Sunday, April 15, 2012

PRU13: Over confident and undermining games

"I don't want to know or hear any problem. My officers in charge of my constituency know what is best to safeguard my interest. I pay them well and I believe in them. As far as general election is concerned, I am confident of retaining my Parliamentary seat. Forget about the Opposition... they are not my match." - a senior minister told me last week.

"Bro. No worries. I will take on any PR candidate for ..... (Parliamentary) seat (in Kelantan). We have conducted our survey. PAS will contest but its supporters are getting fed up with the leaders. So, I don't have to sweat it out. All reports are in my favor..." - a potential candidate said this over coffee in PJ.

"Hahaha. PM knows me, Jai. We are very close. He promised to retain me. Reports from my constituency is all about good thing. No Opposition threat," a deputy minister wrote this in a text message to my question about his chance in the next national poll.

All are Umno men, confident of winning and undermining the Opposition.

I met and told them about the stiff challenges awaiting them in the next general election. They laughed to point out that I was wrong and don't have bona fide evidence about the 'threat' from the Opposition.

They are my friends, the ones whom I often spend time following them in their trips back home. I know each and every officer serving their constituents and ministries. To me, some of them are just a pack of rotten wood who deliver nothing. Their main objective to join the pool is to get a few projects. Whatever happens next is none of their business.

I think I am more worried than they are about their 50-50 chance. 'No worries' is their favorite line and I am not sure if they get the right information from their appointed officials at the respective constituencies.

As one of the minister's senior officer told me: "My boss does not like bad or unpleasant news from officers at his constituency. Any problem would be left to them to settle. All that he cares is good and stimulating news."

I think PM and Umno President Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak will have a big problem here should his generals are taking the Opposition lightly. The problem will swell if they refuse to listen to news from the ground.

In 2008 national poll, I sent a text message to Datin Seri Wan Azizah on the eve of polling that her PKR would win at least 23 Parliament seats. We have differences in political ideology but friends are friends.

She was elated and replied that PKR would be happy enough to get 15. But they got 31 instead.

I also called some journo friends and aides to Umno candidates that Shahrizat, Samy Vellu, Tsu Koon and Aziz would lose their seat. A close friend of mine who was helping Awang Adek was mad at me when I said Awang could not win Bachok.

I have covered seven general elections. Some of my journo friends too have been with me making rounds throughout the country few months before any national poll was called. We have been passing the message to respective representatives of the prime ministers we had served but we believe it fell on deaf ears. I wonder whether it got to the prime ministers of not.

This has been the main obstacle for any PM to chart what is best to dominate the election result. The message didn't get across! Their cadres and advisers are too scared to pass on the 'bad news' to them as it will reflect the weakness of Umno at all levels - division to State's liaison committee.

As ministers and deputy ministers, they regard themselves too high and so perfect to attend to such 'petty' matters. In the 2nd case above, the potential candidate failed to capitalise on PAS weakness in his constituency. Knowing how mad PAS supporters are toward their leaders, this Umno division chief did not do anything to leverage on it. And he is so sure of winning!

I have written many articles in newspapers about Umno and Barisan Nasional. During Umno General Assembly last year, I did three postings on 'My Umno' and received overwhelming support from readers. But I have a feeling that Umno leaders who also read have forgotten about it.

As a grassroot member - and other journo bloggers and fellow-bloggers who know much about the situation on the ground - such information will continue to find its way up. Whether it reaches the right people or not, we are satisfied with our job and effort to lend our hands. Our intention is clear. And as to whether we are being appreciated or not, we don't care.

A-aahh... Almost forgotten another incident. On the eve of Kuala Terengganu by-election (parliament) on January 17, 2009, I told Ahmad Said that Wan Farid would lose... only to be chided by him and his men at the Media Center!

Nope! I didn't mind... and I didn't have the last laugh either. I was subdued!


a blogger too said...

let them be la bro.

we have done our best to help them.

its time to get a good rest...

masih di BH said...


aku ingat lagi masa di kuala trengganu di media center tu. hawau punya mat said. dia ingat pengundi tu dia dah beli semua.

ni semua penyakit dalam umno bro. diorang tak dengar cakap kita, wartawan ni. dia ingat kita saja je nak cakap yg calon dia menang atau kalah.

diorang ingat dah tau segala-galanya tanpa bantuan dari bawah.

pada pru13 ni, kita takyahlah susah2. biarkan je diorang atur sendiri dan rancangan kemenangan atau kekalahan masing2...

dah bosan bro! agaknya macam ni la ahli umno dan penyokong BN rasa!

member since 1976 said...

the biggest problem with our leaders is - they dont listen to us, they dont listen to the grassroot members.

they only listen to their officers. but these officers cheat reports and info in order to please the bosses.

reports from umno divisions are always adjusted to they 'joy' of state chief and top leadership.

top leadership will then take it for granted that everything is ok from top to bottom...

pro-Pakatan said...

i told u people many times already.

its time to change the government. u will lose nothing if u pick pakatan rakyat to control putrayaja after the next general election.

give it a try!

NMN said...

Bro Jai,
As I've mentioned before, the ruling party should never underestimate the opposition in PRU 13!

Whoaaa......since when you become Nujum Pak Belalang?

Perhaps our PM should appoint you as his Nujum Pak Belalang and LISTENS to your advice and recomendations rather than listening to his useless 'juak-juak'.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they just love and reward YES men who always deliver good news.

The dead wood must be axed and turned into charcoal to energise the young blood.

The concept of whistle blowers must not only be encouraged, it must be rewarded.

penangan said...

salam tuan,

rasanya pru tidak lama lagi. tun dr mahathir pun ada sebut hari ini bahawa ia 'bakal menjelma tak lama lagi'.

bagaimanapun, kita memang khuatir dengan sikap ambil mudah sesetengah pemimpin umno mengenai peluang kali ini. ada yang tidak bekerja kuat untuk mengekalkan kerusi yang ada agar tidak terlepas ke tangan pembangkang.

saya juga risau dengan gelagat segelintir calon yang sudah dapat merasakan yang dia akan digugurkan kali ini, langsung tidak berbuat apa2 agar calon yang menggantikannya menang kali ini. agaknya tak puas hati kerana bakal digugurkan.

ini pun penyakit besar di kalangan pemimpin peringkat bahagian umno...


lilin seinci said...

bagi membolehkan ahli umno mengundi umno dan barisan nasional kali ini, mudah je.



caplamangga said...

ahli bawahan macam kita ni umpama anjing menyalak bukit je bro.

tak guna bagi pandangan atau pendapat apa pun pada orang atasan. mereka takkan dengar punya.

tulislah berkoyan-koyan surat, susah nak sampai. kalau sampai pun, takkan baca punya.

umno makin sakit kalau macam ni... adduuhhhss!!!!

july morning said...


PM is too busy to read blogs or letters.

his aides too are busy making big bucks before the general election, afraid of being dropped from the list.

so, all words will fall on deaf ears!

a beggar said...

najib should employ u specially for the next pru bro. honest.

we cannot depend much on info dept, jasa or MIO anymore. they are getting inaccurate these days.

people like u and others could lend a big help to the govt.

lets see...

Anonymous said...

ahmad said, gani othman and a few more should be dropped from leading their states after the next general elections.

they are pain in the ass!

haris mentol said...

masa ni dah agak terlewat bagi input dan pandangan, bro.

pru dah makin hampir.

mereka yang terlalu yakin dan memandang rendah kemampuan pembangkang akan terkedu nanti.

biarkan je ler!

pak mamat said...

diorang nak menang ke, kalah ke, rakyat hidup macam biasa je bro.

diorang tak pedulik sangat hal di bawah ni. hal di atas lagi bagus... banyak massyuukkk!!!

Anonymous said...

if they dont listen to people on the ground, they will make the biggest ever mistake in their life!

tauke lim said...

najib only listens to rosmah.

that also u dont know aaar!!!

yop nilai 3 said...


i thot only daim and his prophecy.

u also!

terer la lu bro!


yop nilai 3 said...


i thot only daim and his prophecy.

u also!

terer la lu bro!


mat gombau said...


bia la dioghang tu. kalah monang, lantak dio lah.

kalau pakatan monang, dio tau la langit ni tinggi ko gondah.

tak payah kito susah2 ingekkan dio. tak terhantuk nanti, baghu la nak tengadah!

buek apo kito jo yg sayangkan parti dan nak parti kito monang, sodangkan dioghang suko2 yo!

karipuley said...


sooner or later, they will succumb to their own selfishness in ignoring the calls for improvement...

the time will come

Anonymous said...


Like i cakap hari itu.... Buang aja Ahmad Maslan dulu... kalau dah tahu masalah dia pun, PM tak nak jugak buat, so jangan salah kita lak.... dah berbueh mulut cakap suruh ganti orang kat Penerangan Umno tu. Ada orang kat bahagian cakap, kalau dia tak datang ceramah lagi banyak membantu Umno.... errrkkk u berani ke publish this comment... hehehehe i challenge u!!!


Anonymous said...

morning dato jai,

umno is faced with many problems, mostly caused by leaders who think they own the party and who do not wish to give opportunity to young and upcoming potential people to take over from them.

gone is mahathir era but things under najib do not look good as far as umno unity is concerned.

franco said...

kalau diorang dengar pendapat bawahan, dah tentu pandangan kau diterima, betul tak jai?

jadi, beginilah nasib orang bawahan macam kita ni... umpama melukut di tepi gantang.

ia akan berterusan sampai kiamat dan selagi umno masih wujud.

elyas tanjong said...


jom join aspan dan sakmongkol masuk dap atau kita tubuh parti baru.

mamanya umnomore!


Anonymous said...

Yes some are overconfident especially if they already have the votes from army camps and rela already in the bag and now we have 'new citizens' Thats why they don't need services and advice from bloggers