Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bersih plans a coup!

No! Bersih is not about fair and clean election. Its actually a 'war' to bring down a legitimate government by force.

If the Opposition leaders are level-headed enough, they wouln't have staged that ugly rally. They knew that such a tactic might cause or prompt the Prime Minister do delay the general election.

Its a simple logic - no point to dissolve the Parliament and call for a national poll if this filthy Bersih refutes it. And what is the assurance that the general election wll be trouble-free since their allegation of vote riggings and other accusation still linger on?

After a brief analysis, I arrived at a simple conclusion that the Opposition was not looking forward for a general election.

They actually plan to topple the government. They want to stage a coup.

There are already suggestion for Malaysians to change the government before the general election. Some of their blogs also shared similar idea - that Barisan Nasional government must be toppled first as the pre-requisite to hold a national poll.

Means that once BN govt is overcame via a coup, Pakatan Rakyat will takeover, and the decision whether or not to have a general election will be their call.

Its the dirtiest thing ever to happen to Malaysian politics if the plan goes through and if the majority supports them. For the time ever, a government in Malaysia would be formed without the support from the electorates.

Its all about power, about taking Putrajaya by force. Had any of the army generals or high-ranking officers of Bukit Aman agreed to join them, I believe the coup had taken place.

However, we are lucky to have a loyal army and police forces behind us. Otherwise, the country will join the list of nations like Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Haiti and others.

We are also grateful to majority of the civil servants - although many are with the Opposition but earning a living on BN payroll - for not participating in Bersih.

A coup in Malaysia will definitely involve foreign forces and foreign fundings. The Opposition leaders, in citing examples of 'uprising' in Algeris, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Libya, Syria and other Middle East countries, have forgotten the most important criteria of Malaysia - that we are not a one race nation.

They failed to recognise the needs of a multi-racial politics. They simply ignore politics of the moderates. Instead, they subscribe politics of extremism which can be destructive to inter-racial and inter-relious harmony.

The objective of Bersih is none other to gain world attention toward what they claimed as an autocratic BN government, forgetting that once they stage a coup, they will lead a dictator regime.

And Bersih also gives an adverse perspective of the country, that it is now out of control in many aspects, including security, dwindling of the economy and other crisis.

They don't need a national poll. All that they want is to topple a government which is elected by the rakyat via the ballot papers. That's should explain everything.


bingo said...

If they dare to change d govt before election, they are also prepared to kill as many people just to attain their objectives.

I hope malaysians are aware of that!

lim brady said...

Anewar, ambiga and friends should by now have realized that what they are doing get support from the money spent to woo students in bersih 3.0.

Without the foreign fund, bersih would not be able to draw such a big turnout.

However, they must also know that their fate in the next election has been decided by the manner in which bersih was organised.

Voters have had enough of all these craps!

penangan said...

Salam tn,

Saya ada terbaca blog aspan mengenai plot menukar kerajaan terlebih dahulu sebelum pilihanraya boleh diadakan.

Memang sah ini adalah satu cubaan rampasan kuasa secara paksa dan mungkin mencetuskan pertumpahan darah.

Kenapakah kita ingin menjerumuskan negara ini ke dalam kancah perang saudara hanya kerana inginkan kuasa?

Anonymous said...

Bersih got strong support from multi-racial malaysians, esp the young generation.

This reflects the aspiration of the masses for a complete change, not only the govt but in most of the policies.

Didnt u see that?

son of sabah said...

Steady anwar, go on ambiga!

Dont listen to what they say. Unseat BN!

budak sekolah said...

Nampaknya anwar lebih sukakan kekerasan dan pertumpahan darah seperti yg berlakundi negara lain.

Kalau begitu, eloklah diorang ni yg mampus dulu!


askar melayu said...

A coup?

Try la if they dare!

Anonymous said...

"the confiscation of memory cards and cameras belonging to journalists during the Bersih 3.0 rally were part of the police's standard operating procedure (SOP)." [Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, 29 Apr 2012]

"tindakan polis merampas kamera dan rakaman wartawan yang membuat liputan perhimpunan BERSIH 3.0 Sabtu lalu bukan sebahagian daripada garis panduan operasi polis (SOP)." [KPN, 30 Apr 2012]

inilah jenis manusia yang memimpin kerajaan sekarang ni. Cakap ikut sedap mulut.Lingkup negara macam ni kalau mereka terus berkuasa.

cikgu pencen said...

usahlah porakperandakan negara kerana nak rebut kuasa.

sebarang rampasan kuasa akan hanya mencetuskan pertumpahan darah.

tunggulah pilihanraya umum, tunjukkan kemampuan dahlu...

Anonymous said...

you have no proof at all to your comments, this is fear mongering and only creates more problems than there is... you should never post something like this without any proof ! ! very irresponsible

Ibnu Sina said...

Anwar is dead. Azmin is dead. PKR is dead. PAS is dead.

bourne identity said...

a coup? Over our dead bodies first.... from exvat69ers...

Anonymous said...

They talk bersih but actually kotor

talk peaceful but actually violent and destructive

talk sit-in protest but actually rampage

talk free and fair elections but actually wrest power thru force

talk about freedom of speech but actually GAG order

talk about transparency but award tenders to cronies

talk about honour but actually main kayu tiga and icecream

pening pening pening

mr kudita said...

A coup?

Not easy.

Over my dead johnny...

Anonymous said...

Sekiranya PR berjaya menawan Putrajaya, kita kan mempunyai PM yang mempunyai masaalah moral.Dunia akan mentertawakan kita; bagaimana seorang PM hendak mentadbir negara sedangkan didalam kepalanya sentiasa memikirkan "benda tu je". Berjayanya Anwar Ibrahim menjadi PM,ia juga adalah satu kemenangan buat Amerika dan juga Israel.Saya percaya Malaysia akan bertukar menjadi negara secular sebagaimana yang ididamkan oleh DAP,dan segala amalan nilai nilai Islam akan dihapuskan-tiada lagi doa doa,tiada lagi upaacara yang berunsur Islam dan segalanya akan dihapuskan.Ini adalah juga sebahagian dari kehendak mereka yang suka mengamalkan sek songsang.

Anonymous said...

a coup, are sure are you dnt be carried away too much , how can an opposition stage a coup when all the institutions ( army , police, Rela, dll )are with the incumbent goverment...a revolution look realistic but malaysia is not that problematic for a revolution so the writer of the article is dreaming...actually the raayat want a simple and fair election....

Anonymous said...

Just nab d fuckers la. Dont give a damn to what d opposition or d foreigners say. This is our country.

Hisham, takut ka?

Alisha Residenc said...

anda boleh sila pertukaran pautan, sila? Saya akan melakukan perkara yang sama,
laman saya
berharap anda jangan keberatan

Yugie said...

OMG!Just read this blog!SRSLY?Bersih is for coup?Like you know....May 13, where the BN essentially negated all votes b4 the event and took power?(Link here: I suppose all the bersih supporters all hiding parangs under their shirts as well?Maybe some even got machine gun!MUST STOP THEM!They probably have some sort of teleportation machine in dataran merdeka which they will use to teleport to putrajaya(you know,the seat of political power)and kill all the government supporters!That's probably the real reason for bersih!Luckily our wise leaders ,especially our KL datuk bandar which KL people cannot elect,managed to stop them.They're even so kind and merciful, they ONLY use tear gas and water cannons.And of corse they must jam all communications in KL on the day of bersih not becuz they don't want live streams of certain parts of the event to get out, its actually to stop anwar from contacting his alien allies from coming to help him!Tinfoil hats for everybody!Seriously,where is the proof?