Monday, April 16, 2012

The Edge: Breaking up Umno and MCA

The Anwarites are at it again. While Malaysiakini, Malaysia Chronicle, Free Malaysia Today and other news portals are on a non-stop mission to bring down Barisan Nasional government, another Opposition-controlled 'business' paper (what?) The Edge is going a bit forward.

This time around, The Edge tries to run a wedge between BN two main component parties, Umno and MCA. And to add credence, former Cabinet Minister Zaid Ibrahim who is struggling for the upkeep of his political popularity, threw his support for the unfounded reports.

First, The Edge said Umno will take over the Transport Ministry portfolio under the new Cabinet (should BN wins next general elections). Why? Because Umno leading businessmen have been pressuring PM and Umno President Najib to consider the 'bulk of money' involved for projects under the ministry.

It also said MCA will have to relinquish that portfolio due to calls by Umno-linked companies like Gamuda and tycoons like Syed Mokhtar al-Bukhary and others who want Najib to secure such contracts for them.

"The amount of money being poured into rail infrastructure, coupled with high-profile scandal-hit projects like Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ), has sparked a realignment of national politics with the Transport Ministry, which has traditionally been helmed by MCA, potentially leading to the loss of the rail and road sectors.

“There is a lot of national pride attached to the rail sector now and Umno believes it must take the lead,” The Edge said, quoting an unidentified industry source whom I believe never existed or someone from the Opposition bench.

And tomorrow at the Parliament, I will personally see Minister in the PM's Department Nazri Aziz whom according to the paper was being considered to oversee the rail and road sectors, thus leaving the Transport Ministry with ports and airports.

As far as the record shows, most projects under the Transport Ministry were awarded to Umno-linked companies, and a few went to MCA, MIC and other bidders, including the Opposition. I think The Edge didn't do much homework before coming out with the 'dirty analysis'.

Gamuda, UEM, Scomi and MMC for examples. Do these companies belong to MCA or MIC?

While Human Resource sees a two-term rotation between MCA and MIC, Health and Transport are given to MCA under what is termed as 'a mutual understanding' among BN component parties. That has been the practice over the last three or four decades. No complaints so far.

Another issue brought up by The Edge is linking Najib's close aide Omar Mustapha and former MCA deputy president Chan Kong Choy of benefiting from an automated traffic summons deal worth a few hundreds million ringgit.

And Zaid, who is trying to get back Kota Bharu parliamentary seat under the party he 'formed and left' KITA, was fast to rally behind the reports. When MCA President Chua Soi Lek denied any involvement of MCA-linked companies with it, Zaid said on his Twitter: "So traffic summons firm not MCA linked? Must be Umno then. Who else can suck blood from the rakyat (people) like they do".

I don't care much about Zaid. Just let KB voters choose between him and possibly Fatmi Salleh and PAS' Takiyuddin.

My concern is about the integrity of the reports.

Penang CM Lim Guan Eng, who questioned why Najib granted the 'exorbitant' 17 per cent return to two companies awarded with the project, has forgotten that ATES and Beta had to fork out an initial capital of millions of ringgit to supply, install and maintain the cameras and other supporting equipments.

Lim & Gang should have done some calculations first before shooting blindly at the government. Furthermore, his allegation that there wasn't any open tender for it was wrong as the two companies were chosen from a 'selective tender' system some years ago when not many businessmen showed much interest in such a project.

At least Lim could have conducted a simple costings by asking the security company managing Komtar as to how much is their overhead per month in providing surveillance for the building, especially the Chief Minister's Office. Only then will he know how expensive it is to maintain the system.

However, I don't blame The Edge.

Just like any other anti-BN (obviously they are not anti-government) machinery, The Edge is under the management of Anwar's sympathiser. Who is this Tong, if u may know - a former boss at Phileo, now Anwar's big supporter. And PKR headquarters is not far from there.

So, that explains everything...

As far as the reports are concerned, MCA and Umno are not affected.


ah soon said...

but bro, is it wrong or something odd to change portfolios?

let say umno takes transport, mca takes finance, mic takes housing... something like that.

what's the big deal anyway?

after all, they report to one person - the prime minister!

Anonymous said...

the two companies that got the traffic contracts belong to osama laden lor!


what;s the big fuss about it? mca, mic, umno, pkr, dap... all are nonsense!

Anonymous said...

my simple question.

in malaysia, who and what IS NOT UMNO?

Anonymous said...

Tong Ong Kooi is now running taiga in canada.

alison said...


this tong 'taik' is also in cahoot with your buddy leslie lopez d 'pukimax' in strategising the kind of news for the edge to hit out at the govt.

i wonder if the home minister should consider revoking the edge permit temporarily as they always come up with no true stories.

penangan said...

salam tuan,

dah menjadi tanggungjawab akhbar pro pakatan untuk melaporkan apa saja benda negatif dan tidak benar mengenai kerajaan.

sepertimana juga akhbar dan media arus perdana, begitu jugalah peranan mereka.

cuma bezanya, the edge sengaja ingin melaga-lagakan umno dan mca kerana melihat wujudnya kesepakatan yang kukuh di antara parti2 dalam barisan nasional.

apa pun, jangan ambil peduli sangat dengan apa yang mereka laporkan. teruskan usaha kita untuk mencapai kejayaan pada pru akan datang

anti-najib said...


u pro-bn bloggers are so good at defending but lack of good arguments.

the two companies belong to umno stooges and they already made tons of money from the rakyat.

some of the money went to the govt coffer but much of it went to the pockets of your bosses.

u want to deny that also?

kudin said...

tell guan eng to assess the budget for his office, his officers and others who serve him.

who is paying that?

him? no way!

talk cock only!

Anonymous said...

dunno why the opp plays the issue.

dont tell me that they dont know that most govt projects go to umno-linked companies, irrespective of which BN party holds the portfolio.

so foolish of the edge to try to break up umno and mca good relation.

they will never part.

sierra man said...

agree with ah soon.

nothing is wrong if they parties within bn switch portfolio. in fact i think its a good practice as all will have the opportunity to manage it.

Anonymous said...

For yr info, the edge has been fed by the opposition.

From a strictly business paper, they r now nore like a political paper.

They swing to money.

Dont be surprise if they rally behind umno over some good tokens...

ayam denak said...

Pundek punya akhbar.

Memang celaka haram jadah!

Anonymous said...

Don't talk cock lah. RM 800 million for 831 black spots ? At RM 1 million per spot ? What are they installing ? Gold plated CCTVs ?

UMNOputras can't count because RM 1 million to an UMNOputra is the same as RM 1 to the average rakyat.

Sucking blood from us again !


7 x 7 said...

just leave the batterings to the opposition. thats their job.

stay focus on our duty - to win and serve the rakyat.

the opposition will forever stay to serve the politics of one man - anwar.

i dont like hisham said...


diorang tu memang mangkok. benda macam ni pun nak spin.

the edge bukan lagi paper bisnes tapi dah melalut jauh dah.

elok jgn baca atau beli.

siapa beli, bodo la namanya!

Anonymous said...

Bujai The Mother Fucker,
That's what I was told by my UMNO friends. You think you are better than people in PMO. Or your are portraying that to PM. Fuck you. You are just a crook who was kicked out of mainstream media for acting smart when you are actually an idiot who cut and paste other peoples' ideas. I dare you will not publish this comment, since its for your personal consumption.

ayutha said...

i dont understand why must still be malaysians who want to tear the country apart.

the malays and chinese have been living harmoniously and competing in a healthy environment.

why must we separate them?

Anonymous said...

How can u b sure that mca is not in it?

bujai said...

Dear anon apr 17; 10.15. No reason not to publish yr comment. I like it, somehow as it reflects how frustrated u are at what n where u are now, n how cowardly of u to hide your identity. Anyway, i managed to track your IP... I know who u are, bro. I made a mistake, thinking u are a friend. Tks bro

Anonymous said...

Jai. Aku pun tau siapa anon tu. Tak perlu checkmIP dia....

lan chow said...


I thot all this while the edge is a business paper.

Why the sudden change?

Wah lan neh!

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