Tuesday, May 8, 2012

They shit where they eat!

Some people do shit where they eat!

They work for the government, 'makan gaji' with the government and took a swear by the General Order to be faithful to their employer and produce the best they can.

Just like the students who managed to continue their study on PTPTN loan and then took to the street asking for free education and demanding for the PTPTN to be abolished!

No denial that some government servants did join Anwar Ibrahim, Ambiga, Kit Siang and others during Bersih 3.0 rally on April 28. But I am not sure if action can be taken against them. Just leave it to the Public Service Dept?

Worse still is when those attached to the GLC and Umno-linked companies also joined the demonstration and later claimed being bashed up by the police!

Read about this two guys here...

I personally think they should find job elsewhere immediately.


Anonymous said...


Do you even know what you are talking about?

Why so dense?

Civil servants work for the rakyat not BN or UMNO

Faham tak?

Their oath is to the King and country, not to UMNO


So what are you talking about? Police, doctors in govt. hospital, nurses, teachers all cannot ask for free and fair elections and have opinions?

Really third world mentality.

With your kind of logic, all those people employed by the British when we were colonised, were in the same boat because they were protesting against the govt of the day - the British?

Anonymous said...

Haven't you heard that this is a free country?
If they choose to be there ..it's their right?

Anonymous said...

Is there a law stating that those who worked in the government or glc cannot demo? Are you also trying to say that those people must also vote for UMNO and cannot support PKR?

ice cream soda said...

This is what we call big shit.

Yes, they must quit their job with the govt GLC!

Anonymous said...


Dah makin ramai jadi mcm ni. Kita bg madu, dia balas dgn tuba.

Aku hairan kenapa org atasan tak nampak gejala ni? Klu takda blog yg dedahkan, kita takkan tau adanya hati busuk mcm mereka ni

Anonymous said...

Mmg jenis haram jadah diorang ni


tauke lim said...

Dont u realise more civil servents are suppoting bersih and d opposition?

What does this imply?

Tyat also u dont know aaar!,,

Lenggang Kangkung said...

Dah adat bro.
Mmg ramai manusia yg tak mengenang budi ni. Kita bg dia apa yg dia nak tapi dia tabur racun utk bunuh kita balik.

Anonymous said...

Fuck them la.

Why must we keep people like this at the GLC?

Sack them lar!

Anonymous said...

Ni semua jenis lupa cawat dan asal usul...

Anonymous said...

If you think you are politically matured and convinced that you are not from a third world country then stick to the principle of democracy, which means majority rules. There is no such things as UMNO, PKR, PAS or whatever. The government is led by the voice of the majority and once the government is formed it is the people's government. That is what it is all about. The problem lies in the people who do not understand what democracy means.Enough is enough. Ballot box is the best place to settle everyone's whims and fancies.

Anonymous said...

Government servant are entrusted by the government of the day to serve the public. Without question their loyalty should be with the government of the day.

If a government servant does not agree with the leadership of the government of the day, the HONOURABLE decision is to LEAVE the government service.

Anon 3.12 is talking RUBBISH. He knows nothing on the concept of government administration.

Does he understand that the RULING party which governs the country is Barisan Nasional? Does he understand the word 'ruling party'?

Just like a person who works for a company. His loyalty is towards his employer. He cannot claim because his employer is in the business of selling biscuits and the RAKYAT buys the company's biscuit.Therefore, his loyalty should be with the RAKYAT. A twisted logic common only among people without MORAL!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ingat ini kerajaan bapak umno punya ke?????macam otak udang,tahi kat kepala.

Anonymous said...

Annoymous May 9, 2012 9:58 AM

A civil servant is obliged to follow the directives laid out by the government of the day. Otherwise he can be removed, just like in a private co.

However he does not owe loyalty to the govt. of the day.

He can vote for whoever he wishes.

Have you been a civil servant?

We follow the directives laid out to us from the ministry but that's it.

Your concept is totally wrong.

It would mean everytime there is a change of govt. All civil servants must resign??

Please understand the difference between a civil administration and a political party.