Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Is everything all right with Umno now?

Very alarming!

The findings that disclosed 47 out of 191 Umno divisions were sabotaged during the last general election should send a strong message to the party's top leadership. Something was not right then, obviously.

However, is everything all right now for Umno to brace the 13th general election? I don't have the answer but I do have some observations to share.

Who were the saboteurs in 2008? The grassroot members or divisional office bearers themselves, especially those not nominated as election candidates?

The Malays are still thick in back-stabbing and back-bitting. Some people who lost their seat to a new candidate may turn into one of the party's greatest enemy within. For instance, a division head who had to pave the way for his deputy to contest would become the among the party's greatest enemies within.

He launched a campaign not to vote for his deputy and incited members to vote for the Opposition as a symbol of protest. An unperforming wakil rakyat, the division head felt his position was being threatened, thus such a bad disposition would ensure his deputy to lose and the division head seat to remain his.

Plenty of money was circulated. As a division head, he grabbed almost all projects and allocations for his division, making him from rag to rich during his one or two terms tenure as a Yang Berhormat. And with this money, members (voters) who supported him then were paid either to vote for the Opposition or not to vote at all.

I am not sure if that 47 divisions exposed by Umno vice-president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is precise but I agree that those involved should be axed or expelled from the party. Umno needs a big clean up before the national poll as to avoid the recur of the 2008 disaster.

There are many reason as to why members cast their protest votes in 2008. Among which are their dissension toward the choice of candidate, their dissatisfaction over branch and division heads and their frustration over the top leadership's failure to address some of their woes.

There is no need for me to write a lengthy me posting as I have written many over the past few years, especially during the party's General Assembly last year.

However, I would like Zahid to publicly disclose which are the 47 divisions affected during 2008 poll. By looking at the names who lead the divisions, we could easily identify the culprit and take action.

We don't need these people around.

But again, is everything all right with Umno now?


member since 1976 said...

umno is still not in good shape. if general election is held now, i dont think it can garner as much parliament seats as it plans.

umno must be re-engineered to fit into the needs of malaysians, and not the malays only.

there are still plenty of loopholes to be covered and sentiment on the ground must be look into first, seriously.

otherwise, another disaster will struck!

penangan said...

salam tuan,

ketika ulang tahun ke-66 umno di stadium bkt jalil, stadium penuh sesah, melimpahi had 100,000 orang.

begitupun, ia tidak mencerminkan keteguhan umno dalam ertikata sebenar. yang datang pada hari tu adalah mereka yang di KL dan selangor serta kawasan berhampiran.

kita masih perlukan pendekatan terbaik untuk mendapatkan sokongan padu ahli akar umbi, dan bukannya golongan yang mendapat habuan parti saja.

muka2 lama yang dah pegang jawatan peringkat bahagian dan pusat beberapa penggal perlu digantikan dengan orang baru. rata2 ahli sudah muak dengan orang lama yang hanya menjaga kepentingan sendiri saja.

saman ekor said...

get rid of all the rotten dead woods from the party's election list.

they have been there for too long and already filthy rich!

Anonymous said...


i believe umno 2008 and 2012 is still the same. no changes thus far to correct what is supposed to be corrected.

always the same people who got umno and govt contracts. the new and upcoming have to beg.

umno is not being fair either to its grassroot members. why? they are seldom heard!

Anonymous said...

of course umno is not in a good shape!

halilintar said...

muka2 lama dalam umno dah menjelekkan. ada ketua menteri dan menteri besar yang mesti digugurkan pada pru akan datang demi menaikkan semula imej umno di mata ahli dan rakyat malaysia.

kalau pm tak buat sesuatu dari sekarang, nescaya umno akan terus dirundung nasib malang seperti tahun 2008.

najib perlu berani buat keputusan dan tidak dipengaruhi oleh sesiapa.

wan rashid, klang said...


u are so worried about umno. good.

however, i dont think the leaders share your sentiment. they are so confident that umno and bn will easily trash the opposition in the next general election.

lets wait and see...

lehman said...

umno jgn asyik cari kesalahan orang lain.

kesalahan sendiri masih ada dan perlu dibetulkan.

jgn nanti kerana terlalu merenung kuman di seberang lautan, gajah depan mata pijak kita sampai mampus!

Anonymous said...

a good question.

here is the answer - umno is still plagued with serious problems, right from the top to the bottom.

only that those at the top are ignoring these teething problems because they are so busy making money!

masih di BH said...

apa agaknya jawapan datuk najib, muhyiddin dan yg lain2 kalau baca posting kau ni.

tapi aku yakin kalau baca pun, diorang akan buat bodoh sombong je!

Anonymous said...

2008..the grass root loath UMNO especially Pak Lah and his butt kissers.


Anonymous said...

Biar BN/UMNO mampus

Anonymous said...


umno seriously need to rid itself from 75% of the current ministers, mp's, adun's and bring in new, committed and dedicated people as the new breed of leaders. the recent brag of 100,000++ attendees to the 66th (should it not be counted from the date of the new registration of UMNO Baru) annual anniversary cannot be taken as most of them were bused in and each division were forced to bring a certain number of people to the event. In most BN/govt seminars or public events, the various government depts send memos to all civil servants to attend such events which is a waste of both the tax payer's money and civil servants time. However, that is another story.i don't see the top people in UMNO is willing and/or able to discard the old faces for new. As long as this trend remains, no matter how high Najib's rating is, it cannot survive the next round. I had high hopes for Najib, but his gutless leadership coupled with flip-flop decision in all things/policies shows that he is not PM material. The fact is neither could Muhyiddin fill the vacuum. My idea would be
1) in the coming general election drop 75% of the current MP's
2) all ministers who have issues of corruption, bad management and leadership skills and morality be dropped
3)the 5 top leaders in UMNO declined for nomination in the next UMNO general assembly. Bring back elections for all posts in the party. scrap away the conditions for nominations etc.

The above rule should apply to all parties within the BN coalition. Then people will support BN.

kelasi said...

alrite sikit2 je umno ni. alrite banyak bila dekat pilihanraya dan dekat pemilihan peringkat parti.

betol kan?

Anonymous said...


Its Interesting that you did not mention Tun Abdullah Badawi as the Sole Culprit for the loss of several states in the last elections!!

Everyone (especially so Tun Mahathir) else except yourself seems to think that he was the reason for UMNO's Demise.

You said:
"Umno needs a big clean up before the national poll as to avoid the recur of the 2008 disaster."

Hmmm To Clean up in a few months!?
Its not like cleaning up the floor with a broom. If that's what you think....There is little hope then?

Joe Black

Anak Omak Kembali said...

KJ tikam Najib, bantu Anwar