan sampai bulan mac.

phoenix said...

agree with anon 4.33.

it was paklah who passed on the baton to him.

so, najib must call for election now as a test to his popularity.

Anonymous said...

my friend,
The mandate was given to BN party and not to PM Najib. So why bother to comment on PM Najib. He is to execute the mandate. Ini bukan personal mandate issue but the winning party to complete its mandate as per election requirement.

Anonymous said...

mana aci kalau lewat2 ni?

bagi can la pada orang lain bentuk kerajaan pulak.

lagi lambat, lagi banyak bn kena telanjang!

Anonymous said...

sounds like bn wants to rule forever!

damn it!

sang nila utama said...

betul, 5 tahun diperlukan untuk pantau kemajuan sesuatu projek dan dasar.

kalau setakat 4 tahun, orang lain akan ambil nama kalau ambil alih kerajaan nanti.

pm baru dari bn sendiri boleh buat dajal dengan projek pm yang sebelumnya.

dah berlaku dah... bila paklah batalkan jambatan bengkok tun dr mahathir!

Anonymous said...

Setuju 100% to have elections every 5 years. Fair to all. I'll go further to suggest that the premiership should be limited to just two terms ie 10 years. So younger leaders would have a better chance to move up. Betul tak?

SD said...

No, please call for an early election. I am sick and tired of my income tax money being misused. Earlier I wanted to go for a HK trip but I need the money for my income tax payment. My elected govt has used up to RM3million to go to London, Washington and 2 side trips to Milan and Dubai. Now I don't mind the official trips but what are the Milan and Dubai trips other than sightseeing and shopping? And I detest the way Nazri tried to cover up the Milan and Dubai trips by not mentioning them at all. Tipu Raykat lah, like that.PM said his father told him not to be extravagant but did he listen to his father's advice?
Reading about the RM128million spent on defective air traffic system bought from our special Washington envoy's son, I am now having second thoughts about travelling too because I don't want to die in airplane accident. God save us all from corrupt politicians from either side.
Now what's this nonsense about the 2 "tainted" US senators whom we welcome and dined like royalty from Outsyed the Box blog? Did we bring them into the august presence of our beloved Agong? I hope not.
Bring on the elections asap, please!

RRJ said...

the mandate is five years, so better finish it and seek a fresh one.

the opposition will do the same thing if they rule.

the longer we stay, the better we can detect our success and failures.

Anonymous said...


Complete the 5yr term can cause more trouble for BN. Kene sedia banyak lagi duit nak bayar berapa round BR1M lagi, duit sekolah lagi, buat mesjid/kuil entah ape-ape lagi! Mane nak cekau duit lagi? Ape yang nak di IPO lagi, MOF ke?

blue taxi said...

to mr pm,

dont delay lor.

if your govt is popular, nothing to worry.

call for election now. if you win, it will shut the opp up!

SD said...

I agree with Annoymous@11.36am that PMship should be limited to 2 terms. Enough is enough - let the younger generation take over and the whole old corrupt cabinet can go to pastures. Only then will BN rise again.

Anonymous said...

As expected, no need to spin again about why must complete 5 years term.

BN is afraid when Parliment dissolve, Penang, Kedah, Selangor might go the way of Sarawak and not dissolve their state assemblies.


Anonymous said...

anon June 22, 2012 4:33 AM,

Mandate is to BN, not Pak Lah. 2008 was not a presidential, or should that read Prime Ministerial Election.

When the election would be ? the ball is in Khalid Ibrahim's court. BN is determined to get selangor back and since selangor MB will not dissolve ADUN any soon, Najib will wait until the MB does. Najib is not desperate. Pakatan in Selangor is. So Najib is waiting...