Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Shiite governments support Anwar

A few Shiite countries in the Middle East are throwing support for Anwar Ibrahim and his Pakatan Rakyat. Despite DAP being the only non-Islamic party in the political pact, the support intensifies on the promise by a few PAS clerics that the Shiite will get more access and freedom should PR wins the next general election.

The Gulf diplomats whom I had supper with last night also drew attention to the possibility of a 'bloody uprising' similar to that of Libya, Egypt and Syria should the Shiite followers are given more space in the Federal administration.

They did mention three Shiite countries already having strong contact with Anwar and pledging full support for his quest to conquer Putrajaya in the next national poll.

Shiites flagellate themselves during Ashura

I will not mention the countries but Anwar, Nik Aziz, Hadi Awang, Mat Sabu and the rest know better.

No surprise if Lim Kit Siang, Karpal and Guan Eng are also aware of such a support and would welcome it as long as their common objective is attained. Any differences - should PR makes it to Putrajaya - can be resolved latter.

An estimated 120 million Shiites live in pockets scattered across the globe. But the bulk of them reside in the Middle East.

Shiites make up strong majorities in Iran (90 per cent), Bahrain (75 per cent), and Iraq (close to 60 per cent); Lebanon, too, is primarily Shiite. Small but potentially powerful Shiite are found throughout the Gulf States, as well as in Pakistan (17 per cent), Saudi Arabia (15 per cent), and India (around 2 per cent).

Many of the Persian-Gulf-based Shiites, particularly those in eastern Saudi Arabia and southern Iraq, inhabit lands rich in oil, which has created tension between the Shiites and their Sunni neighbors.

So, I leave it to readers to 'make a pick' from the list of Shiite nations that support Anwar. However, one country mentioned by the diplomats are not in the list above. Any wild guess? The clue is an oil-rich kingdom.

About 90 per cent of Malaysian Muslims recognise 'Sunnah wal-Jamaah' as the direction of their faith. The Sunni too forms the majority of Muslims around the world.

The Shiite is not a monolithic group. Most of its followers in the Middle East and southern Asia are so-called 'twelvers', who believe the twelfth imam, or descendant of Mohammed's son-in-law and cousin, Ali, is the only rightful ruler of the Muslim faithful (Shiism means 'partisans of Ali'); Shiite clerics derive their authority as deputies in his absence.

The second largest sect of Shiism is Ismailis, also known as 'seveners'; they believe Ismail, the eldest son of the sixth imam, Jafar al-Sadiq (twelvers accept his youngest son Musa al-Kazim), is the infallible interpreter of Islam.

Just like Catholic, Protestant, Anglican and other sects within Christianity, Shiite Muslims are often linked to extremism and are against the role of religion in political life.

So, I don't think Anwar's choice of getting their support is right in the context of multi-racial and multi-religious Malaysia. However, we can understand why the support is coming from such countries - the places he frequently visits.

I have travelled to all these countries, including Sudan, Algeria and Nigers and observed how the Shiites cuddled themselves together and treating others like 'aliens'. Their askance towards others indicates how fanatic they are of their sect.

In Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Lebanon and other Muslim countries, the confrontation between Shiite and Sunni are always about domination and power; and that explains the deadly bomb attacks which claims thousands of life in Iraq, Pakistan, Syria and Lebanon.

We can't afford such a confrontation here, in Malaysia. We have millions of non-Muslims in the country, and any feud among the Muslims will also affect them directly.

So, are we allowing them to dictate the administration?


Botak Alor Gajah said...


Shiites boleh muta'ah, depan boleh belakang pun boleh bro.

seven degree said...

that's dangerous, not only to the non-muslims but also to the country as a whole.

shiite teaching is not accepted in the country, and i dont know how more and more of them are here, especially in gombak and selayang.

if anwar chooses to have the shiite support, he is courting trouble.

the whole country will plunge into sect crisis.

Anonymous said...

which country?

anwar had been to iran, egypt, saudi and others.

could it be iran?

penangan said...

salam tn,

ajaran syiah tidak diizinkan di negara ini tetapi kerajaan langsung tidak berbuat sesuatu untuk membendungnya.

biarpun mereka juga beragama islam, tauhid mereka jauh bezanya dengan sunnah wal-jamaah.

gambar yang tuan paparkan itu dipanggil 'haul', iaitu memukul diri sendiri hingga memercikkan darah sebagai cara membuang dosa.

ini langsung tidak diamalkan di dalam al-quran.

jadi, kenapa perlu kita mendekati syiah?

MKT said...

anwar is desperate for power.

any desperado will seek support from anybody, including from the enemies.

so, its not a new thing.

isn't he also a friend of israel?

Anonymous said...

sokongan syiah?

biar betul si nuar ni.

dah senget ke apa?

uptown said...

then, wisma putra should send a protest note to the said countries, not to meddle in our domestic affairs.

in this manner, anwar will lose the support

zon hitam said...

apa salahnya dengan syiah? mereka pun islam?

daripada kita dikristiankan, elok ikut syiah!

apa yang hebat sangat dengan kerajaan sunnah pulak?

Anonymous said...

anwar is in a desperate situation bro.

any support is appreciated.

no big deal about him getting support from the shiites

old jaguar said...

well written bro.

we cannot accept syiah teaching in malaysia. they are not following the true path of islam.

those who know what syiah is will stay clear from them