Monday, May 28, 2012

Pakatan Rakyat - a constructive or destructive Opposition?

Yes, most Malaysians want a clean and fair election. But at the same time, most Malaysians want a peaceful country free of political violence and ugly street demonstrations that obstruct their routines.

Similarly, they are also looking forward to a constructive opposition to represent them at the Parliament, not a destructive one who objects everything the government does and introduces as if they opposition is all perfect and the government is not.

A good and constructive opposition is a what the people and a country needs. In many countries, their opposition works hand in hand with the government in correcting the imbalances in whatever policy introduced, sitting on a special joint-panel to discuss and regulate or amend new laws and making major decisions.

However, the last time Malaysia had an 'okay' opposition was during the 80s and early 90s. Some of them are still around. Lee Lam Thye, Tan Seng Giaw, Hadi Awang, Tengku Razaleigh (under Semangat 46), Pairin Kitingan and Sim Kwang Yang, no name a few.

Lim Kit Siang and Karpal themselves used to be very fair but they lost sight when DAP, PAS and PKR formed Pakatan Rakyat, and of course with strong backings from the Bar Council, Bersih, Hindraf and other radical groups.

There were times when BN and opposition MPs voted in unison to certain issues, including the move to limit the power of the palace under Tun Dr Mahathir's era. They were also joined in issues about national unity, development and political stability.

But gone is the era. The opposition is no longer constructive. They reject each and every government's move to improve the economy, develop the country and the people, and in planning for the future.

Gone are the days when the Opposition supported what was supposed to be good and rejected anything that was deemed not beneficial to the nation and the rakyat.

What happened?

They were not only motivated by what took place in Japan (when the LDP lost grip after more than 50 years in power) and in Europe (France, Italy, Serbia, Poland and others) but also with the growing support they get from abroad.

But it is not a right move to turn Dataran Merdeka into another Tahrir Square. It would mean bloodshed. They planned a coup by planning to remove the legitimate government by force before the next general election.

They have forgotten the simple fact that the government was elected by the people through election. Any means to unseat it by force will be seen as not respecting the peoples' decision and votes. In a democratic country, any party should wait for the next national poll and do its utmost to win before forming a government.

Malaysia is not Indonesia, Thailand or the Philippines. This is another fact which slides from the Opposition mind. As multiracial and moderate politics are the key to our development and national security, they should give their best shot to woo the electorates, and not by taking to the streets and creating chaos.

Malaysians are wise people these days. They have options, and they will opt for the best. They will opt for future security and reject anything that would harm or disrupt their life. Unless they are radical and extreme enough to put it to test!

Barisan Nasional is not everything perfect but the opposition (unless they win the next national poll) will gain more respect and appreciation should they embark on a new dynamic approach to their politics. Moderate is the keyword while constructive is the pillar.

However, it is saddening to note that they are fighting for the politics of a person, somebody who (by hook or by crook) wants to become a Prime Minister. So, where is Pakatan Rakyat leading to?


stone age said...

pakatan gayat?

no la... they are not constructive, they are very, very destructive.

mr cinema said...

cant agree more.

an opposition should work with the govt. if the current govt becomes an opposition after the next general election, they will also have to play a constructive opposition role.

this is how our country can attain its objective of becoming a fully-developed status by the year 2020.

as malaysians - pro govt or pro opp - we must put national interest above all. security, a harmonise community and a progressive nation must be in our mind.

we are all malaysians, right?

Anonymous said...

perhaps lee lam thye was the best opposition MP during his time.

his simple but sharp criticism of the govt earned him respect from all.

kit was ok too before joining anwar and sucking his balls!

penangan said...


memang benar tuan.

kestabilan dan kemakmuran negara banyak bergantung kepada kewarasan politik kedua-dua pihak.

kerajaan yang baik akan sentiasa menerima teguran dan saranan membina daripada pembangkang.

pembangkang yang baik pula akan sanggup membahui tanggungjawab membantu kerajaan dengan apa cara sekalipun agar rakyat mendapat manfaatnya.

di mana pembangkang kita yang sanggup memikul tugas ini?

malang sekali...

tauke lim said...

what la!

the govt and opposition are not working together. thats why our country is in political disarray.

that also u dont know aaar!!!

bolts and nuts said...

what if barisan nasional becomes the opp after next pru?

will they be a good and constructive opposition?

talk only!

Anonymous said...

Klu jd pembangkang nk bangkang je semua yg kerajaan buat, tak betul la gamaknya. Mmg jenis takda otak dan pentingkan diri sndri

miner said...

What opp are u talking bro.

There is no opposition in d country.

Both are idiots!

Anonymous said...

if all that the current govt do is wrong, what will they do if they form the next govt?

afterall, they will more or less stick to the same set of economic and development policy.

what is actually wrong?

pro-Pakatan said...

bagi la peluang kat pakatan bentuk kerajaan.

kita tgk siapa lebih hebat!

Anonymous said...

to mr cinema,

if an opposition party works together with the ruling party, better dont become an opposition. call in a mixed-government.

we cannot have that in malaysia

lennon said...

semua yg bn buat tak betul.

buat je, kena bangkang.

kalau semua tak betul, macam mana pembangkang nak terajui kerajaan dan negara.

sebabnya, kalau mereka buat cara lain, rakyat takkan setuju!


Anonymous said...

how to be constructive bro when they are so much in haste and greed to wrest power!

they lost their balance and mind.

Anonymous said...

Everybody in the PR team wants the Rear Admiral to be PM. They are using him as a scape goat.

And if he gets to be PM, they will blackmail him for projects etc as reward. Simple as ABC.


Anonymous said...

mana bolih main bagi peluang. you have to earn it, beb. dah bagi 4 states masih dok berterabok , what more athe whole country. dap and pas used to be the check and balance og=f the rakyat but now with AI who is crazy and wants to be a PM no matter what, then forgetr it. that asshole is a crazy guy.

Anonymous said...

we dont need such an opposition if their only role is to reject everything the govt do.

perhaps the opp should try singapore...

Anonymous said...


Kalau Pembangkang tidak Tegas Terhadap Kemunkaran Kemunkaran Najib dan Kroni Kroni Beliau, maka mereka akan ingat rakyat tidak serious membangkang cara pemerintahan beliau...

Ini Bukan Bermakna pemusnah..

Pemusnah Society yang mendapat sokongan UMNO adalah Perkasa.. Dan Gangster Gangster dari UMNO..

Macam Mana Kamu boleh anggap BN itu passive sedangkan ahli ahli dan kuncu kuncu mereka suka sekali membuat kacau dan merosak hartabenda pembangkang.

Joe Black