Sunday, April 29, 2012

Delay PRU, reinstate ISA!

I saw how they romped barricades, bashed up police personnel, smashed up and overturned vehicles and ransacked public properties. Kuala Lumpur was at a standstill, most of its business had to close while the massive traffic jams kept tourist out of sight.

So much of a 'peaceful demonstration'! They were animals!

To Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, you got every reason to delay the general elections or not having it at all for another term. We experienced that in the 1960s. And should situation demands, we should reinstate ISA!

As the new Bill to replace ISA has yet to find its way to the Senate, Home Minister Hishammuddin Tun Hussein should reconsider it. Discuss it with the PM and get all BN MPs to boot the new Bill and retain ISA.

This is OUR country. As long as we have a good benevolent government, we must not compromise of security and stability matters. The people need to be protected from subversive elements. To keep the house in order, we must be strict about it.

Bersih was formed for fair election. And until they are satisfied that our electoral system is free of vote rigging as they alleged, there is no need to rush for a national poll. Najib has to be firm on this. If we call for a general election now, there is no guarantee that it will be held in a peaceful manner.

Bersih has shown us how capable they are in breaking up barriers of law.  They took the law in their own hands, disrespecting orders and risking the life of many. Most important was the fact that they didn't respect the voice of the masses. The losses and difficulties the people faced during the rally was non of their concern.

Their main concern was to stage a coup. Its all about power, nothing else matters. Once in power, I don't think they will allow another 'Bersih' to be staged by their opposition (the BN). Perhaps, they will introduce a new bill that is more draconian that the ISA. And with support from foreign agents, the country would be sold to the devils!

Ambiga, Anwar, Nik Aziz, Lim Kit Siang and others have lots to explain on the unruly conduct of Bersih 3.0. There was no better word to describe those at Dataran Merdeka, Masjid Jamek, KLCC, Masjid Negara and other places in the capital on Saturday, rather that calling them 'the new agents of communist'.

Once again, there are valid reasons for the PM to delay the elections and for Hisham to consider a new approach in dealing with such subversives.

After all the effort to develop the country and make Malaysians as one, we cannot just let it go down the drain just because we have to bow to these people.

Ambiga should be grateful that the police personnel were so professional in dealing with her supporters yesterday. Had Bersih was staged in other countries, including the US, she and her friends will not see the sun again.

So, this is how you want to form a government!


masih di BH said...


aku sokong saranan ni.

buat apa adakan pru kalau akan kacau-bilau dan bersih masih tak yakin dengannnya!

ISA pula patut dikuatkuasakan semula. kita ada sebab kukuh untuk berbuat demikian.

takkan nak biar negara ni hancur oleh puak haram jadah macam ni!

hurairah said...

i was there too.

the police did not provoke them. however, they were too close for comfort.

they should be deployed at a distant as what u wrote in the previous posting.

i think hisham must answer this!

Anonymous said...

so, this is the kind of culture anwar and gang introduce!

good la.

if they form a government, imagine what this new culture can do to the government and the country!

Anonymous said...

It is so sad to see the pro-PR idiots who called themselves 'mahasewel' behaving like rogues and animals. Those mahasewel were really not ready for the freedom accorded them. They were not thinking which beg the question, 'Were they really fit to be in IPTAs/IPTSs? The irony of it all (through pictures observation,) 90%+ were MALAY students or DEMONstrator.So sad!

Anonymous said...

wild animals should be kept in cages.

know what i mean?

penangan said...

salam tn,

jika mereka perintah negara, akan bertambah kucar-kacirlah nampaknya.

jika diberikan kuasa, mereka akan lebih kuat menindas rakyat. kalau perhimpunan bersih semalam dijadikan ukuran, mereka bukannya jenis manusia yang pedulikan masalah rakyat.

lihat sajalah kerosakan yang dilakukan di tempat perhimpunan. peniaga yang rugi berjuta ringgit kerana terpaksa tutup bisnes pun tidak dipedulikan.

inikah orangnya yang boleh kita pilih jadi pemimpin?


lai said...

fuck them all lar!

it took me 3 hours to send my sick wife to KL hospital. had she died, i would sue the bersih organiser!

fucking bastards!

karipuley said...

actually, ambiga and friends fell into police trap, bro.

try to evaluate the whole incident!

Anonymous said...

memang bagus!

pas, pkr dan pelajar melayu yg diupah dalam perhimpunan tu belasah orang melayu, polis berbangsa melayu.

bila melayu berbunuh sesama melayu, bangsa lain jugak yang gelak besar, tumpang gembira.

anwar memang dan bunuh melayu, bangsanya sendiri!

Anonymous said...


some of us just dont know whats good for them.

Kita kena jaga negeri kita.

Cina peduli apa? Bukan kecoh di starhill, bukan kecoh di mid-valley. Bisness cina ok.

Bersih got no case about election reforms. PKR DAP PAS got their mandate from the same election commission - apa mau kecoh?

You want votes, you should abide by the LAW first. Then give the rakyat your alternative government.

But not on the streets - that is just the sweetener for RIOTS.

Najib and cousin should have taken in the bersih leaders before they cause this chaos....

This is a real threat to the security of this country.

And Najib like know nothing, feel nothing went to sarawak to bolster his popularity.

That is NOT right.

Anonymous said...

You must remember it was a really big rally there were groups everywhere. Sure there were 'disturbances' That should be investigated.The perpetrators brought to justice.
But generally it was peaceful and a lot of fun. People of all races coming together in muhibbah spirit.
Everybody was wondering-does dataran merdeka belong to umno? Maybe that's why some young people got angry and breached the barrier they felt it should not have been barbed wired and out of bounds to citizens.Its a public space. Not a nice way to treat your citizens. Not nice of Najib.You make young people angry-you lose their votes simple as that.They communicate a lot with one another on the FBs and spread the message.
I am ordinary citizen not a pakatan blogger by the way.

LEMANG said...

I now know who to vote for the coming GE. Lawbreakers just cannot become good lawmakers.

Anonymous said...

ISA is the answer.reinstate the called peaceful gathering in public places must be outlawed.Hisyamuddin should step down if BAmBIga,BABI,Kit SIAL,Nik NAJIS and all involved in organising the demonstration is not brought to court.

Anonymous said...

Melayu semua bodoh kena dipergunakan..mana Cina dan India demontrasi..puak PATI ada diupah..tangkap PATI dan hantar mereka pulang kenegara mereka

Anonymous said...

agree that ISA must be reinstated do deal with those devils!

come on najib!

be a man!

samagagah said...

perhimpunan haram pukimak depa!

ingat rakyat suka ka dengan cara ni?

kepada rakyat malaysia, elok pikiaq sebelum undi pakatan pada pru akan datang.

saya ni yang mula2 memang sokong pakatan, la ni dah naik meluat!

haram jadah!

sunil said...

so, the demons were unleashed yesterday.

anwar, ambiga and the other opposition leaders should be held responsible for all this!

Anonymous said...

inilah yang mamak kadir sheikh fadzir nak rupa2nya.

nak agar negara ni huru-hara!

bertahun-tahun hidup dengan duit umno, sekarang berak di tempat dia cari makan!

memang dasar manusia BABI!

Anonymous said...

i'm angry because the police didnt act accordingly.

if i am the PM or home minister, i will order them to shoot those who went on rampage and attack policemen!

Anonymous said...

Ya loh, these bersih dudes are like animals......UMNO should learn from Syria, or Egypt where the Police use real bullets on these demonstrators ;-)

And those reporters & cameramen that were beaten up filming those protesters getting beat up by policemen....well too bad. They should be lucky that our police men had been "gentle" on them.

As mentioned we should keep on supporting UMNO & BN with its continuing financial scandals & corruption, Sharizat & NFL, etc. So what else is new, which country does not have corruption, ha ha ha ha ha

red apple said...

yea man!

what's d point of calling for general election now. bersih wont like it.

until they are fully satisfied that our election system is clean, dont dissolve the parliament, mr najib!

listen to the the people on the ground, not just to your 'only makan gaji' advisers.

the rakyat know whats best for them!

pembaca banyak blog said...

ISA boleh dikuatkuasakan semula kerana akta untuk menggantikannya masih di peringkat perbahasan dan belum dibawa ke dewan senat.

macam yg sdr kata, suruh semua ahli parlimen kerajaan jangan undi untuk akta baru tu... nescaya ISA akan kekal buat sementara.

Anonymous said...

I agree.. firstly though, you umno asshole bloggers should be the recipients of ISA

Anonymous said...

Kah, kah, kah, ...this is the best joke of the day. Keep it up! Thanhs for making me laugh, kih, kih, kih

Anonymous said...

Fuck them.

They couldnt care less about the problems faced by others.

They dont deserve to be born human

omar king said...

Semua peniaga yg rugi dan yg terjejas oleh bersih patut bersatu dan saman ambiga utk ganti rugi dan sebagainya

Anonymous said...

Real good joke. You guys must have been living on trees for the past decade or more.

Anonymous said...

PRU should be delayed but ISA cannot be reinstated, bro...

Anonymous said...

Yahoo...bes betul BERSIH..seronoknya..ketawa lembu2 dalam kondo,sempat lagi kereta polis langgar orang awam.sempat lagi belasah wartawan.

Anonymous said...

There should be an undercover investigator placed among these students to ascertain if bribes and drugs were used.

Then cekup them under the drug and corruption charges.

Anonymous said...

anon @ April 29, 2012 9:50 PM

Oh yeah, well you must have crawled from under the slimy coconut shell buried in deep s***, which is why you need the Bershit wash.

Anonymous said...

Why tak ikut cara dr mahathir je masa dia buat ops lalang dulu? Sure berkesan!

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Kita perlukah ISA.
Bukan untuk bagi makan dan hospitality percuma untuk rioters yang ditangkap.

The Babi is evil man. Evil.
Sanggup risiko kan nyawa orang untuk jadi pm. Banyak darah Di sana. Sedih.

AryaStark said...

To all u Anwar lovers, here's a reminder for you on who started this mess:

Anonymous said...

I like this "syiok sendiri" blog which is paid with the rakyat's money.
At least we know where our tax money is going to!

Anonymous said...

Jai, gua strongly agreed with u Bro! Keep push it up!

Anonymous said...

Put aside Ambiga, Anwar, Azmin, Samad Said and the rest of the morons. I am also PUTTING THE BLAME on the GOVERNMENT.

By allowing the so called Bersih to take place, means the Govt has put aside the constitutional rights of others to go to KL freely, without any obstruction or fear. The rights of law abiding citizens to spend time with their family shopping, sight seeing in KL in peace on that particular day were robbed and given to the Bershitters to demo, run riot and terrorize!

I wish the Govt had the balls like what they used to before. I want a govt which are people friendly yet firm and brave to uphold the law. Why free the 338 rioters? Remand them some more to the max!...let them pay for their unruly behavior...!

C'mon laa Najib, Hishammudin and Tan Sri IGP ....the more you guys 'bagi muka' and 'layan'....lagi laaa depa naik tocang!...I am sure there'll be more Bersih to come. Its like motorbikes ploughing the Federal Highway..the less enforcement....the more the motorcyclists will leave the bike lane.

Anti Terrorism Act, Peaceful Assembly Act ka....non willl be effective like the old faithful ISA!

Cmon Govt!....buck up and take action for our sake!

gen x