Monday, April 2, 2012

Doctorates from Chow Kit and Jinjang universities!

Not even a word to contest what was written by Stopthelies!

I believe 'Dr' Yap Sin Tian couldn't find the right words to explain where he got his 'doctorates' from. And no bona fide evidence for him to proof that all his degrees and other tertiary scrolls came from the universities and high learning institutions as per claimed.

However, such a scroll can be bought online, through the Internet at a high price. Or did he simply make such claims to impress others, especially among the Chinese educationists in Malaysia?

His is the only case we discovered. Others, we are still doing some diggings.

Its a shameful episode, especially for someone who all this while plays a pivotal role in championing the Chinese education. And now that PM Najib has pledged his fullest cooperation to settle the problems of Chinese education, this 'Dr' may as well find other avenues to sell his lies.

The Dong Zong chairman is now a man of disgrace to the association. Dong Zong, a well-established and well-recognised body, should by now has looked into the case before losing its credentials.

Yap has not one but two faked Ph.ds from unaccredited university which has been shut down by the authorities.

We don't need all this Ph.ds to champion the rights of education. All we need is fresh and positive idea. What's the point of having a degree if we can't contribute to the well-being of our present and future generations?

Yap is a remote case of 'Mat Jenin' among the Chinese educationists. While the government has alaways been supportive of any move to enhance the Chinese education system, we can't avoid organisations like Dong Zong from being manipulated by people with vested interest.

Education is the privilege of all and each and every individual deserves the rights to give input as to how we can further improve the system. No need for a bogus professor or someone who rings his own bell to tell us what is right and wrong!


Anonymous said...


he got the PHD from university kong kek kuat.


what a shame!

kulitkraf said...

i believe few malay educationists too lied and boasted about their degree and phd.

u better do some checking bro.

i think i know two of them who failed their final year study at university.

Anonymous said...

no wonder someone punched him!

Anonymous said...

In US of A, it's called Purdue University and Jinjang Joe cloned it into Pudu University...

Nik Rahmoh

Anonymous said...

Ramai profesor kat universiti di Malaysia ciplak thesis student jugak dan keluar kat TV selalu.

Namakan semua satu per satu.

Profesor tulen.

Anonymous said...

kalu tak tipu dia bukanlah orang Ah Beng...berniaga tipu,peperiksaan tipu,nak projek pun nak tipubos ngo yang dah tua-tua dan tak pandai cakap melayu atau apabila berucap macam Maniam jual tuak..mesti disemak gelaran 'Dr" mereka kerana ada PHD boleh dibeli macam profesor saya dimana ajar matematik macam budak Tingkatan tiga.

Anonymous said...

This guy proves that the vernacular schools have outlived its purpose.

Satu Sekolah untuk Semua must be implemented to avoid any more yaps and namewees.

Anonymous said...


sama taraf dengan monay fandey yang dakwa ada macam2 ijazah dari satu dunia tu.

macam2 ada dalam dunia ni!

black duck said...

i guess some people are such, bro.

they claimed of having this and that tertiary qualification but its all fake actually.

yap must resign for causing dong zong a great deal of shame.

Anonymous said...

he MUST quit dong zong.

he is a disgrace to the chinese!