Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Of good and lousy press-secs and lousy and good ministers...

A senior minister just 'removed' his loyal and hard-working press secretary, reclassifying him to another department. However, after clearing up his office, this poor guy has yet to receive any letter to enable him to assume his new position.

As a press sec for almost four years, I believe he has done his best. He safeguarded his boss interest to the extent that nobody, especially the media know what kind of a person he is - in public and in office.

He took care of the media wherever his boss goes, ensuring the coverage he gets is well-displayed both in print and electronic media.

The minister, an egoistic and highly proud of his portfolio and a perfectionist pretender, never took notice how much his press sec and other officials are among the best, few of whom are much better than those serving the prime minister and his deputy.

He is 'okay' as a minister but he is easily led. He loves those who flower him with good words, those who make chummy by feeding him with good lies and false reports.

And ever since a new media team - led by his former press sec who quit on him at his previous portfolio - came in few months ago, the boss was convinced that this is the right media people to serve him. And with a bossy lady officer (a Puteri Umno) aiming to become the next Puteri chief in the team, this new special officer is now holding the minister by his balls.

So influential he is that the minister listens and believe in everything he says. This officer rejoined him in a very desperate situation after his contract with another minister wad not renewed.

Ever since rejoining his former boss, he and the Puteri State chief are allowed to demonise the office, resulting in the minister to sideline those who have served him for a long time. Is is true that this officer also claims of holding the key to the ministry's contracts?

I guess its also part of the reasons why the boss has been chiding his press sec of late, including calling him 'al-Qaeda' in public!

Now, the second case, a lousy press secretary. This lady, formerly from an English newspaper, should go back to reporting.

Her boss is a good minister from East Malaysia, well-known for his strong English and having hands-on in any policy, unlike the minister in the first case I mentioned earlier.

However, his press sec ia totally lost and I guess she is not aware of the developments taking place at the ministry.

Why? I recently prepared her boss' text speech for a function. Its all about innovation and R & D. Lots of fact and figures which I took from the ministry's website, research institutes and other sources.

Upon submission, she questioned me and contested the details, and that's when I discovered what a stupid press sec she is.

It was only a month earlier when DPM Muhyiddin Yassin delivered a keynote address on the same topic - innovation - and most of the figures in the text speech I prepared came from that event.

How come she was not aware of it? Such basic and simple figures should be at her finger tips as it came from her ministry. She is totally lost!


Anonymous said...

OMG. Ministers hire you to write their speech.

No wonder, a lot of them are rubbish and low standard.


Anonymous said...

Bro Jai,

Juz in case u x know, or perhaps u knew it all along...the woman press secretary (lady is a dignified word unfit for a description here) used to have a live-in bf who is now the editor of Rocketkini, the malay version of dap's party organ...he was rejected by all d english dailies for being inept and simply lazy...and eventually as a belut went back to lumpur lah -- rocketkini...

His gf is a sex-addict and is everything for everyone (the bf does x know this, her usual self comes into being during her outstation trips), a heavy drinker and obviously a chain smoker...

In short, she s juz a plain slut, period.

I think Dr Max should be looking for a replacement...

As for Nick, i am sorry for him to have been treated this way...he is a good man, but the same could x be said of the newer press person...sacked by his former boss but embraced by this big-mouth good-for-nothing minister...

Bro Jai, u should also expose a practicing gay who was a press secretary of a minister whose ministry used to be close neighbour of this big-mouth minister!!!

Jeng Jeng Jeng!!! The faggort is now heading the ministry's corporate comm team...the best part is that d minister has no cue whatsoever but his whole office (clue: on the 30th floor) knew about it...minister's wife is a buddy of this faggort, perhaps bcos the minister is bz with some starlets!!! He3

Did you get my drift???

Aku Peduli Apa @ APA said...

Email me these F**k**s detail.Let me exposed them in my blog.Tak perlu kias kias...

Anonymous said...

Memang inilah kerja orang umno, macam mana negara tak lingkup,puak inilah yang shit where they live.

Orang Dalam said...


kalau yang dimaksudkan ialah nik khushairi SUA hisham, aku setuju dan sokong apa yang kau tulis.

memang hisham tak nampak kebaikan pegawainya. apa yang dia tahu ialah pegawainya mesti ikut apa saja arahan, biarpun ia tak sesuai. pegawai yang cerdik dan lebih pintar daripada dia akan dipandang serong.

nik ni dah buat segala yang terdaya untuk menjaga naik baik hisham dan kementerian dalam negeri. tapi malangnya, dia bukan jenis yang suka mengampu macam pegawai khas yang baru masuk tu.

agaknya hisham suka pegawai yang mengampu dan sentiasa bagi dia berita gembira. aku rasa ada lagi menteri dan pemimpin umno yang perangainya macam ni.

kesian nik. aku juga kesiankan tun faisal yang jadi mangsa keadaan di KDN. disebabkan seorang pegawai khas yang disayangi dan dipercayai sepenuhnya oleh hisham, orang lain dianggap buruk belaka.

biarkanlah. suatu hari nanti hisham akan sedar yang mana satu kaca, yang mana satu berlian!

yang dibimbangkan, mungkin masa tu semuanya dah terlambat!

Anonymous said...

some press secretaries are damn good, bro but some are useless!

i dont know how press secretaries are picked but i am sure of one thing - they are the gatekeeper to the bosses and the ministries

masih di BH said...


who are the minister in case 1 and 2 and who are the press sec?

as for the lousy and stupid press sec, she better calls it quit!

buluh kasap said...

menteri sepatutnya lebih rapat dengan setiausaha akhbarnya kerana dialah yang menentukan naik atau masyhurnya seseorang menteri dan kementerian.

SUA bertanggungjawab penuh menjaga rahsia kementerian dan bosnya, di samping menguruskan apa yang patut disiarkan oleh akhbar.

dia juga adalah orang paling rapat dengan akhbar dan mengenali semua bos dan wartawan terbabit.

jika seorang menteri mengenepikan SUAnya, sama ada menteri berkenaan yang tak betul atau SUAnya yang tak berapa cekap.

tetapi dalam kes kedua ni, dia patut resign je!

a blogger too said...


aku dah trace anon 3.47 yg selalu ganggu blog kau ni.

kalau kau nak tau siapa, call aku. dia ni kawan kita gak.

ntah apa yang dia sakit hati kat kau, aku pun tak tau.

Anonymous said...

just name them lor!

we want to know what actually happened.

Anonymous said...

oiii sial!

jangan tunjuk terer la.

satu kabinet najib mungkin kenal kau tapi jangan cuba campur urusan orang lain. kau jaga la bontot hisham tu, jangan nak ambil tahu hal kementerian lain!

old jaguar said...

i wonder if the minister who removed his press sec is at parcel D...

am i right...?

pocahontas said...

siapa dia ayam tambatan baru datuk hisham tu? nak tau jugak.

bekas press sec dia?

eh... rasa2 macam tau je!

dia tu memang samdol! berlagak pandai tapi bengap. orang lain punya article pun dia claim dia yg tulis, lepas tu bagitahu pada menteri. menteri pun percaya buta...

lennon said...


i heard the lady press sec was fuming mad over your posting.

let her lar. she always think she's the best!

nasi & kicap said...

ke mana nik selepas ni?

suruh dia balik ke star je bro. dia reporter yang bagus.

atau kau bawak je dia jumpa pm ke... mesti ada jawatan untuk staf yang tekun macam dia ni.

Anonymous said...

I am shocked with the personal and vile comments by readers on innocent victims. They are treading on personal issues which has no basis.Why are you guys so sick? If you have anything personal against their profession, go ahead and grill them. But to bring in their personal lives is a real cheap shot. Can you swear by Allah that you have not committed any sin? Ask yourself please, talk to your conscience. And you will know that all human beings are sinners. I pray to Allah that he will show you that what you are doing is absolutely wrong. What if the people involved in this discussion happen to be your brothers, sisters or even wives? Do you give this a thought. All I can deduce from the post and the comments are people with huge egos and those who were ambitious but never made it in the mainstream. So they resort to running down others who have not hurt them personally one bit. Think hard gentlemen, you will face Allah on judgment Day and the Hereafter. It will be too late to repent or bertaubat by then.

Anonymous said...

Tak faham la tulisan ni, kenapa sampai komen nak kata orang tu bodoh? ada orang tu kata dia tulis ucapan tapi bila orang bertanya, maka orang yang bertanya tu bodoh? awak tu pandai sangat ke sampai tak boleh ditanya? kalau betul jawap je la, pehal lak nak panggil orang tu bodoh? yang komen ni pun satu hal, dah tak ingat lagi adab susila... main hentam je.. ingat ingat la weh, bukan semua orang sempurna

Anonymous said...

Bujai. why dont u expose Nizam Isa aka Kicap? That bastard is ruining Zambry, after so many compalints was lodge to Mamak Zambry, Kicap is still there.

Please expose Kicap bastard