Friday, April 13, 2012

Abu Bakar resigns...

Someone from the PM Dept called me in the afternoon. He said Director-General of PSD Tan Sri Abu Bakar Abdullah has tendered in his resignation letter.

"Bro. He was 'forced' to...".

Who forced him to resign? He did tell me who but I can't mention it here. Not good.

However, he takes full responsibility of the SBPA. Pity him as he is the only one to take all the blame. I thought at least two more senior government officials should also resign but I believe Abu Bakar has to 'save' them.

Who is the replacement?

No solid confirmation, not just yet but Home Ministry's secretary-general Tan Sri Mahmood Adam looks like the best candidate.

However, I am not sure if Mahmood likes that position as he is more keen to take over the KSN (chief secretary to the government).

"Mahmood? Abis laaaa...!" was the first reaction from a JUSA B officer in Putrajaya when I told him about it.

Anything wrong with that?


pegawai rendah said...

its ok for abu bakar to resign. it leaves him to no choice. the SBPA was very damaging to the govt image.

but to have mahmood adam as the new DG is another damaging news!

no to mahmood!

penangan said...

salam tuan,

tan sri abu bakar bersikap gentleman jika meletak jawatan dan mengambil sepenuhnya tanggungjawab di atas masalah sbpa.

tapi kalau diikutkan, beberapa lagi pegawai tinggi perlu juga berbuat demikian. tidak adil menyalahkan abu bakar seorang sebab bukan beliau bersendirian menyediakan cadangan sbpa.

inilah lumrah perkhidmatan awam. abu bakar tidak bersalah sepenuhnya tetapi beliau akur dengan tanggungjawab yang perlu dipikul.

adalah diharap mana2 pegawai lain yang buat silap seperti ini, elok letak jawatan seperti abu bakar.

gentleman la sikit!

Anonymous said...



boleh jahanam perkhidmatan awam. silap2, ramai kakitangan awama akan bersara awal atau letak jawatan kalau dia jadi ketua pengarah baru JPA!

Anonymous said...

KSN lepasla maknanya ni

Anonymous said...


yg letak jawatan ni memang dah tak boleh pakai.

yg yang ganti tempat dia ni lagi la tak boleh pakai!

apa macam ni!!!!

boleh rosak nasi satu periuk dibuatnya!

nearengine said...

Good for him,if I were him I would have tendered my resignation as soon as PM decided to rescind the SBPA which favors to people like him and please Mr.PM open all these top post from TKSU upwards to all qualified civil servants,don't just limit it to just PTD officers,there must be someone in the other fields such as engineers,doctors and other civil servants in the professional fields who are brighter,smarter than these PTD officers,if you do thatbyour pool of gene is much larger and you can pick the cream among the lot.

a victim said...

mahmood adam is not fit to replace abu bakar.

he is also not suitable to become our next chief sec to the govt.

he is also not fit to become an auditor general.

he is only fit to retire completely!

nasi & kicap said...

biar betul bro!

mahmood adam dah buat banyak masalah di KDN, now nak ganti abu bakar di JPA pulak. lagi banyak la masalah yang akan dibuatnya nanti!

PM tak boleh nilai ke mutu kerja seseorang tu? main hentam je lantik orang tu dan orang ni. apa salah lantik orang baru je!

Cucu said...

Mahmood said on TV recently that: 'We dont know how MUCH people are coming into this country.."
Abis laaaa.....

Anonymous said...

thats d way to go, najib.

get rid of all liabilities... shahrizat is out, now abu bakar. next should be people like nor yakcop, nazri, kj and a few more.

listen to me, will u?

FAT RAT said...

why abu bakar alone who was asked to quit?

what about others?

what a scapegoat he is!

kepala batu said...

apsal nak jadikan mahmood KP JPA pulak? dia dah banyak beri masalah di KDN dengan 6P yang langsung tidak memberi sebarang kesan. dia sudah diberikan kontrak tambahan setahun, jadi eloklah dia bersara terus. kalau nak lantik pun, bagi la apa2 jawatan dalam mana2 GLC. takkan itu pun susah nak decide, wahai najib!

Anonymous said...

if mahmood is next DG, i will resign!

Anonymous said...

JR, is KSN so powerful? Maybe he's good but his time is up.

One message for the govt,prepare counselling service for KSN and the most senior and distinguished of civil servants.There is deep seated frustrations in some that when they retire , they tend to gravitate towards opposition and blame the government all their unhappiness. This happened in last elections.

KSN have bungled large issues for government. Behind the scenes he was responsible for bungling nego with govt employees during the time of Badawi and it was one of major causes that caused Badawi the PRU12.

He's now doing it to PM . And he's surviving it again. He had shamelessly awarded himself a RM60k package with the SBPA! And his yesmen who had stood to gain a RM30k package . And they had hoped to get away with it if PM was not alerted on this. It could have caused the PM this election quite easily if he had been poorly advised since he too had agreed base on KSN's advise.

Come on there should be a concerted effort to get him to retire! Even if it means KSN walking over to Bersih 3. So what. Its what many senior civil servants and some judges, senior university lecturers do. They sucked what comfort they can get from the government , enjoy all the perks.Then when they are no longer in service , these turncoats cross over to opposition.

See what Tan Sri Kadir Sheikh did?
The poor man could not deal with the perceived loss of self esteem when no longer in high office. He was an effective, smart minister even though autocratic and had 'womanising' problem . Maybe govt and BN should have better ways of looking after those who have served them well.

Typical scenario - senior government people cannot deal with retirement.

Here's what a friend suggested 3 years ago to government , increase level of professionalism and increase services for Counselling. So that not only young people , students, teachers, troubled parents and married couple are given counselling. Retiring politicians and serving lecturers at Univeristy kebangsaan and others , colleges , Glc company employees - should also attend counselling.

Counselling should also be given to Senior civil servants and people used to high public office. So that they dont fear leaving government service, and they dont feel displaced and angry - when they bark orders and no one jumps.

In the last election, so many disgruntled senior civil servants and retired ones , including those in judiciary took out their frustrations on Govt and joined the opposition. Now they regret la , but too late.

SO reality check for the government - set up counselling service for your employees and make it compulsory especially those in senior decision making positions like the KSU and TKSUs and Director generals to attend counselling. Its not so much the pay, now all is sunshine in that area. Its the loss of social standing and the lost of many smiling greetings and ass kisses - when you are no longer in office positions. Its traumatised many. The insecurity make some award contracts to cronies, while some try to award high retirement package and salaries to themselves.

PM, Please prepare counselling for your senor civil servants and even for the most distinguished. Its ok if they dont turn against you the government , when they retire . But many do. Their mind still sharp, they can influence people. Even when they cant get to do their faxing and photocopying for free at the local stationery shop, they get angry with the government.

Pakatan is aware of this undercurrent so its quite easy for them to use battlecry ' blame it on UMNO and the govt'.The faster KSN leaves the better. If nothing can be done , at least prepare proper counselling service for the lost souls, and the likes of KSN and Tan Sri Kadir. They feel lost because they want to continue to serve and they are not needed. I am not Tan Sri Kadir but I understand human psyche.


Anonymous said...

Memang betul Mr. Fat Rat! Abu Bakar dijadikan scapegoat....walhal yang patut pikul tanngungjawab ni adalah KSN. Rata2 orang dalam JPA tahu Bakar tidak bersalah sebab dia baru masuk dlm kementrian.Patutnya pegawai yang sebelum Bakar di JPA yang buat SBPA di ambil tindakan.Saya banyak dengar orang bercakap Abu Bakar is a nice man...banyak tolong pegawai2 yang di"POOLKAN" KSNdikeluarkan olih Bakar. Tak nampak ke KSN(Sidek) is the bad guy...mengapa the good guy be the fallen one. Where is fairness Mr. PM?????

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

if mahmood adam walks in, problems faced by civil servants will be never-ending story!

lunchai said...

memang patut dia resign. tapi kenapa KSN tak resign sama?

ni yg pelik!

Anonymous said...


KSN juga terlibat dalam SBPA.

kenapa dia tak letak jawatan?

gred 48 said...

ini mesti arahan PM agar abu bakar letak jawatan.

tapi perletakan jawatannya membawa banyak persoalan, antaranya kepada KSN tidak turut diarah letak jawatan.

abu bakar tidak terbabit terus dalam penyusunan SBPA yang gagal tu, sebaliknya KSN dan pegawainya yang lebih 'cekap' menguruskannya.

kenapa abu bakar dijadikan kambing hitam dalam kes ini?

Anonymous said...

that's why i said:


Anonymous said...



dah cakap banyak kali dah! said...

kih kih kih!

mahmood adam as PSD DG?

u must be joking.

this guy is nothing but a 'makan gaji buta'.

his favorite line:"Yg tu aku tak tau!" each time you relate problems about the 6P.

now, najib wants to put him at PSD? hahahahahaah!!!!! memang HABIS LAAAA!!!

kadam said...


bukan ke mahmood juga bercita-cita nak jadi ketua setiausaha negara?

apa dah jadi?

tapi, KP JPA pun besar pengaruh dan kedudukannya.

tak tau lah sama ada kakitangan awam setuju kalau dia ganti tempat abu bakar.

yang pasti, dia ni ramai yang meluat!

Anonymous said...

Resign pun still dapat pencen kan? So apa nak bising lagi. Umur pun dah lanjut. Bagi aje orang lain naik pulak..

Anonymous said...

Kppa baik. sy sgt respect ketua mcm kppa. Syg skali jika kita kehilangan beliau.

Anonymous said...

Ptd pun dtg drpd pelbagai background. Kalau doktor jd tksu...rugi la kepakaran yg diperlukan dlm bidang kedoktoran.

Anonymous said...


Tlg bgtau si mamud ni, dah la. Elok balik johor ternak kambing jer!

Ryzal72 said...

Ada orang kata....nak naik pun tengok kena IC juga...yang pangkal tengah tu...0X...itu akan menentukan!. Katanya jika 03...kirim salam lea hehehhehe

Anonymous said...

Berdasarkan tradisi yang dulu2, jawatan KPPA; kalau pos tu kosong, ianya terbuka kepada mana2 KSU Kementerian dan Ketua2 Pengarah. Semua KSU Kementerian dan Ketua Pengarah ada '50/50' chances untuk dapat.Hatta Timbalan Pengarah KPPA ada chanche dapat.
Cuma untuk jawatan KSN, Kebanyakannya datang dari KSU KDN tapi sejak kebelakangan ini telah berubah seperti Tan Sri Sidek dari MITI dan Tan Sri Sam sebelumnya adalah KPPA sebelum naik jadi KSN.

Anonymous said...

habis lah mahmood adam jadi KSN..memang dia kuat kerja jam 6 pagi dah sampai kat parcel D tapi tak membantu ..pergi tanya KDN staff

Anonymous said...

Sejujurnya untuk KSN tak semestinya perlu datang dari JPA semata-mata...ubah tradisi la sikit. asal calonnya boleh buat kerja dan dapat serasi dengan misi orde baru dunia.

Mahmood? hemm...dia calon yang tepat...dont play-play with him...mungkin kerana tu dia tak 'popular' tapi orang macam dia bagus untuk negara. except one thing...jangan biar puan seri dok campurtangan dalam urusan yang berkaitan pejabat.

Anonymous said...

He has not resigned, and does not intend too...I checked with JPA...

Anonymous said...

Salam tuan. TS Mahmood adalah seorang yang sangat kuat bekerja. Beliau anatar orang sampai paling di KDN dan antara orang paling last tggalkan pejabat. jadual beliau sangat ketat dan secara jujurnya, beliau adalah seorang yang sangat berintegriti. Telah banyak transformasi beliau lakukan semenjak beliau jadi KSU KDN. Aku setuju jika beliau menjadi KPPA kerana JPA perlukan transformasi. JPA dah tak boleh bekerja macam dulu lagi. Aku adalah penjawat awam, penjawat awam adalah pelanggan kepada JPA, tapi kami tak dilayan seperti pelanggan. segala2nya lambat. Mungkin TS Mahmood boleh membetulkan keadaan. Kenapa orang banyak tak suka beliau? sebab beliau telah banyak buat perubahan dan people who's live in compleasant wont like the change.. itu jer.. dan aku setuju dengan admin, dia adalah calon yang paling sesuai..

Anonymous said...

Jangan risau kalau PR memerintah, DAP akan pecat hampir semua kakitangan kerajaan!!

siti shuhada sgawi said...

if got the new kppa hope he/she will consider to take we as a PSH(pekerja sambilan harian) boleh diserap ke jawatan sediada memandangkan kami telah lama berkhidmat d dalam bidang jabatan/kementerian yang kami anggotai. sesiapa pun yang terpilih nanti tak payah la nak kroni2 macam kami yang takder kroni ni pasti akan tersisih...