Thursday, April 26, 2012

Najib is all alone for Selangor...

Not a posting. Just a short note about Selangor and our (BN) chance of taking it back from Pakatan Rakyat in the next general election.

My observation - after some rounds, meeting people and placing my ears on some sensitive issues - it will get stiffer this time.

Nope! I am not a JASA member who has high confidence about our chance in the State. I am just an ordinary citizen whose concern is thicker than that of JASA and even Umno leaders in Selangor.

PM and Umno President Najib may shoulder the task as the State's Umno Liaison Committee chairman but I don't think he gets the kind of cooperation and support he expects.


Umno Selangor is in a state of tatter. Bickering for positions at division level is getting rampant, especially when the national poll draws nearer.

And of course the Opposition has just the right leverage to keep the State, at least for another term.

Sad that the boss seems to be all alone in this battle. His generals in Selangor are having their own kind of personal battle.

I do not wish to say more...


long john silver said...

so, who says its going to be easy?

i think terengganu will also fall to the opposition, bro.

people at the top are not aware of this, that their subordinates are playing drama about their chance of winning.

tauke lim said...

what is noh omar doing?

almost nothing la. he enjoys making statements and not attending to the problems plaguing umno selangor

that also u dont know aaar!!!

omar dengkil said...

ala bang.

jasa rasa dia dah banyak jasa sebab bagi laporan kepada kerajaan padahal banyak laporan dia tu silap.

buat apa bagi gaji tinggi kat diorang ni?

di selangor pun, saya tengok petugas jasa ni cuma datang sekali sekala dan hanya jumpa orang yang dia kenal je.

sorilah nak jumpa rakyat marhain ni!

pro-Pakatan said...


told u people already. dont bank you hope on umno anymore. we have pkr, a better party for selangor.

Anonymous said...

No he is not alone. First PM should sack the ketua bahagian salim sujak who have been the biggest reason for BN losing selangor to Pakatan. He and his band of men and women who were protected by the MB then to day they have the cheek to claim they are najib's men. If he still is then yes expect a defeat. He and his useless conspiring team will want to hang on to power and be power brokers.

So expect UMNO to be at war with each other because that is the sure way of power broking. PM, despatch a biggest lorry you cand throw these trash of parasites and garbage- do it before they will cucuk everywhere becasue they dont care. They want power and influence at whatever cost. THey know so many in UMNO selangor want to throw up when Salim talk about 'we do this for rakyat. He and khir toyo destroyed UMNO in PRU 12- dont let him do it again.

There are more UMNO members who will sacrifice and work hard , people who love the country, the party and beleive in the PM's leadership. PM must stand firm even if they are his people.Get more professionals to step in and help selangor .

The selangor women need new leaders badly. The leftover from last election are jaded and ineffective.

PM, now is the time.
Pakatan and PKR are in a mess in selangor - seize the moment and give selangor UMNO worthy leaders for both men and women. Acknowledge them now whoever you choose- to stop the politicking and sabotaging. But do not trust the running dogs of Khir toyo when he was in power. They are sharks looking for new sukcers.


Party Perikatan said...

Well Najib cant do it alone. Looks like there arent any suitable leader in Selangor cause everyone is greedy for something. Good Luck BN

Anonymous said...

Noh omar tak buat keje....

Anonymous said...

The main problem with UMNO leaders are they always thought they are better in everything. They will NOT listen to others especially new blood. They always want yes man and always ignore new ideas. Those who are clever them them will be chopped off in the next assembly. Pity those old horses.

TAK NAK 3B said...


Its the lesser of 2 evils. Bukan sayang BN tapi tak percaya pada Pakatan- MOnster 3B- Pas Bodohkan melayu. PKR Bohongkan Melayu, DAP -Bahaya sebab anti- Melayu. Tak sanggup dan tak sampai hati nak gadai masa depan anak-anak dengan memilih PKR. Harap BN sedar dan improve while you still can. Bila wujudnya parti alternatif yang boleh dipercayaai, akan sudah terlambat bagi BN.

Anonymous said...

Selangor is lost as BN is also lost with creative ideas for the state. Just imagine, there is no competent woman minister in the whole of malaysia to replace sharizat that PM had to take her place.

Anonymous said...

Only KJ is somewhat credible in the whole of BN but even him as Umno Youth Chief does not whole a minister's post. That alone shows what PM's transformation programme is all about ie good slideware by PEMANDU.

Anonymous said...

sorry to say but it is stupid things to do to send trucks of police to "layan" the BERSIH.We are giving them the "provocative" tool to make the day "happening" for Ambiga! If we leave them alone do their things and let them have some "woodstock" fun at the dataran, they will eventually got bored and will go home comes Sunday and back to office on Monday..and except of course most of the Malays ..melepak kat rumah dan merempet sebab takde kerja. Don't worry about the safety of the public because all the good citizens will stay away from Dataran and won't bother to waste their time for nothing!