Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A-ahhh.... Not now!

A-ah! PM's announcement that he will be tabling Budget 2013 at the Parliament on Sept 28 doused off all speculations that the national polls would be held before Hari Raya Puasa. It also puts all contemplations at base.

But then, rumor mongering has no stopping. People from the top to the laymen are now quite certain that general election has to be by year end. Could it be November or October once the the Budget reaches Dewan Negara?

There are also suggestions for the polls to be called latest by February next year before the Cabinet terms expires. But this would be too late and could be seen as Najib's effort to frustrate the Opposition. It would also be perceived as a sign that BN is having problems and that it needs until the last minute to prepare it for elections.

A text message I received seconds after Najib's announcement today said, "Looks like PM is listening to the warlord (Tun Dr Mahathir)".

I don't know and I don't want to comment on that but the former Prime Minister had, in an interview with Bloomberg two days ago made a staggering remark that Najib's government was not ready for the general election now and for that, Najib should call for the polls sometimes after Ramadan (the fasting month).

Of course its not suitable to have it during Ramadan. It could be held during Hari Raya but again, nothing was pointing to that although there were rumors that the government would be giving out bonuses to the civil servants before Hari Raya.

And now that Sept 28 is Budget Day, all speculations and prophecies about the 'soon to be held election' have subsided.

I believe the Opposition is caught by surprise too. After all the campaigning since early this year, they have to take some extra months to hammer the government, finding new issues and refreshing their tactics.

But what's the point of calling for a general election if the Opposition fails to give assurances that there would not be any problems during election campaign? They are so fond of taking to the streets now, and this is a big worry for everybody.

With their Bersih still disputing the electoral system, do we need an election now as they have the tendency of boycotting the poll or taking to the streets again?

I think Najib is taking into account all these issues. Whether he takes Tun Dr Mahathir's words for it, he is the boss now and its his prerogative rights to call the shots at the advise of the personnel around him.


Ahmadi Abdul Latif said...

Najib tgh memancing...bila ikan dh letih baru ler tali pancing ditarik habis.

Anonymous said...


better delay election until bersih and opp are satisfied with the electoral system.

otherwise, they will continue creating trouble.

pro-DAP said...


election budget, right? what a smart ass najib is. he thinks bn can win easily after tabling the budget.

penangan said...

salam tn,

ini strategi terbaik BN.

datuk najib ada sebab tersendiri untuk bentang belanjawan terlebih dahulu sebelum adakan pilihanraya umum.

pembangkang memang dah kempis dengan idea kerana harapkan pru diadakan sebelum bulan ramadan.

mereka terpaksa cari isu baru untuk hentam kerajaan.

kita sama2 tgk apa diorang akan buat selepas ni!

a beggar said...

budget is usually in october, as had been in the last 3 years.

why sept this time?

what's on your mind, mr pm?

sakuntala said...

what's d point of delaying the national polls?

if bn is weak, it will lose in time. but if its in good and stable condition, it will will regardless of its going to be an election budget or not.

the people are the deciding factor, NOT the budget!

kudin said...

sdr ahmadi,

pancing boleh pancing, kena tengok apa umpannya.

ikan sekarang pun dah pandai pilih umpan!


buluh kasap said...

selagi bersih tak puas hati dan tak percaya dengan sistem pilihanraya, buat apa adakan pilihanraya?

kang kalau kita adakan pilihanraya, habis satu negara kucar-kacir bila diorang berarak sana-sini dan musnahkan harta awam.

selagi diorang tak puas hati, jangan adakan pilihanraya ler, wahai tok jib!

Anonymous said...

no haste, pls dato najib. we better toy them around, frustrate them until they soak their pants.

as long as bersih disputes our electoral system, why must we call for an election?

after all, they are the ones losing patient over their plans to take over putrajaya.

the power is in your hands. so, use it to the good use!

Anonymous said...

bajet pilihanraya la tu. apa lagi.

ingat senang nak tipu rakyat lagi ke?

on the dot said...

why must he listen to dr mahathir, whose era is done and over with?

najib must lead his own path in managing the country.

i dont know about u people but i believe a leader must have a good sense and positive conscience in making decision without having to fall under others' influence!

Anonymous said...

BN is afraid of an immediate general election.

no balls!

Anonymous said...

Well for one, it spins the opposition into turmoil

always spring surprises on them to throw a spanner in their works

Anonymous said...


Sebenarnya Najib pun tak tahu bila dia patut adakan pilihanraya kerana yang membuat keputusan bukan nya dia...

Dia masih menunggu "Green Light" dari Mahaguru Mahathir..

Salah Salah buat Mahathir nanti kata tunggu lagi sampai tahun depan kerana beliau masih kurang yakin dengan sokongan dari rakyat bukan melayu..

Tak payah lah nak cakap pasal Najib memegang Kuasa... Yang Pegang Kuasa ramai tapi sah bukan beliau..

Joe Black

Anonymous said...


1-3 months from now will make No Difference..

But He is Increasing the Risk as Scopene Probe is hot on his heels....

Maybe that's the Great Dr M's way of getting rid og him before the elections!!!


valderama said...

so, pru is not imminent.

pakatan is fuming red over this, u know? they have spent lots of money for campaign, hoping election to be held latest by june.

padan muka!

nasi dan kicap said...

ada pru atau tak, rakyat miskin macam aku ni tak terjejas.

siapa pun naik atau turun, hidup kami macam ni jugak.

Anonymous said...


You silap....The opposition is rejoicing, Scopene Sting is coming just in time.. Lagi banyak benda sedang menunggu di expose!!


Anonymous said...

to nasi and kicap, if that is the kind of mentality that you have better dig a hole and jump. you are a hopeless guy with no future. hahaha

awe tupak said...

meme bijok tok najik ni...