Wednesday, April 4, 2012

KBBgate - the 'true' story

KBBgate, the story and drama behind it.

Someone who was part of the deal wants readers to know this - that it will be a waste of time getting Anwar Ibrahim to give evidence in the court. Commenting on my previous posting 'KBB'gate - why Anwar hates the subpeona', this fella writes:

"You will get nothing out of it. The most he can say is he knows Faiz.

"They borrowed the money to buy Arus Murni and KBB from Idris Hydraulic. The money did not disappear as alleged by (blogger) RPK. Idris received the money, chanelled it to (finance company) KBB before transferring it legally to Arus Murni."

Low Theam Hoe only wants to dramatise the whole thing in the court hearing. He borrowed the money and refused to pay the loan.

"Who is Low Theam Hoe. He is the right hand man of Teh Soon Seng. Remenber him. This is the man behind Aokam Perdana, Golden Plus and Idris Hydraulic.

"These companies were the darling stock of KLSE during the 1990s. They made tons of money from this stock. Everybody who are close to Teh also made money including Low.

"Hamzah was his close friend. He was the executive director of Idris. Faiz was the company secretary.

"When they made big profits, they laughed all the way to the bank but when they started to lose, they orchestrated the blaming game."

The big question here is, why did Hong Leong pursue the case again after they stop for awhile in 2005?

"Maybe they found out that this Low is still a rich guy and keeps lots of money in Hong Kong.

"They borrowed RM420 million but Low's portion was only RM28 million. All other borrowers paid their loan except Low who refused to pay his dues. Do you think he deserves our sympathy? I dont think so!"

Those who follow judge Tun Zaki's ruling in the Federal Court, he said if you borrow the money from the bank, you have to pay up... 'and don't come up with the grandmother story to get the court sympathy'.

"I am telling you this with certainty because I was involved directly in the deal."

Thank you, 'Dato' Murad'!


evergreen said...

certainly anwar and friends are involved.

but how do they explain where and how the money was spent as no proper record is available, except with the bank?

someone should take up full responsibility in this

ex-banker said...

hope this dato murad come forward and give full details of the transaction.

if possible, appear in court to assist investigation and trial

Anonymous said...

banyak duit tuuuu...

boleh buat jalan seluruh negeri johor!

Anonymous said...

Inilah BERKAT doa dan solat hajat pakatan yg dilakukan HARI HARI olen anwar, nik aziz and the gang

hah, semua yg busuk dan tengik pun terdedah lah