Thursday, April 12, 2012

6P program - a Grade C success

The legalisation and amnesty (6P) program which ended on April 10 only achieved a Grade C mark. Sorry to say, it didn't meet the purpose and I wonder whether the people involved realise that it brought about more problem than solution.

Prime Minister Najib may have given Home Minister Hishammuddin a pat on the shoulder for that 'success' but I personally believe Najib, or even Hisham, didn't know the actual situation on the ground. They are too high above it. Similarly, they also don't know many things brewing at Umno grass root level.

Deputy premier Muhyiddin who heads the Cabinet Committee on Foreign Workers did not make any statement on 6P on the assumption that it was a grand success. Or he was happy enough that NERS had done an excellent job in providing the equipment for that program. By the way, who are the people behind NERS?

The main objective of the 6P is to set up a data bank about the number of foreign workers - both legal and not - in the country. Introduced on the pretext of 'beefing up the security', the implementation was an over-zealous; the original recommendation which was agreed upon didn't really tag along.

With so many cooks spoiling the soup, the Home Ministry appointed about 300 agents to help out with the registration at RM50 (registration) and RM300 (legalisation) - it ended up with most of the agents incurred heavy losses when the ministry suddenly announced that the foreigners could register for free at any immigration office.

Agents who had fork out between RM100,000 and RM300,000 to rent NERS equipment were taken aback and disappointed. Some had to close shop while many had to be satisfied with only a few 'customers'. Appointed by KDN and preyed on.

I don't understand why the whole period of August 2011 was chosen for registration. It was fasting month and most of the foreigners, especially from Indonesia were either back in their homeland of needed the money for Hari Raya. And I heard people at the ministry making remarks that did not reflect Malaysia as a friendly workplace. We treated them like criminals.

In Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Emirates, the registration process took between three and six months to complete. As we play host to more than 4 million foreign workers, six months should be considered.

But we are so excited to 'flush them out' on security reason. What is the threat, anyway? Out of that 4 million, how many are involved in crimes and subversive? Is it fair to call immigration offenders as a threat to national security?

The threat comes from inside. We should take a look at some cult groups, the Shiite sect, drug dwellers, money launderers, black money, graft involving VIPs and senior government officials, the propagators of racial hatred, etc as the main threats to our national security, most of which involve our own people.

Some of the 4 million foreign workers have been here for decades - married to locals, have kids who are not recognised as citizens of Malaysia and neither as citizens in the fathers' homeland. What has and is the Home Ministry doing about it? Flush them out too?

If we are so easy in giving out PR and citizenship to people who we adore - foreign singers and actors (no need to mention their names) - why can't we consider a citizenship status to thousands holding red IC and ask them to vote for Barisan Nasional in the next general election?

Please remember. We also owe them a great deal of gratitude for their role in building Putrajaya, the KLCC, Cyberjaya, KL Tower, KLIA, Iskandar Malaysia and other facilities. How many local people were involved in the construction? One million? Your better swallow your tongue!

And do we know why did they overstayed after completing their job? Because most of them really want to earn a living. While they took over positions where Malaysians refused to, they indirectly help boost our economy and speed up national development.

The government should also take note that the main culprits in turning them into 'illegals' are the employers. Many factories, contractors, plantation owners and private companies took advantage of them. It is not cheap to have them. If it costs between RM4,000 and RM6,000 per worker, we have to believe that many employers simply avoided that duty to save their pocket.

On its last day, 6P only recorded about 800,000 registration for legalisation. Another 120,000 chose to go back home to their respective countries.

Out of 4 million, we call this a big success?

So, what do we do with the estimated 2-3 million? Flush them out? How? With the help of police, armed forces, Rela, the Immigration Dept and other agencies? Do you really know where they are?

That's the main problem. No proper homework. We always take up things so lightly, and the data we depend on is already obsolete! We refused to listen to good suggestions and proposals. As people involved with the 6P, we thought it would be the best system ever. And the best part was, too many people issued different directives down... and the boss didn't have and hands on at it!

I think the 6P needs to be improved. The system encourages more corruption and didn't meet its objectives. Call it a failure. PM, Muhyiddin and Hisham are too busy to monitor the situation and their officers in-charge were too afraid to give unpleasant report. That's the problem when we - as the bosses - keep on telling them that we don't want any bad news.

The government is not always right. Many policies and programs had backfired but it doesn't mean that it cannot be revived, enhanced and further improved. There are people outside the public sector who are masters in any aspect of administration. The only problem is, they are not politicians.

The other major problem is, its difficult for the government to listen to others. To those at the top, especially ministers, they always consider themselves as the corporate and legalistic entities. If they call you 'stupid', it really reflects. Each time you go back to your constituency, you are the celebrity!

Just like Umno which puts a limit to the number of professionals as members, our government too does not welcome any Hang Nadim to its core. What a pity!


mentadak said...


problems faced by the locals in getting mykad in sabah is still a big prob to the home ministry.

if they cant settle this, how to overcome the pendatang haram issue?

cakap tak serupa bikin said...

suruh je dua tiga juta orang asing keluar dan serah diri kat semua balai polis dan pejabat imigresen.

tengok kita boleh handle tak? mana nak letak mereka, nak bagi makan, uruskan transport dan sebagainya!

mahmood adam cakap serupa lancau, nak tangkap semua ni. ingat senang ke?

badigol punya orang!

Anonymous said...

flush them?


in the toilet?

hisham and kdn think its an easy task. just see what more nonsense to come after this!

Anonymous said...

kenapa bagi gred C?

sepatutnya gred F - fail!

banyak menyusahkan daripada membantu menghuraikan isu pendatang asing ni.

siapa punya rancangan ni, sebenarnya? orang tu mesti otaknya kecik... macam otak udang!

OMEGA said...

aku dah kata dah.

kerajaan BN dah tak pandai buat kerja. makin bangang.

sebab tulah jangan undi lagi pada pilihanraya umum akan datang. kita cuba tukar kerajaan baru dan pemimpin baru!

penangan said...

salam tn,

saya setuju bahawa majikan juga adalah sebahagian daripada masalah di sini. mereka enggan mengeluarkan wang untuk bayaran levi, medical, bon dan sebagainya, lebih2 lagi jika memerlukan pekerja yang ramai.

oleh kerana ada permintaan tinggi daripada majikan jenis ini, maka makin ramailah yang mencari mereka.

majikanlah yang sepatutnya difatarkan, diambil butirannya seperti bilangan pekerja yang diperlukan mengikut sektor, agar kita tahu seramai manakah pekerja asing yang patut dibenarkan di negara ini.

pelaksanaan 6P juga diragui keberkesanannya kerana ramai yang membayar wang perlindungan, bukan saja kepada polis, malah kepada imigresen dan rela. atas sebab ini, maka rasuah tidak dapat dikurangkan.

berjaya atau tidak 6P tidak dapat diukur pada masa sekarang tetapi selepas pilihanraya umum nanti.

kenapa? kita tunggu sajalah!

Anonymous said...

hisham can replace sharizat if he wins the general election and is retained as a minister!

yau chuan said...

6P means 6 Problems, much more than that 5 issues PM needs to address before calling for the general election.

the home ministry people and bosses thot it was a success because all records and reports from the sec-gen and his subordinates point to nothing but good results.

if they go down, they will see what actually are the problems!

tauke lim said...


some people are making big bucks out of this prog.

success of not, the bottom line is money.

that also u dont know aaar!!!

si pitak said...

biarkan lunchai terjun dengan labu-labunya.

biarkan! biarkan!

biar rosak negara disebabkan oleh pemimpin dan pegawai kerajaan yang berlagak pandai dan tak dengar pendapat orang lain ni.

biarkan! biarkan!

pro-Pakatan said...

what to do, bro.

our govt is full of idiots who claim to be the smartest arses around.

when things like these happen, they will deny any involvement in it.

do we need to keep this govt?

long john silver said...

KSU KDN mahmud adam nampak je cerdik tapi tak reti atur kerja 6P ni.

dia ingat dia dah tahu segala hal di peringkat bawahan.

6P ni memang gagal. saya pun tak faham aspek keselamatan apa yang dimaksudkan oleh KDN!

Anonymous said...


bantai hisham ke?

dia tak jaga lu ke bro?

sori... heheheheheh!!!!

chulalongkorn said...

one month to register 3-4 million people?

whose crazy and stupid idea was it? hisham? muhyiddin?

as a PM, najib should look into this matter. some ministers are just politician but not a good servant!

no brain!

Anonymous said...

wonder how much hisham, pm and other ministers paid for their maid?

or free?

Anonymous said...

Saya kata ianya FAIL - GAGAL.

Yg GAGAL adalah perancang plan bodoh ini, yg meluluskannya (pegawai awam tertinggi dan menteri-menteri terbabit).

Mereka ini tak pernah dengar 'prevention is better than cure' ... program ini mengubat penyakit yg dah tenat ... kenapa tak cegah kemasukan ?

Pintu masuk kita dah terlampau lolos ... ingat kes budak 'melayu' yg dijumpai diBangkok ... macamana boleh lolos ?

Menteri Dalam Negeri MESTI bertanggung jawab kerana ada jabatan (mungkin lebih dari satu) yg terbukti tidak efficient ... akui je lah ... tak perlu tuduh org dulu ... letak jawatan dulu ... kemudian panggil SPRM siasat !!!


Anonymous said...

Dah mula dah Hisham bersaing dengan Mukhriz untuk jawatan kat MT.

Pemblog tak payah kelentong macam-macm cerita tentang 6P, ni.

Memualkan saja. Ingat semua orang bodoh dan tak berakal ke?

fishmonger said...

what a farce!

the govt should conduct a survey at all airports, esp the LCCT.

do u have any idea how many incoming legal passengers from indonesia arrive everyday?

almost all flights to jakarta is empty!

what does this reflect? they are still coming in masses!

orang luar said...


kenapa hisham bagi lebih banyak keistimewaan kepada warga bangladesh daripada warga indonesia dan lain2?

ini pun boleh dipersoalkan!

Anonymous said...

Salam buat pejuang pemutihan,

Amat stuju dengan cadangan ini, apa yg harus d lakukan adalah berikan lah bunga kepada yg pakar mengolah dan memantau bunga, bukan beri kepada monyet yg tidak tahu tentang susur galor asal usul bunga,

Kalau ini mcm cara ksu kdn byk rakyat menderita,ekonomi jatuh, pelabur lari dan tiada tiada pelabur masuk,

Hasrat 2020 Negara maju bakal tinggal impian

Anonymous said...

buatlah operasi tangkapan besar2an, pesan bang nafi kerajaan Malaysia harus siapkan gari, wang makan dan duit tambang kami pulang-

Kami akn serah diri ramai2 dan akan pastikan malaysia bangkrup

Anonymous said...

Bro bantai rapat rapat biar semua badigol sedar dari mimpi indah

Anonymous said...


Awasi rasuah wang & rasuah sex,
Pengusiran akn menyebabkan penambahan Pati
Rakyat huruhara d sebabkn jentera menjana ekonomi d usir.
Lihatlah PRU 13, pemerintah bertukar sevice

Maka sedarkan pemimpin kalau masih berhasrat utk memerintah

Anonymous said...

The 6P program is .....i really wan to scold who come out with this idea with bad words...

Wasted my time so many many hours...yet the officer and person in charge in the putrajaya ALL, ALL do not know the procedures, the exact checklist and how to advise on employer to proceed on 6P!!

No system at all on this 6p ! So chaos ! So many hopeless face ! Yet so many angry employer in the 6p center !!!!

Anonymous said...

Im a foriegner who under now in 6P prog.our agent alrdy do everything bt they did mistake to file our application dat s why my result is tolak,is there possible can we apply again.