Friday, May 11, 2012

Yes, Najib is most popular

One million friends on FB.

That's amazing. If you are not very popular, you won't be able to hit that figure in a year.

However, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak's FB friends have exceeded the one million mark yesterday. Congratulations.

I personally don't think other prime ministers or any other leaders in the region have achieved such a 'popularity level'.

And what does it show? In my opinion, people are supporting him not for his position as a leader but for his approach, policy and mediocrity. His moderate politic also contributes much in shaping up his image, not only as a leader but as a mentor to many.

In his latest entry in Facebook, Najib said: "I am deeply touched to know my Facebook friends have exceeded a million people. Thank you. I will continue to interact with my loyal online friends. Thank you for your support!".

The achievement by Najib is something to be proud of in light of his efforts to get closer to the people at the grassroots level by using technological advances in keeping with the times.

Recently, the prime minister announced that he would host high tea for his millionth Facebook friend and 500,000th Twitter follower.

Keep it up, Mr PM!


lim brady said...

congrats, dato seri.

not easy to reach that mark.

penangan said...

salam tn jai,

ini menunjukkan betapa kuatnya sokongan rakyat terhadap perdana menteri.

saya rasa bukan rakyat malaysia saja yg jadi kawan FBnya tapi juga orang asing.

PM perlu melihatnya sebagai satu cabaran untuk meningkatkan lagi mutu perkhidmatan.

yang paling penting ialah membuktikan kepada rakyat bahawa semua dasar yang diperkenalkan adalah untuk kebaikan semua, dan bukannya segelintir pihak saja.

tahniah YAB!

mat gombau said...


nampak eh pm kito memang popular. cumo dio kono hati2 la sikit sobab bilo kepercayaan orang ramai terhadap dio meningkat, dio konolah kojo sungguh2 agar rakyat tak kecewo.

kau punyo FB begapo juta lak?


den punyo baghu 18 org!

pro-Pakatan said...

no big deal!

my grandmother also get 2 million friends!

u umno bloggers are ball lickers!

watanabe said...

its a challenge to najib to provide better service to the people.

its not easy to get one million friends on FB and this proves two things - that he is popular and secondly, the hope for those 1 million for him to deliver what was promised.

anyway, congratulations datuk seri

Pak Zawi said...

Being at the height of his popularity he should call for the GE soon before the tide changes. The GE will confirm his popularity or otherwise. Just tell him to be brave and there is nothing to fear.

Anonymous said...

only lost to ex-leader; Tun Dr M with 1.6 million facebookers.


Anonymous said...

Mediocrity? Seriously?!

PR voter said...

Boooooooo....booooooo! No shame PM. Wanted by Paris for corruption deal. Worst useless PM Malaysia has ever had after Bodohwi. Scared of his 2nd wife who is as fierce as tiger. Malaysia cannot prosper if under such a man who is afraid of his wife.

Anonymous said...

may be he is talking about his facebook pafe kot...

alison said...

so, what's anwar's, kit siang's and ambiga's hit?

a popular leader is the one with prudent approach and policy.

are we supporting extremism here?

Anonymous said...

pr voter

DS Najib loves his wife, only men with no b***s act macho like anwar

he cheats on his wife, then when in trouble, runs to zizah, hold hands and praise her sky high

poor zizah always had to cover-up for him

We take DS Najib anytime.

Under anwar and pakatan, lesbians, gays, prostitutes, daily violent demos full of hatred and destruction will be the order of the day

under DAP all rakyat become MUTE everytime gag order