Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bersih video: It will come... sabar la!

Some quarters are already demanding the Home Ministry to release the police video-account on Bersih 3.0. Some even accused the ministry and the government of trying to 'tamper' with it first before making it public.

A statement by Home Ministry's sec-gen Datuk Abdul Rahim Mohd Radzi yesterday failed to quash wild remarks by the Opposition and few NGOs that the delay was simply to provide time for Bukit Aman to edit any parts that show 'police brutality'.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein had on May 31 said that video footage of the rally would be made available to the public within two days. On Monday, he said the recordings would be uploaded to the ministry's website by yesterday.

To those who have been making such remarks, hear this - the video is actually ready to be uploaded to the ministry's website.

However, as Rahim mentioned, it would be wiser for the Independent Advisory Panel to see it first before it was released.

Members of the panel will have it first at its meeting next Monday before the public can see the free flow content of it.

The ministry got nothing to hide, and so is Bukit Aman. No tampering, no superimposition and no editing was done. It's the original footage from the April 28 rally. And it has nothing to do with the govt legal suit against Bersih organiser Ambiga.

But why aren't Bersih organising members like Ambiga, Anwar and others remained quiet about the video. The pressure was only coming from some NGOs and pro-govt organisations, and NOT from the Opposition?

Even Anwar and Ambiga did not utter a single word about the promised video. Hmmmm...


an informer said...


actually those asking for the video are pro-govt groups. none of the opposition quarters are applying pressure on the ministry. however, they badmouthed hisham and KDN over the video, saying the time taken was to make changes to the footage.

what a stupid accusation!

penangan said...

salam tn,

tak berasas langsung dakwaan pembangkang dan pihak tertentu bahawa kandungan video tu boleh diubah suai.

sebarang perbuatan sedemikian boleh dikesan dengan teknologi tinggi hari ni.

takkanlah pihak pembangkang pun tak tau hakikat ni?


kita tunggu video bestseller dari KDN ni...

Anonymous said...

i dont care about the bersih video.

some people said there was this video about nurul.

where is it?

tauke lim said...

pls stop all this la, your pro-govt and pro-pkr people.

your family needs you most now. prices are spiralling again. the govt and opp must find ways to address this issue.

otherwise, nobody will go to the poll!

that also u dont know aaar!

valderama said...

frankly, hisham himself should issue the statement, not his new sec-gen (unless its a way to introduce this dtk rahim).

things like this need the minister to explain.

i dont understand why must this issue be overlooked as if its not important and of national interest!

mat gombau said...


apo nak heboh pasal video ni. video anwar pun bolom selosai, takdo sapo lak memokak.

KDN mesti ada sobab sahih untuk lengahkan bondo ni, kan. kau lobeh tau sobab kau kawan hisham (iyo ko... sori yooo!)

tapi yg pasti, kito semuo kono saba. takkanlah kerajaan nak edit dan ubah kandungan video tu. tak lojik langsung, boto tak?

macam kau kato, tokoh bersih macam anawar dan ambiga pun tak pertikai video tu, tak tanyo langsung.

mestilah diorang tu sonyap... sobab video tu nanti akan tunjuk siapo sebona eh yang mulokan rusuhan 28 april tu!

Anonymous said...

takkanlah datuk hisham sorang je kena tanggung semua ni. cian dia!

tapi yg tak syoknya, kenapa lama sangat nak tontonkan video tu.

ada yg tak kena ke?

salim bachok said...

its ok... but not too late, plse.

the video footage will unveil who started the melee at dataran merdeka - bersih or the police!

the people and the world need to know the actual fact about it.

Anonymous said...


hisham is doing the best.

the only thing about him is that, he listens and believes too much in his few officers!

teloq said...

tadak benda lain ka depa nak mintak selain video!

mintaklah elaun bulanan untuk penganggur ka, rumah free utk orang kampung yang daif ka, kereta separuh harga ka, free KFC untuk sebulan ka...

video nak buat hapa!


pro-Pakatan said...


mana boleh sabar?

video tu sengaja lambat sebab nak bagi polis padam bab yang tunjuk anggotanya ganas.


Anonymous said...

what about video footage taken by other parties, including journalists, passers-by, opposition members and individuals?

why must we show only the one by the police?

not fair lor!

Anonymous said...

nak buat apa tunjuk video bersih tu.

tunjuk la 'deepthroat' ke!


Anonymous said...

bersih or not, not important anymore.

our focus is how to retain BN domination in next election.

i dont see our politicians are doing enough to woo support from the electorates.

Anonymous said...

what a farce!

he promised it within few days. now more than a month.

what's the minister doing?

tonik cop gajah said...

kpd pro-Pakatan,

apa la bongok sangat kau ni. segala kerja nak padam atau ubah kandungan video tu boleh dikesan la. polis takkan buat begitu. aku takut bersih yang tak terjawab bila video tu dipertontonkan nanti.


Anonymous said...

video and video and video.

so many in the markets, all political.

fed up, u know!

anak tani said...


not interesting at all. i mean, all the videos.

why not u people produce videos about the poor, those still struggling to make ends meet after 4 years of merdeka, instead bickering over who should form the govt and who to blame for bersih?

u think the rakyat give a damn about it?

Anonymous said...

deepthroat tu apa ?