Saturday, March 3, 2012

When PM adviser says bloggers are nuisance...!

During an 'off course' Cabinet meeting late last year, Prime Minister Najib Razak issued a directive to all ministries to set up a new media network to be managed by their respective capable staff or outsiders with good background.

His deputy Muhyiddin Yassin has been seeing bloggers on a few occasions. Zahid Hamidi, Shafie Apdal and a few more are in strong engagement with bloggers and news portal owners. Hishammuddin, once said he didn't trust bloggers, is having a change of mind and has already met bloggers at two meetings.

Rais Yatim is perhaps the best minister when it comes to engaging new media personnel. I am not sure how many but they are really helping the ministry and the government in their 'psy-war' against the Opposition.

Others, I am not so sure.

This posting is referring to a Cabinet briefing on February 22 on 'social media network'. Yes, the one which PM's junior officer Amhari briefed (many questioned why a rookie was engaged for such an assignment).

What drew my attention was not Amhari. It was a 'big gun' from the Media Prima group of companies, a Dato' Seri. Shall I mention his name? No need la, how many DS (Dato' Seri) are there at the media group, anyway!

This DS condemned new media such as blogs, news portals and twitters as 'being irrelevant and do not have any significant impact on readers'. Even pro-Umno and pro-BN bloggers, he said (as I was told by a minister who attended the briefing) are not helping the government at all, especially Umno.

And as such, he said the government and rakyat should stay tuned to the mainstream media and don't pay any attention to the new social media. In other words, he looks at blogs, news portals and twitters as a bunch of nuisance!

That's his perception. I don't blame him. Being a non-blogger himself and with no basic knowledge about new media (I don't know why he was appointed to that position), he should take care of the interest of mainstream media, especially the one he leads.

But to belittle business rival Ministry of Information, Communications and Culture did not reflect him as being pro-government either. Condemning any government ministry and agency is tantamount to undermining the whole administrative system as a whole.

However, many believe he was attacking the minister in charge. Rumors are rife that this DS was vying for a senatorship under Najib's next Cabinet lineup, as a ticket to replace the minister.

No wonder he got a special parking lot at the PM Dept...

And I also wonder why PM made him a special media person (media adviser?) to assist the government when this DS can be best described (pepatah Melayu) as 'api dalam sekam'.

If he speaks, obviously he speaks for the PM as well...


Anonymous said...


farid redzuan?

that guy is a giving wrong reports to pm every now and then!

lansi some more!

Anonymous said...

"oohlala so many pyt, i like. let me exploit, i mean, expose, no i mean...polish...yr talent."

Melayu Atas Pagar said...


Anonymous said...

If d govt does not need you people, stop supporting them. Just leave it to that dato seri n his team.

ludin punk said...


Dah agak dah benda ni akan berlaku.

Pada bnyk pilihanraya kecil lalu, peranan media baru memberi kesan dan dihargai kerajaan tapi ada pihak yg rasa diketepikan.

Jadi, tak hairanlah medai baru kini dihentam sedemikian rupa.

Walsupun tak sebut nama, org boleh agak.


cina tu bayau..wakakaka

Anonymous said...

JR as senior blogger , u shud also double check your sumber maklumat as bernama wud say. Me and friends did, with several sources bec this is big problem when we r on gorund zero 2 get voters to sign up. U senior journo how can rely on gossip third party info?
You got a tip of the story which have many versions also.You have to consider you got wrong info also.
Got internal war going on there , senior gomen officers against private sector efficiency.
Jealousy envy, dengki, the usual game. Coverline also bec PM discovered the typical 'everyhting ok bos' is actually not ok.

This feller Farid fr prvate sector comes up with idea for new way to use broadcast media for elections. He like to talk lots of ideas, so he kena la. Lesson for him dont talk too much can be miquoted n b scapegoat.

The real anger and disappointment is coming from PM la, govt media not delivering. Why dont you address that n ask PM what is the problem here how can u all help?

Yes la minister try his best but his people not able able to deliver, how la. Telling u PM needs help, professional help for govt media. So if u want to be helpful if u really care, u help la. Dont be so typical want to batu api the situation by saying so n so minister told u. Got many minster and non minister versions la.

So dont "sugar sugar' the weakness. This is critical , if we pretend no problem you will cry with no song when u realise u can do something about that critical issue.

Even PM 'minddead' on issue. Senior govt officers cannot perform engaging with people engaging with rakyat let alone use social media. They got mental barrier. This problem not just wit communcatn ministry. So how minister can solve this. We plug holes , thats why, not repair from root of problem.
U think using bloggers alone can solve the problem? Nooo..Hello bloggers why so emo? Cannot say some of u also can do wrong? Then all gang up. Why u adopt the DAP ala PKR siege mentality? U scold for it , u oso doing same thing la. Bloggers can handle different type of problem and issues , but this issue PM facing must go on the ground la , real hardcore problems. The thousands of govt officers out there need help, seriously.

They hardworking , but leadership weak, no new ideas. U can have all the incentives and new gadgets and techno beefing up. Need creative strategy. To do that they must be prepared with right info n enuf info. Have you listen to how they talk and approach rakyat. Hav u listen 2 d officers? Have you listen to what the people say in response. When people ask questions outside of what they prepare, officers cannot answer. Then they get irritated and defensive.

Why u think we fail to convince people Lynas is safe not nuclear waste so thousands invaded Kuantan base on half truths. Like u la. U listen 2 how they explain abt lynas?
The poor psywar officers need to be trained in unconventional way. They also need 2 b psyched up. All these grumblings travel back to PM 's department la. Many dont want to watch rtm offline or online old story la. Young people turned away or turn off.So psywar need new energy on ground zero la.
But many younger political tacticians n minister also eyeing d said minister's position. So they wont tell minister the truth la. They say behind his back .
Cant blame the PM for being furiousimo. Imagine everyday zig zagging , cross country to do work for everyone, but in the end , the little problems explode to become critical problem.

Everyhting must wait for PM to think, to visit- he will die tergolek. They also wait for minister to come up with answers. What senior govt officers doing la? Why sooo slow?
In the end just blame la on somebody. People like us working for nothing will end up saying 'Why bother'.


tauke lim said...

if bloggers are not wanted, they are not wanted la.

that also u dont know aaar!

Anonymous said...

did u get it right, that he really said it?

who are the 2 ministers?

LionKing said...

Lets hear from the horse's mouth FR himself when the bloggers invite him for a tehtarik session soon.