Thursday, April 19, 2012

How reliable is JASA?

Me and a few friends, among whom are senior journos and high ranking govt officials, just looked at each other in disbelief after reading a newspaper report while having afternoon tea in Bandar Kinrara yesterday.

Nothing extraordinary about the report. What awed us is the disappointment for having to read and accept that same grandfather's fiddlestick story, again and again.

It's about JASA, the government's fact-finding machinery which is entrusted to help Barisan Nasional strategise its political approach, especially in detecting the rakyats' increasing or deteriorating support for the government.

And of course the government relies heavily on such feedbacks in charting the right policy and program for the people. In fact, the perfect timing to call for a general election also takes into account their recommendation.

However, how reliable is JASA and its findings? How much trust is PM Najib have on them? Does minister in-charge Rais Yatim notice how much JASA reports had gone far from near perfect to the level of 'cannot be trusted anymore'?

I personally would like to question what are the mechanism and approach being taken by JASA to substantiate its reports and recommendations?

We dont expect a 100 per cent prediction report but this 'special task force' has not been that reliable anymore.

Were they the ones who told us that PKR would get only four parliamentary seats in 2008 national poll? PKR won 31, six more than my own forecast after spending two months making rounds with a few journo friends.

Even their win prediction for Kuala Terengganu by-election in January 2009 turned out to be the otherwise.

And in Johor Bahru on Wednesday, JASA was proud and convinced to announce that BN will easily notch a two-third majority victory in the coming general election.

While Najib himself has been reminding Umno and BN not to look down at the Opposition, our 'underground' units seem to be banking on loose reports about the outcome of the general election. Aren't we worried?

Anticipating that some quarters would not like my posting, I better stop here.


Fareeq said...

What a shameful report given to PM.. depends solely on hearsay and dirty tounge

Anonymous said...

mana bole government machinery be used for political party purposes?

that is where you and most people got it wrong.

it seems all is right - the way you rattle on about jasa's misadventure into the future - without a bit of conscience that it is all wrong

Anonymous said...


Yes, how competent are they to acquire the intelligence that can subsequently be used to plan the strategies to win the GE ?

I'm very sceptical.


sakai said...


U should write more about this jasa.

Those people r not doing their job. Thats why many of their info misled the govt.

I think its time to revamp jasa and get new people to manage it.

Anonymous said...

Bagi la lagi elaun dan peruntukan besar kt diorang ni.

Elok tiup saksofon je!

penangan said...

Salam tn,

Saya rasa JASA dah tak relevan lagi. Apa guna jab penerangan kalau tak boleh buat kerja?

Elok mansuhkan saja JASA ni.... Boleh jimar bnyk duit

putat said...


Puad hasan kata kau saja je nak busukkan jasacni.

Bnyk jasa diorang ni, terutama dlm menghabiskan duit kerajaan.... Hehehe

Anonymous said...


Jangan Nak Kutuk Sebarangan....

Jasa selalu memberi berita yang tepat, tapi ketua ketua politik yang tak nak percaya...

Kami telah lama memberi berita yang berkesan dan tepat..

Penyokong JASA